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    Infantile Scoliosis and Pediatric Physical Therapy

    in Health

    August 5, 2014: By the time Linda Cook took her 10-month old son Evan to his 4-month check-up, she was convinced he had scoliosis. Evan was having trouble breathing, he was losing strength and range of motion, and he had a noticeable hump around his ribs. Tests confirmed that Linda was right.

    In this episode, Linda discusses what a rare condition infantile scoliosis is, what it's like to be part of her son's physical therapy team, and the big gains her little patient is making. Evan's pediatric physical therapist joins her.

    Read more about pediatric physical therapy at MoveForwardPT.com

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    PGT Episode 233- Medical Cannabis for Juvenile and Pediatric Patients

    in Legal

    PGT Episode 233- Medical Cannabis for Juvenile and Pediatric Patients  


    Tonight 8-10pm EST Listen LIVE! at www.planetgreentrees.com or call in 347-326-9626


    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion


    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles, Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center, and attorney Jeff Frazier of Komorn Law.


    Tonight- Dan Skye, Editor in Chief for High Times magazine

    Jim Powers, Founder of Michigan Parents for Compassion,

    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!


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    The Benefits of Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy

    in Health

    Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy can yield amazing results to infants and babies who are suffering from a variety of issues, including excessive crying, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and unusual fussiness. On this week's ABCs of Surrogacy, we are very pleased to welcome Jesse Tischler, a Los Angeles-based Pediatric Craniosacral Therapist. He will be explaining what this therapy involves, including its use for physical therapy and rehabilitation for newborns and infants. He will also describe how he envisions this therapy evolving in the world of western medicine. Don't miss this very interesting episode of ABCs of Surrogacy!



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    Up-Close with the Owners of Decatur Pediatric Group

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    Decatur Pediatric Group (DPG) was rejuvenated with new ownership in 1996, when Dr. Lynette Wilson-Phillips purchased the practice from one of the original founders, which opened in 1956. 

    The philosophy of the practice from its inception was to provide care to the children of the immediate communities of Clarkston, Stone Mountain and the surrounding N. DeKalb areas. In providing care, the Providers of the practice maintain a philosophy establishing a consistent long-term relationship with the families of the practice, providing comprehensive care with convenient office hours and state-of-the art technology, with patient portal access to their child's medical record and online appointment scheduling. Maintaining this philosophy, the practice has been invited to expand to other communities of the metro-Atlanta area, including East of Atlanta in both Lithonia and Covington; and West of Atlanta in Smyrna. Decatur Pediatric Group offers the most comprehensive diagnostic techniques and management of Pediatric long-term conditions, for example but not limited to, Asthma, Allergies, and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disease (ADHD).

    Decatur Pediatric Group would love to provide Pediatric medical care to your kids from newborn to 19 years old. In order to become a patient of the practice, please call them at 404-296-7133. Their call center will be happy to advise you on a convenient date for you and your family to come in and meet the Pediatric providers of the primary location you are interested in establishing care. The call center is also able to advise on scheduling an appointment, insurance programs accepted, and on DPG's private medical program for those who are either under-insured or without insurance.

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    HEALTH MEDIA NOW-GUEST KELLEY T. WOODS- Pediatric Hypnosis Therapy

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    Join us this Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. PST and 7:00 EST for an informative and thoughtful show.  Our special guest is  Kelley T. Woods, Certified Hypnotherapist.  She has had her own private hypnosis practice since 2002 in Mount Vernon, Washington. Along with having a broad experience set working with adult clients, she is considered a thought leader in the field of pediatric hypnosis. Along with British family therapist, Nath Welch, Kelley co-authored the book, Secrets of the River: Riding the Creative Wave in Pediatric Hypnosis and Family Therapy.  Kelley is also the founder of Hypnotic Women, a private forum of more than 600 female hypnosis practitioners, serves as a moderator on HypnoThoughts.com and is a Field Supervisor for the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute. She is also a co-founder of HOPE Coaching, using mindful hypnosis approaches to bring hope to people with chronic issues. A creative and inspiring presenter, she brings a light-hearted and practical approach to the field of hypnosis.

    Don't miss this thought provoking and informative show!  You asked for it and we deliver!!



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    Managing Pediatric OCD in the Classroom

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    Anthony Puliafico, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Co-Director of Psychology at the Pediatric Anxiety and Mood Research Clinic, New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University Medical Center


    In this talk, Dr. Anthony Puliafico will talk about how to identify and manage Pediatric OCD symptoms in the classroom.  He will focus on (a) strategies that teachers, school staff and parents can use to effectively manage OCD symptoms, and (b) the implementation of therapeutic interventions, including cognitive-behavioral strategies, to the school setting. 

    Contact Information

    For more information on OCD treatment and research opportunities for adults, please visit our clinic website at www.Columbia-OCD.org and our treatment study website at http://ocdtreatmentstudy.com/ or call us at 646-774-8062.

    For more information on OCD treatment and research opportunities for children and adolescents, please visit our website http://columbiapsychiatry.org/pamrc or call us at 646 774-5793.

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    Pediatric Bowel and Bladder Dysfunction

    in Health

    Christina McGee will be joining me to discuss Pediatric Bowel and Bladder Dysfunction and how physical therapy can assist with addressing these issues. Topics to be covered during this interview will include: urinary incontinence, enuresis (bed wetting), constipation, and encopresis (fecal leakage) related to children.

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    We're Talking Pediatric Transplants on #ACHradio!

    in Business

    Join us for the next episode of #ACHradio when we'll be joined by Cheryl Shepherd, RN, Director of Transplant Administration and Dialysis here at All Children's Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine.

    Learn about the fascinating world of pediatric transplants done at All Children's as Cheryl discusses our program, the patients we serve, and the behind-the-scenes reality of what it means to run such an intense clinical program.

    Plus we'll be broadcasting from a remote location...can you guess where we'll be?

    Check us out September 17th at 12:30 eastern time! You won't want to miss it!

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    Life Happened...

    in Social Networking

    Today's very special edition of Life Happened... is dedicated to Kyssi, an angel among us.  Dial in and share your thoughts, love and prayers for Kyssi, one brave little Angel who stands strong each and every day. How has Kyssi touched your life? Let's talk about it, on Life Happened... with Tawana Cadien.

    Please Share Kyssi's GoFundMe page!


    And, please help raise awareness for pediatric cancer:


  • Baby Sleep 911, Help! Should You Wake a Sleeping Baby?

    in Moms and Family

    Join Ingrid Prueher, founder of www.babysleepwhisperer.com, a certified pediatric and adult sleep and nutrition consultant and host of Parents.com "Baby Sleep 911" Web TV series, on Wednesday afternoons from 1 pm to 1:30 pm EST. Ingrid will answer your child feed and sleep questions so your family can get the rest you all deserve. Call in number is (646) 595-2075, she looks forward to speaking with you soon!

    Chatting with sleepless families and helping their children to love sleep and bringing on experts to talk about everything parenting!

    Follow Ingrid on FB at The Baby Sleep Whisperer and on Twitter at @IngridPrueher


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    #261 When No One Diagnosis Fits... How to Treat Toddlers Without a Diagnosis

    in Parents

    Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP as she answers a mother's questions about her little boy who is a "mystery" to his evaluators. Will NOT having a firm diagnosis negatively affect treatment outcomes? Can we select a treatment approach without a diagnosis? Listen in as we discuss her questions. Here's the link where the original question was posted so you can read my written response to her. The question was from May 20 from "Mom." 

    Have a Question? I'm Here to Help!