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    Gotham Talk Podcast Show #17 - "Red Hood" Ep. 17 Season 1

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    A crew of five Irish American bank robbers heists up a bank with concealment over their faces and with their leader wearing a red hood, stealing from the bank itself and dispersing some of the money to ensure their escape. When Gordon and Bullock speak to the bank's employees, they realize this was a pro job and they had scouted the place last week to determine their timing. Tracking down one of the thieves from security footage, they find the crew leader Gus Floyd (Michael Goldsmith) dead and his hood gone, taken by Clyde Destro (Jonny Coyne), the new leader. Meanwhile, Oswald's is still struggling from its unsavory clientele especially once it runs out of alcohol which is sold to the club by Maroni. So Butch has cops on his payroll seize much of Maroni's supply for Cobblepot, establishing an uneasy trust between the two. The Red Hood Gang hits another bank using the same MO. With the assistance of a witness, Gordon and Bullock track down Destro, finding him wounded by a third member who took the mask and became leader. Fish meets with the prison's unnamed manager (Jeffrey Combs) as his boss, the Dollmaker, is currently away. As the manager tries to take her eyes for transplant, Fish removes her own left eye and destroys it to keep it out of their hands before passing out. 

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    Are you Marketing your Business?/ Proforma Peak Marketing

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    Too many small-business owners think marketing is like a trip to the dentist-something that you need to do every six months or so. When marketing is continuous and targeted, business gets easier. I always say consistency is the key to success! If prospects have a positive view and it is clear what your marketing of products or services and reputation, you are much closer to obtaining that sale!! This week on The Networking Diva Hour, hear tips for ideas on the cheap!!

    My co-host is Liz Anderson with Proforma Peak Marketing. 

    Proforma provides brand management solutions. They are committed to bringing ideas, inspiration, strategy, and tools to help their customers grow their business and achieve success. Their proven solutions have helped customers achieve their goals in a variety of areas. Because they offer the broadest array of printing, promotional products and related graphic products and solutions, they are:

    A Marketing Agency without any agency fees.
    An Addition to Your Staff without being an addition to your payroll.
    A Business Process Outsource Resource you can trust.

    Listen in to hear Liz Anderson show you how you can market your products or services in the best way! Check her out @www.proforma.com

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    Replay of Intuit Payroll Options with Alvin Young

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    With Woody and Stacy travelling, we thought we'd replay this great interview with Intuit's Alvin Young about some payroll options available from Intuit.
    No live chat, we'll see you all next week!

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    Necessary Job Search Techniques To Get Hired in 30Days

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    Need a job? Believe you are doing all the right things? You're doing what you did that last time you didn't have a job, back in 2003. Job search changes based on supply and demand. Job search is looking for a needle in a haystack.  Yes, internet changed job search but job search is about much more than the internet. Yes, you can make immediate contact across the street, across the nation, or in another country but that don't sell by itself. Think that 90degree angle you do daily will get you a super great job? Nope! You are dead wrong. If you have been unemployed more than 90 days, and you have been doing job search, I ask if you have a job. If you have no job you don't know how to job search. You need a manager to help you reach your objective. That manager would be me. I'm Bea! I do 30 day readiness workshops. Tell me what a day of job search is like and I'll put you on someone's payroll in 30days or less.

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    Small Business/Entrepreneur Advocate, Expert and Author Robert Basso

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    Small business/Entrepreneur Advocate, Expert and Author Robert Basso is founder and president the New York region’s largest independent payroll processing firm, Advantage Payroll Services, and a regularly sought out small business guest speaker, mentor and business expert. Rob is the author of the Everyday Entrepreneur and regularly interviewed by media outlets across the nation. 

    He regularly appears on several Fox Business news shows including primetime’s Neil Cavuto.  With over 2,500 clients, Rob has his finger on the pulse of small business and has gained a wealth of knowledge.  He uses his blog, social media and online videos to share his ideas and strategies for assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs with growing their businesses, creating jobs and rebuilding the American economy.

