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    Pearl Harbor - 'The True Story'

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    This week Rod Martin has for his guest, Mr Mark Weber, Director of the Institute of Historical Review (IHR). Notwithstanding the recent controversery surrounding Mr Weber and criticism from gossip shows on the internet, Mark and Rod engage in dialog while looking closely at events surrounding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.


    As is always the case when Mr Weber visits this show, the discussion is lively and challenging and gets everyone thinking out of the box.

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    Pearl Harbor

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    Pearl Harbor Day

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    Pearl Harbor, Narrative Journalism, End of the New Republic, Oil Prices Plummet

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    Bill & John cover the watefront of interesting developments since taking last week off to enjoy a long Thanksgiving weekend. 

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    Cold Country, Cold Cheeseburgers, and Remembering Pearl Harbor

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    Well, fresh off of one of the coldest days in record since the 1990's in this country, on today's show I'll discuss an article that puts another dent in global warming's sails.  As far as cold cheeseburgers, I'll also be talking briefly about the planned fast food strikes and demands and the overall culture of entitlement that we're apparently now living in.  I'll also share and comment on an article from Don Feder that looks back not so much at Pearl Harbor itself but the aftermath that enabled us to recover from that and win World War 2 in three years when really we were not necessarily a great military power that maybe some today might assume we were.  But we were a different people than what we are today, and yes, a lot of comes down to our culture and the level of reverence we have for God.  That's today at 4:30 PM on American Faith Today!

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    11.24.13 Peter Dunne (AKA Peter Bilt) Pearl Harbor & The Explosions Guitarist

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    Girl George & The Gypsy Poet interview Peter Dunne (AKA Peter Bilt) Pearl Harbor & The Explosions guitarist. Gypsy Poet Radio Epsiode #47.

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    911 -JFK - Pearl Harbor - Spoon Fed Lies From Uncle Sam

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    Let's dig into 911 -JFK - Pearl Harbor - and other governmental possible cover-ups and so called conspiracy. Recent and updated possible proof and motives behind JFK, new evidnce on 911 and links to responsible persons. Pearl Harbor newly released FOIA (freedom of information act) documentation proving *thats right proving* the government had advanced notice of pear harbor but used it as an excuse to enter the war, seemingly the same way as Iraq.

    We will also cover world news 


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    The Reconnection with Dr. Eric Pearl

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    Dr. Eric Pearl has been featured in top media including The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times and CNN. He has presented at leading venues including the United Nations and Madison Square Garden. His internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, has been endorsed by notables including Deepak Chopra, MD and Wayne Dyer, PhD. Eric Pearl,founded Reconnective Healing which has been helping people around the globe for issues such as cancer, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and other severe health conditions. Reconnective Healing is supported by researchers affiliated with Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, and has been taught to people worldwide. Eric’s book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Read Dr. Pearl's amazing books!

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    Brian Anderson-In Honor of Pearl Harbor Day The Doolittle Raiders

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    The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders was the first U.S. air retaliation attack for the attack of Pearl Harbor. 

    Sergeant in Arms Brian Anderson joins us today to share with us this amazing history, and how we can help commemorate these amazing men, who helped protect and serve our country.

    The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders was a group eighty men from all walks of life who flew into history on April 18, 1942. They were all volunteers and this was a very dangerous mission. Sixteen B-25 bombers took off from the deck of the USS Hornet, led by (then Col.) Jimmy Doolittle. They were to fly over Japan, drop their bombs and fly on to land in a part of China that was still free. Of course, things do not always go as planned.

    The months following the attack on Pearl Harbor were the darkest of the war, as Imperial Japanese forces rapidly extended their reach across the Pacific. Our military was caught off guard, forced to retreat, and losing many men in the fall of the Philippines, leading to the infamous Bataan Death March.

    By spring, 1942, America needed a severe morale boost. The raid on Tokyo on April 18, 1942, certainly provided that – cheering the American military and public. Yet, the Doolittle Raid meant so much more, proving to the Japanese high command that their home islands were not invulnerable to American attacks and causing them to shift vital resources to their defense. Two months later that decision would play a role in the outcome of the Battle of Midway, the American victory that would begin to turn the tide in the Pacific War.

    In order to honor all the Raiders, past and present, for their valor, courage and patriotism, we are working to get the Congressional Gold Medal awarded while we still have three members who are able to travel to receive the award.

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    How Close is the US to a Digital Pearl Harbor?

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    January 10, 2010. A date that lives in infamy in the minds of cyber security experts.  That was the day Google and a number of other hi-tech firms announced they'd been hacked by the Chinese.  It was also the day the CEO of McAfee, one of the world's most popular antivirus brands, admitted its software had failed to detect the attacks. In the ongoing cat and mouse game of cyber security, this is not all that unusual.  It's common knowledge that as soon as one security hole is plugged and another piece of malware is defeated, then yet another rears its ugly head.  With the number of organized hacking rings and government sponsored cyber warfare units springing up worldwide, are we quickly coming to the point in time where it's nearly impossible to defend our digital assets?  More importantly, if multinational corporations and major banking systems are being attacked with impunity, what chance does the average citizen have of being able to secure their data?  Does a different kind of online security system need to be developed in order to prevent a digital Pearl Harbor?

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    "The Pearls of Relationships" Unstring the Pearl of Selfishness

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    Greetings & Welcome to "The Essence of My Love" Mantled To Man Up Monday's, with your Hostess, Shawna Davis.  Today, join me in welcoming our Special guest and dear friend and brother in the Lord, Deacon Curtis Coleman.


    Today's Fire Topic: The Pearls of Relationships, Unstring the Pearl of Selfishness. 

    We will be live on the air at 7 PM EST, 6 PM CST, 5 PM MST & 4 PM PST. Join in by calling into (347) 637-1509. Please do not use your speaker phone feature and be sure to be in a quiet setting, the segment is being recorded and we want you to have the best quality to listen to on playback. Amen


    Please invite someone as we are reaching out to the Men of God, to minister to their needs, every Monday. Amen 


    Thank you for your continued prayers and support of "The Essence of My Love"



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    Pearl Harbor and American exceptionalism

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    Looking at Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Fort Sumter, and the Kennedy assassination: America is exceptional, but too many of us are naive. No more surprises - elect leaders with functional foreign policy.

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