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    Peace United Radio ~ How to Fix the World with GinA and YOU

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    Peace United Radio (P.U.R.) will feature HopeGIrl's Fix the World Project with host GinA at 1pm ET TODAY. 
    We will be celebrating and talking about How to Fix the Banking System and How to Restore the Economy.

    Grab your copy of the latest revisions of HopeGirl's book here: http://hopegirl2012.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/how-to-fix-the-world-complete2.pdf

    From the latest intel bubbling up all over the web, "the card swiping to end the FED and IRS didn't happen until Friday which also released the phyical packages to the US Marshals who then deposited them with the various delivery sources on Saturday. There were also 2 days of meeting at Wells Fargo in Reno, NV on the release of the RV. Then there is a funding order on that. An Admiral and someone else had to be first, then another group headed by former Secretary of State James Baker III. Then to be released to all we hear at 12:01 AM Monday [11.19.12] with deliveries of those packages the US Marshals dropped off Saturday on Monday and Tuesday. When they dropped them off, it is considered "constructive receipt". That is also why the statement OVER by Wednesday."

    Join us to hear the LATEST INTEL and ANY PERSONAL STORIES that YOU may want to share with the world !

    Share with us how you will live your life when MONEY is no longer an obstacle !

    How will you help others attain your level of abundance and prosperity ?


    How Will We Fix Our World with Peace, Love and Transparent Truths?

    Join Me to Brainstorm Our New Paradigm !!

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    Peace United Radio ~ Happy Birthday GinA and GaiA !!

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    Join GinA to celebrate her 44th birthday and Gaia's upcoming 13th birthday, as well as EVERYTHING ET's !!  It's gonna be a GALACTIC LOVE PARTY !!  
    PLEASE watch this video BEFORE my show today !! it's only an hour+ long and such a great video about the planetary alignment next week !!
    i found myself laughing, smiling, and getting SOOOOOOO excited about 12/21/12 while watching this video !! 

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    Peace United Radio ~ Changes for a New World with GinA

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    Join GinA to usher in a new galactic paradigm of truth, transparency and authenticity ... Happy New Year and New World !!
    If you are going out to celebrate tonight, PLEASE do yourself and everyone else a favor and DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE ... paying for a hotel room is MUCH CHEAPER than a DUI/OUI, or worse ... thank you !!

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    Peace United Radio ~ Being Real with GinA

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    Join GinA during this historical moment, on 12/12/12, to contemplate being real and being peaceful during some of the biggest changes humanity has ever experienced. 
    Let US Be the Changes We Wish to See in the World !!

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    Peace United Radio ~ How to Heal with Ho'oponopono

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    Join host GinA to give thanks the Ho'oponopono way and Heal the World !
    Here's another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qoq75-DQm4
    "Anyone can practise Ho'oponopono--essentially you are seeking a dialogue with the Creator. However, before you proceed further you will need to be comfortable with the following fundamental concepts of Ho'oponopono.
    When faced with any adverse situation, the Ho'oponopono practitioner will immediately ask "What is it in me that is causing this event to take place, this person to behave this way, this sickness to manifest? etc". Ho'oponopono practitioners know that blaming others is a sure way for making sure of the recurrence of a problem."


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    Conscious Evolution and Global Peace

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    Sutree hosts a panel discussion with Karen Keeney, Erin Donley and Carole Marie Downing on the importance of Conscious Evolution for ourselves, our families and community and our global community.

    Conscious evolution refers to humanity’s new ability to choose what the species Homo Sapiens becomes in the future. It provides a larger perspective of our human potentials. We can consciously participate in our own evolution

    The whole woman, the universal woman, the evolutionary woman, the feminine co-creator is now vital to the survival and evolution of our whole species.

    Sutree Irving, Energist, EFT and Reconnective Healing Practitioner


    Karen Keeney  1-503-287-7133, email :  karenk333@gmail.com   website: www.karenkeeney.net

    Carole Marie Downing, MA gratefulheartcoaching.com      http://cmdowning.com/

    Erin Donley  http://www.howshouldihandlethis.com/     http://www.erindonley.com/about/


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    United Washitaw National Meeting

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    United Washitaw National Meeting

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    Ocean Peace Wave Prayer

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    Ocean Peace Wave Prayer


    Rev. Stephanie Neal

    Come join us pray for peace to return to this planet.

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    The current narrative of the police state is to shoot first, blame later. Police are now shooting people then coming up with reasons to validate their brutality afterwards. After they have concoted a reason for the shooting they the police department then sets out to assinate the charector of the person they had shot. This is the demonic repeating cycle of police terrorism. While the circumstances may be different all of the people being shot share one commonality. They are all Black. Why are the footsoldiers of the establishment so hell bent on destroying the original people? Why are we funding the madness they are perpetuating? Why is it illegal to be aboriginal? THE CRIME OF BEING BLACK. 

    The staff of the non profit grass roots orginization, United Nations of Consciousness,  will be talking about there mission, hashtag activism, and blackeconomics



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    Hebrew Israelites Occupy United Nations!

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    Internationlly Declared Sovereign Hebrew Israelite American Nationals on the move to occupy the United Nations!

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    GUTS (Gospel United to Save)

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    weekend wrap up

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