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    Kyle's conversation

    in Paranormal

    This week on the conversation we will talk about Obama's executive order on Amnesty for illegals.  This is expected to happen at the same time as the verdict in the Ferguson trial, weather in the cop stand trial. Also Mike pence want to end or limit food stamps in Indiana because he says it keep people on the system. That and more so join me for this special evening edition on the conversation.

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    House Republicans Hire Third Lawyer For Obamacare Lawsuit

    in Politics

    Shutdown threat over immigration    Harry Reid: Obama Should 'Go Big' On Immigration Relief Indiana Gov. Mike Pence: We’re ‘ennobling’ poor people by cutting off food stamps

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    Actors, Gale Harold & Josh Pence, plus Director, Rachel McDonald of "Thirst"

    in Movies

    Please visit http://www.thirstfilm.com for all the details. The film also stars Melanie Griffith.

    About Gale Harold:

    Gale Harold first came to our lives through the role of Brian Kinney from Showtime's breakout series, "Queer as Folk,"  Gale went on to do other hit shows such as Desperate Housewives and The Secret Circle.

    About Josh Pence:

    Pence appeared in The Social Network, as Tyler Winklevoss, alongside Armie Hammer; he also played Cameron in certain scenes, for particular setups—and Hammer's face was grafted onto Pence's body in post-production to create the illusion of identical twins. He also played in Battleship and The Dark Knight Rises.

    About Rachel McDonald:

    A passionate, visual storyteller, Rachel began her film career in Shreveport, Louisiana under Frank Darabont’s mentorship. Gleaning her experience working on high profile Hollywood features including It’s Complicated, I Love You Man and J Edgar, McDonald broke away to focus on directing. 

    Rachel has since translated this long-form experience into her work as a director, infusing commercials, social action campaigns, music videos and short films with emotional depth, visual rhythm and style.

    Her gravitation to beauty and provocative cinematography is deeply connected to her childhood in the South.  Rachel’s current project, Thirst, is a short-film exploration of the extremes of the human condition.  Concurrently, Rachel is developing her first feature film, McCleskey, which chronicles a Georgia death row inmate’s life-changing influence on a young boy. Rachel resides in Venice, California.

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    1st and Ten Sports Show: World Series Preview

    in Sports

    Join us at 4:00 PM for the 1st and Ten Sports Show brought to you by Fan vs Fan and streamed live by Blog Talk Radio.

    Seth Guttman (@RavenNation21) will be joined by J.E. Micklos (@JEMicklos) at 4 PM EST to preview the upcoming World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals.  Then Tim Oakes (@TOakes95) will join us at 5 PM to preview the World Series as well!

    On Today's Show: Did the Royals get lucky or were they better than the Athletics, Angels, and Orioles?  Did the Royals win the James Shields trade?  Have you ever seen a better defensive team than the 2014 Royals?  Will the Royals be able to finish the fairy tale season that the '07 Rockies and '08 Rays weren't able to complete?  Will Ned Yost screw everything up?  Ranking Travis Ishikawa's pennant winning home run in postseason history.  Is Buster Posey the new face of baseball?  Why do the Giants win the pennant every even year and miss the playoffs in odd years?  Will the Giants resign Pablo Sandoval?  What do the Giants do with Tim Linecum in 2015?  Is Harold Reynolds worse than Tim McCarver?  Why is Jerry Meals allowed to ump a World Series game?  And of course our World Series and MVP pick. 

    TUNE IN!

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    NO, DADDY DON'T-Irene Pence

    in Entertainment

    Mary Jean Pearle and John Battaglia's marriage seemed picture perfect from the outside. With their two young daughters, Faith and Liberty, they made their home in a wealthy Dallas suburb. John was handsome, charming, and successful - but behind his mask of normality lay a vicious, violent abuser who'd brutally beaten his first wife - and who made Mary Jean the new target of his irrational rages. After nine hellish years, she divorced Battaglia. 'I Never Thought He'd Hurt The Children...' On Christmas Day, 1999, during a court-ordered family visit, he attacked her in front of their daughters. For the next two years, he threatened, harassed and stalked her. Mary Jean feared for her life, but not for the lives of the children, with whom Battaglia was never anything less than caring, loving, and gentle. But in spring, 2001, when Faith and Liberty were visiting their father, Mary Jean received a message to call her daughters. Helpless, horrified, she heard her older daughter's pleading cries. Then came the sound of gunshots - followed by silence. What evil impulses had driven a seemingly devoted father the ultimate act of violence and Betrayal...and how would justice be served? NO, DADDY DON'T-A Father's Murderous Rage,a Mother's Worst Nightmare-IRENE PENCE

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    FantasySquads Radio--AskROTObaseball Livecast--September 3, 2014

    in Baseball

    The AskROTObaseball Livecast will be LIVE on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 9:00 PM on #BlogTalkRadio! Host David Kerr will be flying solo so be sure to call in with your questions! On the show, David will be discussing Hunter Pence, Victor Martinez, Clay Buchholz, and more. Also on tap tonight, David will give you five September call ups that could be very valuable over the next four weeks. Finally, with just one month left to go in the season, David will make his playoff predictions, name his #FantasyFootball breakout picks, and tell you how WWE should book the Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match at Nights of Champions. 

