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    "The Pigskin Pundits" (MLB Pennant Races/Fantasy Football)

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    Hosts Mark Ferraro @MarkFFerraro and Tom Murphy @murphytb break down all the latest sports topics on "The Pigskin Pundits."

    The guys will cover the bases with baseball's pennant races.

    Mark and Tom will also recap the biggest stories from Week 2 of the NFL Preseason and look ahead to the upcoming games this week.

    Their ESPN Fantasy Football Draft takes place this Sunday live from Buffalo WIld Wings.

    The wait is finally over!

    Sit back, relax and enjoy "The Pigskin Pundits."

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    "The Pigskin Pundits" (MLB Pennant Races/NFL Preseason)

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    Hosts Mark Ferraro @MarkFFerraro and Ricky Funaro @Rick_Funaro break down all the latest sports topics on "The Pigskin Pundits."

    The guys will cover the bases with baseball's pennant races.

    Mark and Ricky will also recap the biggest stories from Week 1 of the NFL Preseason and look ahead to the upcoming games this week.

    How about the Buffalo Bills QB situation between Matt Cassel and Tyrod Taylor?

    Sit back, relax and enjoy "The Pigskin Pundits."

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    The NFL preseason starts; pennant races heating up

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    The NFL preseason starts

    Deflate-game STILL...............
    RGIII: make or break year?
    Todd Bowles already has more than he bargained for
    The pressure is on Chip Kelly

    Pennant races heating up

    Are the Mets pulling away from the Nationals?
    How good is the Cardinals' pitching staff?
    The Dodgers and the Giants will be fighting down the stretch again
    Here comes the Blue Jays
    The Royals are really good
    Are the Astros about to dominate the AL West?

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    "The Pigskin Pundits" (MLB Pennant Races/Geno Smith's Injury)

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    Hosts Mark Ferraro @MarkFFerraro and Tom Murphy @murphytb break down all the latest sports topics on "The Pigskin Pundits."

    The guys will cover the bases with baseball's pennant races.

    Mark and Tom will also discuss the locker room alteraction between Jets QB Geno Smith and now former Jets LB IK Enemkpali.

    How will Ryan "Magic" Fitzpatrick perform for Gang Green?

    Football is back baby and our ESPN Fantasy Football Draft is only a few weeks away!

    Sit back, relax and enjoy "The Pigskin Pundits."

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    2015 NFL Hall of Fame Class & MLB Pennant Races

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    Let's take a look at this years NFL Hall of Fame Class from the great WR Tim Brown finally getting it to the Super Bowl Champion RB Jerome Bettis and more including one of the best LB's ever in the late Junior Sea. We will discuss the HOF game Steelers vs Vikings, the Class of 2016 and Training Camps injuries as Texans Arian Foster gets hurt and more. We will look at the MLB standing and take a peak at the playoff races amd jow many teams are still alive for the Wild Card. Plus could we see a Yankees vs Mets Subway World Series? Join us 8PM ET Call in to the show at 718-664-9098 Tweet us @RaeAndTayToday

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    NFL training camps start, Pennant races heat up in baseball

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    NFL training camp start

    Deflategate~ Is there actually sympathy for Tom Brady around the league?
    The Seahawks try to recover from "the worst call ever"
    The 'Skins are full of questions, especially concerning RGIII and Gruden
    Are the Raiders actually going forward?

    MLB pennant races are heating up

    Nationals and Mets now tied (trade deadline moves)
    Are the Pirates and Cubs the second and third-best team in the National League?
    Can the Giants make a run with the current roster they have?
    Are the Royals breaking away in getting Johnny Cueto?
    Can anyone catch the Astros after getting Gomez and Kazmir?
    Will the Yankees get a serious challenge down the stretch?

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    MLB pennant races preview

    in Sports

    In another appearance on the Sportsology channel, The FDH Lounge sits down with MLB.com columnist Richard Justice and FDH Lounge Dignitary Steve Kallas to preview the 2014 MLB pennant races.

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    Oriental Extraterrestrials, Might of Thoughts, Billy Meier Overview

    in Spirituality

    Planet KUDRA was discovered by an expedition fleet from Lasan when it left the Lyra systems approximately 16 million years ago to conduct its research and search for human life on the other side of the Milky Way. In the process, the fleet came upon the yellow human KINTEN and NIIPER races who, on Earth, are now called CHINESE (Kinten) and JAPANESE (Niiper). Their expedition troops at the time brought roughly 4,000 people back to Lasan, whereupon they were settled on various planets, which was their wish. As normally occurs, the population

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    The People's Townhallng

    in Politics Conservative

    The presidential races are getting all of the attention, but real politcs always begins at the local level. Early voting begins in Texas Tuesday, February 16.  Wherever you reside in these great United States, join your host, Phil Waite, as we discuss how you can become an effective grassroots activist beginning today!!  Today's guest in The People's Town Hall is candidate for Harris County Sheriff Carl Pittman, who will explain why he wants to become a constitutional sheriff.

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             Real-N-Raw Radio (RRR) is a talk show designed to be the common ground for “we, the people”! Where all races, backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations, can come together and discuss the issue at hand strictly using their own personal opinions and life experiences as their points. I believe that “true understand” is the key to just about evey thing! Here at RRR, It’s not about being "right or wrong"! It’s about being open minded, gaining some insight, and understanding through the eyes, perspectives, and testimonies of our fellow brothers and sisters. So mark the calendar, for every Saturday, from Noon to 2pm PST! You don’t want to miss your weekly dose of that real, raw, and uncut knowledge, advice, and opinions to hopefully help everyone and the path of life they have chosen. We must break free from out of the box that we have created for our self and expand our ways of thinking in order to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. So its time! To be real and get real about life and what's really going on in the world! No propaganda!

                 No bias opinions! No scripted responses! No sugar coating! Just that Real-N-Raw Truth with host, yours truly, Ms Cortney Ann and hey, the best part of this all is, we 'gon have some fun doing it! I stand for the people... I stand by the people... I am the people... You have officially entered the common ground....... Welcome!!!