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    Validated RealTime reverse transcriptase PCR methods with Manohar Furtado

    in Education

    Manohar Furtado, Ph.D. is currently consulting for Biology for Global Good LLC.
    Lead R&D and Molecular Diagnostics teams at Applied Biosystems Inc., Celera Diagnostics and Life Technologies for 12 years.
    Assistant Professor of Pathology and Director, Clinical Virology and Retrovirology Laboratories at Northwestern University Medical School for 7 years.
    Over 15 years’ experience working in the Life Sciences domain in academic research and clinical research as a PI at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.
    Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc., Poona University, Biochemistry (Area: Protein structure and evolution).
    70 publications in peer-reviewed journals.
    Over 200 oral presentations and posters at major national and international conferences.
    Two issued patents and ten pending patent applications.

    1. Introduction.
    2. What methods are traditionally used to detect avian influenza virus infections?
    3. What is Real-time reverse transcription (RT)-PCR?
    4. How do RT-PCR technologies compare with culture and traditional methods?
    5. What are the limitations of liquid RT-PCR assays?
    6. What is lyophilization?
    7. What were the findings of the recent RT-PCR lyophilized assay trials?
    8. Conclusion

    Manohar R. Furtado, Ph.D.
    Biology Consultant
    Global Good LLC.
    420 Ventura Pl, San Ramon, CA 94583

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    Implementation of PCR Surveillance in Food Production

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    Implementation of PCR Surveillance in Food Production with Dongyu Liu, DVM, Ph.D, former Assistant Research Professor, CVM Basic Science, Mississippi State University.
    Dr. Liu has authored five (5) texts on Polymearse Chain Reaction as a detection methodology for human pathogens.
    He has published twenty-five (25) articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics ranging from microbiology to PCR surveillance of food for human pathogens.
    In his text, "Molecular Detection of Foodborne Pathogens," he has written, "One of the most effective ways to control and prevent human foodborne infections is to implement a pathogen surveillance system. Addressing the biology, epidemiology, and pathogenesis of more than 60 microorganisms, Molecular Detection of Foodborne Pathogens demonstrates how to implement a surveillance system that uses state-of-the-art molecular techniques to quickly detect and identify bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic pathogens concerned."
    Of his text, "Molecular Detection of Human Bacterial Pathogens," he has written, "This book represents a reliable and convenient reference on molecular detection and identification of major human bacterial pathogens; an indispensable tool for upcoming and experienced medical, veterinary, and industrial laboratory scientists engaged in bacterial characterization; and an essential textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in microbiology."
    1. Introduction.
    2. Traditional microbiological methods for food testing.
    3. Culture methods: time/sensitivity/specificity.
    4. Polymerase Chain Reaction: time/sensitivity/specificity.
    5. PCR's operational functionality in a food plant.
    6. Recommendations to food producers regarding PCR surviellance.
    Dongyu Liu, DVM, Ph.D.
    Randwick, NSW

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    Dr Paul Craig Roberts and Finian Cunningham

    in Politics

    A great interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Finian Cunningham discussing the Mainstream Media, Brian Williams and World events.

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    MMH 4 - 3 Reasons Why a MMH Does NOT Perio Chart

    in Business

    Patti is the author of the fast selling Dentalcodeologybooks and webinars and popular speaker. Shirley is the coach and primary cheerleader at CAREERfusion and the author of The Purple Guide series of books for dental hygienists. 

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    Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    in Politics

    Tim will be interviewing Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on topics like civil liberties, war, ISIS, foreign policy and economics. PCR is always fascinating to listen to and his articles have helped to inform many people as to what is really happening in this nation ad around the World. I urge you to listen or podcast this episode.

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    SWAG Radio Presents: JOP Take Over with Contel Bradford & Author Yella

    in Books

    Contel Bradford is a professional of many trades--aspiring screenwriter, affiliate marketer in training and published author. He excels at writing articles about interenet technology, specializing in topics that range from email marketing and web hosting to social media and SEO. Learn more about this multi-talented man of mystery at contelbradford.com


    Author Yella was born in Charlestion, SC in 1977. He grew up in Jamiaca, Queens, New York, Rochdale Village. Yella has three kids: Shahi, Radayshia and Shataysia. He's mixed of Columbian, Indian and black and is 37. Author Yella divorced and is now serving a life term for murder in which he took the rap for a charge. Now, he is fighting for his freedom of actual innocence, demanding another PCR hearing. Yella studies the teaching of the five percent Nation of Gods and Earths. Yella is striving to express his self through books so that he can give a voice to the many silenced brothers and sisters who have lost theirs in the struggle or due to it.