    You can be part of the show and ask your #FantasyBaseball questions by calling (347) 855-8714. If you'd rather tweet your question, use the #AskRoto hashtag on Twitter and send your questions to @askROTObaseball.

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    FantasySquads Radio--AskROTObaseball Livecast--August 6, 2014

    in Sports

    The AskROTObaseball Livecast will be LIVE on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 9:00 PM on FantasySquads Radio! This week, Host David Kerr welcomes Nicholas Minnix from Fangraphs.com. They will be discussing a magnitude of #FantasyBaseball topics including Matt Kemp, Hunter Pence, and Corey Kluber. Also on tap tonight, they will dive into the avoidable mess in Arizona over the weekend that cost Paul Goldschmidt--and possibly Andrew McCutchen--their respective season's. Finally, the guys will look at prospects that are on the cusp of being promoted. All of that, plus your phone calls and tweets!
    We welcome you to be part of the show by calling (347) 855-8714 with all of your fantasy baseball related questions. Also, send your questions via Twitter to @askROTObaseball using the hashtag #AskRoto.
    If you leave us a review in iTunes by Friday August 8, 2014, you have the chance to win an Authentic MLB hat of your choice!

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    "Schmingling" with Faith McKinney

    in Motivation

    Author, Faith McKinney shares her new book Schmingling -The Art of Being Well- Connected Through Blatant Self- Promotion with host Mary E. She will share her firsthand knowledge on the self-promotion that gets you noticed by your industry leaders and garner expert statusat the same time. Faith McKinney is known as The Great Connector and has helped individuals make connections with industry leaders in multiple industries including; race car driving, energy drinks, theater and music. An expert in Self-Promotion and featured in: The Wall Street Journal, Ebony magazine, CBS, The Indianapolis Recorder, Farnoosh.tv, Loop21, ICIndymag.com numerous books and articles. Faith has had dozens of interviews with such notables as: Ret. General Colin Powell, Hollywood Director of movies like: The Butler, Precious and Monsters Ball Lee Daniels, FUBU founder and fashion Guru J. Alexander Martin, Legendary newsman Dan Rather, CNN's Soledad O'Brien, musician Kirk Franklin, political commentator Tavis Smiley, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, actor Hill Harper, jazz musician George Benson and many more.

    Music by Jef Payne, Indianapolis

    Mary E. LaLuna, is the Creator/Producer, blogger, writer at ArtSees Diner dot com, ArtSees Productions, Champagne and LaLuna, to share your story contact her here.

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    Interview with Rick Santorum, Paul Broun for US Senate & Common Core

    in Current Events

    Conservative Report Radio! Rick Santorum joins Will Stauff at 7pm to discuss his latest book "Blue Collar Conservatives".  

    We also discuss the fake outrage over Sarah Palin's "Baptism by Waterboarding" comments to the NRA.  

    Paul Broun is running for the U.S. Senate & joins Will to discuss his healthcare plan and why his replacement plan to Obamacare is the strongest.

    I'll be discussing my latest article about Mike Lee's push to stop the Export Import Bank: how the ruling class elites protect the bank that is a disaster & a kissing cousin to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  

    Many discouraged Hoosiers this week in Indiana over Mike Pence's decision to pull a "Huckabee" and re-brand Common Core in Indiana.  We wil discuss this with a top expert on Common Core Heather Crossin who's group is trying everything they can to stop Common Core.  

    Jodi Abu Zabadah has a brother in law in Gitmo. Her brother in law is a known terrorist.  As a result of his status, her family has been harrassed incessantly by the FBI and the US Government since 9/11.  She will join this evening to discuss her ordeal. 



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    E022: Former Fundamentalists

    in Atheism

    In this episode we talk to Raven Pence from leavingmyreligion.com about former fundamentalists and those who have left cult-like religions.
    We would like to thank Raven Pence for taking the time to talk to us about this very important issue. We would also like to thank Reap Sow for doing the intro to this episode.
    LeavingMyReligion.Com ReapSow Radio

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