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    Peapod society

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    Hey guys... this is the first episode, i will be introing myself and have 1 or 2 topics...we will be playing some games so call in when you wanna awnser!

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    Whirl With Merle

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    The show is called 702 Punchlines & Pregnant, the Jackie Mason Musical.  It's Jackie Mason lovechild Sheba Mason's off-Broadway show about Jackie Mason's love affair with her starry-eyed mother.  Sheba Mason and composer Ginger Reiter will give us the inside scoop on this show that is presently being performed in New York City at the Broadway Comedy Club located at 318 West 53rd St. 
    What is going on with Peapod, the food delivery service through the chain grocery store Stop & Shop?  Should we call the health department? 
    Can seats at a movie theatre be too comfortable?  I've heard that at the end of the movie the manager has too wake people up or even tap people during the movie for snooring too loud.   It's happening at the AMC movie theatre in Fresh Meadows, here in Queens in NYC as I review Les Miz. 

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    QUANTUM CREATIVITY Radio with Cezarina & Santari

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    Welcome to the QUANTUM CREATIVITY Radio Show, a resource for all visionaries, innovative thinkers, coaches, trainers, artists, healers and any creative people who are ready to celebrate their multidimensional expression of life. I’m your host, Cezarina Trone, a visionary life coach, wellness coach, and educator (see website www.cezarinatrone.com) My co-host is Santari Green from the Visionary Network in UK (visit his blog at www.sourcingphysicality.com). Together we are here to engage into brilliant conversations & inspire you to start dreaming BIG.

    On February 1st, our guest is Shelly Burton, the founder of ROC -Rhythm of Change Social enterprise
    in association with rising South African music artists and the Black Eyed Peas' Peapod Foundation. You can read more about Shelly Burton here: http://www.box.net/shared/da90vcjly5

    Towards the end of the show we will welcome your LIVE questions, so call in at (818) 668-5419 and also get ready to CHAT live. LISTEN to our show on each Tuesday at 4PM US Eastern Time or check out our archives. Guest spots are available, so email me for more information. THANK YOU for JOINING us in this BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY and thank you for EMBRACING your MAGNIFICENCE 2day!

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    Music for (30 or 60 minutes) and talk

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    On this episode the whole show will be turned around, the show still is a talk show but has music more that talking.

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    Valentines day special

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    Happy valentines day!!! it's an hour long special to. its having lots of humor too!

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    On the corner with bryan sanders

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    Join Bryan as he talks to Gary Walton Author of
    Prince of Sin City,

    Gary Walton is the author of five books of poetry: Full Moon: the Melissa
    Moon Poems (Finishing Line Press, 2007), The Millennium Reel (Finishing
    Line Press, 2003), Effervescent Softsell (Red Dancefloor Press, 1997),
    Cobwebs and Chimeras (Red Dancefloor Press, 1995), The Sweetest Song (Peapod
    Press, 1988), and one book of short fiction and humor: The Newk Phillips
    Papers (Red Dancefloor Press, 1995). His latest book is a comic novel about
    Newport, Kentucky in its heyday as a gambling Mecca called Prince of Sin City
    (which is based in part on a conspiracy theory about the Kennedy
    assassination.) It is due out from Finishing Line Press in 2009. His work has been
    nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice and the Kentucky Literary Award for
    Full Moon: the Melissa Moon Poems in 2008. Walton is an assistant professor
    in the department of English at Northern Kentucky University. His areas of
    interest include Modernism, Postmoderism, and the Irish Literary
    Renaissance. Walton received a Ph.D. from the George Washington University. (His
    thesis was a poststructuralist comparison of James Joyce's Ulysses and the work
    of Donald Barthelme). He is currently Editor of the Journal of Kentucky

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    North American Wrestling Connection

    in Current Events

    After failing a few weeks ago, it's the HAve I Got News for You special. Joining myself, Jason Block and Nikki Heyman are Host of Capture Suplex Radio, DJ Peapod and the Owner, Founder of Wrestlecrap.com , RD Renyolds.

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    North American Wrestling Connection #43

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    (Originally recorded on September 19, 2008)

    After failing a few weeks ago, it's the HAve I Got News for You special. Joining myself, Jason Block and Nikki Heyman are Host of Capture Suplex Radio, DJ Peapod and the Owner, Founder of Wrestlecrap.com , RD Renyolds.