    - "This Rahim. My truth! Get at me. The #1 spot is mine." - Author Yella

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    30-Year Fraud: HIV, AIDS, Testing, Rx & Targeted Groups w David Crowe Part2of2

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    A critical look and challenge of the unproven theories, discredited research claims, fabrications, manipulations, and unfulfilled predictions surrounding the HIV = AIDS hypothesis.

    After 30 years, the virus named HIV has not been proven to cause AIDS. 

    The evidence that a virus claimed to be HIV even exists is based on evidence that some scietists argue is insufficient.

    Some scientists who acknowledge that a new retrovirus had been discovered in 1984 nevertheless are not convinced that it causes AIDS or any other adverse health effect.

    There is no test for HIV that provides a reliable result for infection. In practice, diagnoses of HIV infection (HIV+) are made by assuming that two unreliable results add up to a reliable result. The truth is, that's the best they can do.

    HIV infection and AIDS are treated using a mixture or cocktail of drugs of two types: nucleoside analogs and protease inhibitors. Both are toxic and eventually cause iatrogenic disease. Nucleoside analogs,such as AZT, can create AIDS symptoms. AZT has been referred to as "AIDS by prescription" by Professor Peter Duesberg, a prominent virologist from University of California-Berkeley.

    Think of HIV tests and AIDS defining conditions as vehicles to entrap people into becoming lifelong pharmaceutical clients. The tab is paid with tax dollars, but people are still needed to swallow the obscenely overpriced poison pills.

    Gay men, i.v. drug users, young people, pregnant women, African Americans, and the Hip Hop community are among the groups specifically targeted in campaigns urging people to "get tested."

    Part 2of2 interview with David Crowe, president of Rethinking AIDS. Interview by Richard Jannaccio and Chief69.

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    Rethinking HIV, AIDS, Testing, Treatment, Group Targeting - David Crowe Part2of2

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    A critical look and challenge of the unproven theories, discredited research claims, fabrications, manipulations, and unfulfilled predictions surrounding the HIV = AIDS hypothesis. After 30 years, the virus named HIV has not been proven to cause AIDS. Part 2of2 interview with David Crowe, president of Rethinking AIDS. 

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    After 30 Years, HIV-AIDS Hoax Continues To Claim Lives -- Guest: David Crowe

    in Music

    April 23, 2014 marks the 30th Anniversary of a day that changed the course of history. on that day, ...


    Our guest is David Crowe ...

    In this Special 2-part series, we will show that HIV has never been proven to cause AIDS. We will discuss what AIDS really is.You may be surprised to learn that none of the tests for AIDS--NONE of them--is approved for use in diagnosing HIV infection. etc. etc.

    Every Thursday LIVE from the Bronx at 11 pm, with Hosts Chief69 and Richard Jannaccio.

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    Food Safety Production Testing with Real-Time PCR

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     The potential benefits for food producers when they engage the screening of food production for human bacterial pathogens with quantitative, real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction technologies.
    AME offers the following rapid, robust and validated PCR Assays to Food Safety and production Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) managers.  The bacterial challenges AME can assist in testing for the presence/absence and quantitation are:
    -E. coli species Assay
    -Shigatoxin/O157 E. coli (FDA BAM method)
    -Listeria species Assay
    -Salmonella species Assay
    The implementation of these cutting-edge PCR technologies can economically be rapidly effected in food production facitilies. Discover how AME can assist your organization in engaging these tools today.
    Andy Moreno
    Microbiological Systems Engineering

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    Culture Of Comics 13: Odds 'n Ends

    in Pop Culture

    This week we will be meeting with  Marshall Edwards, a local Kansas City comic creator, and writer for Praire City Response,  we will be talking with Marshall about the challenges, and rewards of being a comic creator in today's world.   We encourage our listeners to call in live for questions for Marshall or the hosts during this show!
    The Culture of Comics has longer, meta discussions about themes and art in current runs of different books.  It will often contain "spoilers" in current runs and "previews" of upcoming books.