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    Talk with Tenney: A Conversation with Jen Padron

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    Jen Padron's agenda:

    1.) Peer Services | Supports in an Integrated BH and PC public health environment using my model

    2.) US Peer Services | Supports Center, University of Southern California (USC)

    3.) US Peer Leadership & Workforce Development Institute, University of Southern California (USC)

    4.) Mobile Crisis Intervention MH/SA and the Role of the Certified Peer Specialist in Mobile Crisis Intervention

    5.) The Innovative & Emergent Roles of the CPS, RC and CHW in Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care Public Health (e.g., Health Home, PCMH, FQ Peer Services via 1910, 1115 Medicaid Waiver, etc...

    6.) Q & A dialogue 


    Padron is a 2015 Doctor of Public Health Candidate. Her subject matter expertise leverages peer services, supports, delivery, frontier and rural public health and peer services in integrated physical and behavioral systems of care within the United States. “A Study of the Relationship Between Physical Health Problems, the Well-Being, Recovery, and Community Participation of Adults Living with Mental Health Disorders” is a secondary data analysis of randomized controlled University Pennsylvania and Temple University studies. It examines the impact of intervention aimed at enhancing self- care behaviors, patient-physician communication, and motivation to participate in treatment. She completed graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin and undergraduate studies at the University of Washington at Seattle.
    She has postered, appeared and published broadly on HIV/AIDS/STD/HCV education and SPMI, higher-education and SPMI, US peer leadership and workforce development. She blogs on hope, recovery and wellness solutions on madinamerica.com and integrating behavioral and physical health care utilizing peer services/supports on jenpadrondot.com as a person with the shared life experience of mental diversity.

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    Ep293: Primary Care Progress

    in Health

    Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer from PrimaryCareProgress.com will be joining me live to discuss issues like Practice Innovation and Advocacy. Download entire episode at http://bit.ly/FMR293

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    Ep278: Primary Care For 21st Century

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    Dr. Gerry Tolbert joins me to discuss the AAFP Report released this week "Primary Care for the 21st Century: Ensuring A Quality, Physician-led Team For Every Patient." Download full episode at http://bit.ly/FMR278

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    Patient Centered Medical Home - Managed Care or Better Care?

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    What is Patient Centered Medical Home for the Medicaid population?  Does PCMH reduce hospital readmissions?  Is the home healthcare agency the frontline for PCMH?  How are NCQA standards integrated?
    A lot of buzz is in the Medicaid industry about PCMH.  Health reform and he effects PCMH has on Medicaid expense is a hot issue.  Join me and Dr. Thomas A. Raskauskas MD, Chief Medical Officer at Health Plan of Michigan.  We are going explore how Dr. Raskauskas and Health Plan of Michigan established a successful PCMH model.
    "Medicaid Matters" is brought to you by Managed Medicaid Services

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    eCollaboration Countdown Episode #3

    in Technology

    This episode welcomes Mark Blatt, MD, MBA, Worldwide Medical Director for the Intel Corporation. Dr. Blatt is scheduled to present a keynote eCollab12 titled "Collaborative Care: An Economic Imperative for Care Delivery System".
    Care delivery costs are rising; Patient Center Medical Home (PCMH) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) reforms are looming. Collaborative workflows will help you manage these combined pressures to reform.
    Dr. Blatt joined Intel in the summer of 2000 working in the New Business Group. He is currently Worldwide Medical Director, Enterprise Solution Sales, in the Sales and Marketing Group. In this role, Blatt concentrates on enabling Providers to deliver cost effective, quality care. He has a particular interest in Integrated Care Delivery, Mobile Point of Care, Secure Computing and the emergence of Cloud Computing services.
    The eCollaboration Forum at HIMSS'12  is Thursday, February 23rd, 2012, bringing together some of the leading Health IT thinkers to explore collaborative technologies, business ecosystems, and clinical care delivery needed to achieve accountable care.
    We are previewing from the amazing list of thought leaders that are joining our program, we are hosting the eCollaboration Forum Countdown, which will air each Tuesday over the weeks leading up to HIMSS'12.

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    FMR 19: Family Medicine Rocks

    in Health

    In this episode, I'll be talking about the upcoming Patient Centered Medical Home Summit of the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians which will be September 30 & Oct 1. In addition, I'll be talking about some of my recent blog posts including the story of an attending physician who wants to take down pics from the internet that were taken in medical school. Also, some Family Medicine and social media news from the past week. Hope you can join me!

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    The Dr Synonymous Show Episode 2

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    A Family Physician discusses the future of family medicine, the future patient and the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). Dr S reviews definition of PCMH and a successful, innovative PCMH for the underserved. He comments on his article about PCMH in The Ohio Family Physician. Further reference to pesticides and "the dirty dozen" fruits and vegetables.

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    Health Care QuaIity: Interview w/ William Johnson, PhD

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    Interview with a leader about Health Care Quality with Bill Johnson, PhD, hospital quality and systems management expert.  We'll review some current dilemmas, challenges and opportunities that relate to patients, doctors and hospitals in the area of quality and patient safety.  We'll talk about how to honor and protect patients during the massive change coming in health care. Discussions will include comments ACO's, PCMH and other types of quality mandates and about human aspects of the patient-physician relationship and socio-technical innovation that helps them in clinical and human decisions.

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    Dr Synonymous: Family Medicine and Family Nurse Practitioners: A Timely Partnership

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    Interviews with Family Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Catherine Johnson is continued. We'll hear about the FNP program she's starting in Columbus, OH. She and Dr Synonymous will discuss the AAFP proposal to study the studies about FNP's. Dr S. will reflect on FNP's from his training days in Hershey, PA to current practice in Beavercreek, OH. Education, training and teamwork are aspects of this discussion. We'll mention the PCMH and the future of primary care. Chat room welcomes all comers with germane comments. How do we continue to honor and protect patients during the massive change coming in health care. Discussions will include comments about human aspects of patient-physician, patient-nurse practitioner and nurse practitioner-physician relationships and socio-technical innovation that helps them in clinical teamwork and human decisions.

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    Dr Synonymous: Interview with Catherine Johnson, FNP, PhD, Episode 11

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    Interview with Family Nurse Practitioner, Educator, Leader Catherine Johnson, FNP, PhD. We review her fascinating career, current position with Mount Carmel where she is developing a nurse practitioner training program, and the future. How are nurse practitioners connecting into the health care changing system? How will they be positioned as primary care providers? What will be the health care team in the PCMH? What does she think of the HCHH? How can physicians and nurse practitioners honor and protect patients and each other during the massive change coming in health care? Also comments about human aspects of patient-practitioner relationship and socio-technical innovation that helps them in clinical and human decisions. Leading off with fifteen minutes of Dr Synonymous overview of patient and doctor social media sites and medical "factoids" of interest.

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    Dr Synonymous: Family Medicine: Learning From the Military

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    After 7 minutes of technical difficulty/silence, Dr. Synonymous will review a patient blog, a physician blog (AFP Community blog by Kenny Lin) and some interesting medical progress, including the rebuttal to the JUPITER study by Dr.'s Kopes-Kerr and Ebell (family medicine authors and editors) and innovation. He will reflect on his West Point training about Military Leadership and focus on the Nine Principles of War, U S Army. He will discuss how the principles may apply to family medicine for decision support in this time of massive change, especially in support of the PCMH and Direct Primary Care. The importance of being on the Offensive will be emphasized by Dr S. Comments also will include reference to human aspects of patient-physician relationship and socio-technical innovation via social media that helps them in policy, leadership, clinical and human decisions.

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