    For more information about Rob and media clips visit www.RobBasso.com.  


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    TCE Chat's About Those GOSH Darn DOL Employment Numbers - January 2015

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    'The BEST is YET to Come' ~ Powered by The Career Engineer (TCE) - www.tcenow.com

    Unemploymemt Info - www.dol.gov

    Let's Chat about those Gosh Darn Employment Numbers!  Do you know what they REALLY mean or are you just repeating The Hype!?  Better yet, do you know how to change the game in Your House.  Join us and see how!

    As of Januar 2015

    Unemployment Rate:  5.7%
    Initial Insurance Claims:  278,000
    Payroll Employment: +257,000

    Call-in:  718-664-6880


    STOP Living, Breathing and working BENEATH your Purpose! Join TCE's Career Talk Radio along with special guests as we share employment, economy tips, e-business tips and solutions to help you make Monday Mornings...BETTER!  Create the life of your dreams.

    Programming: SweetBerry Designs
    Powered by TCE Career & Biz Network
                         TCE Blog

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Our discussion will center around the re-development of the Village of Hempstead, and the schemes and scams surrounding the redevelopment.  How dirty are the hands of the Mayor and trustees? Has the CDA (Community Development Agency) been taken over in order to gain wealth, or are they simply imitating Governor Chris Christie examples of government management?   Learn today about the crooked dealings in the developing plans in the village that no resident  (Off the Payroll) is aaware of.

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    Allen Bornstein WorkGroup Payroll affordable payroll service

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    WorkGroup Payroll is a Pillar member of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce as well as Affinity Partner.  They are a committed to offering value added services at the most competitive price to help our members grow and prosper.  WorkGroup Payroll is an affordable alternative if you prepare payroll internally, use outside bookkeepers/ accountants or a payroll service. Small business owners average 8 hours a month performing payroll functions. That's 12 full days a year that could be spent generating sales or prospecting new business.  You can’t afford to not use WorkGroup Payroll

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    Dancing with the South Bay Stars IV

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    Our guests this morning are Melissa Griswold, Steve Goldstein, Michael Rouse, Christian Wolf and Cherie Davis.

    All of today’s guests will be participating in this year’s Dancing with the Stars IV. The event takes place this Saturday, February 7 at the James Armstrong Theater in Torrance.

    Melissa Griswold is the Multimedia Account Executive for The Daily Breeze located in Torrance. She lives in San Pedro and is dancing for Rainbow Services Ltd.

    Stephen Goldstein is the President of Payroll Management Solutions, Inc. located in Los Angeles. Steve lives in Redondo Beach and he’ll be dancing for Pediatric Therapy Network.

    Michael Rouse resides in El Segundo and is the Vice President of Diversity, Philanthropy & Community Affairs for Toyota located in Torrance. Michael won the competition during the first season of DWTSBS and will be a co-host for this year’s event.

    Cherie Davis is the General Manager for the Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance and was the second place winner of DWTSBS for season one. She’ll be co-hosting this year with Michael.

    Christian Wolf is the Executive and Artistic Director for the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation and a regular contributor to this program. Chris has been the event emcee in prior years but this year, he’ll be dancing in the competition for the Food for Kids Program of the Volunteer Center.


    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit


    To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry visit

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    The Unconscionable

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    Republican presidential candidates, Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, have made irresponsible comments about vaccines at a time when measles has reappeared in the United States. Their remarks call into question their judgment and their fitness for higher office.Washington Post Editorial Board

    Mr. Christie, visiting a medical research laboratory in Cambridge, England, said that he, too, had vaccinated his children, but “I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well. So that’s the balance that the government has to decide.”

    Brian Deer exposed the bogus data behind claims that launched a worldwide scare over the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, and reveals how the appearance of a link with autism was manufactured at a London medical school
    The paper was published in the Lancet on 28 February 1998. It was retracted on 2 February 2010.2 Authored by Andrew Wakefield, John Walker-Smith, and 11 others from the Royal Free medical school, London, it reported on 12 developmentally challenged children,3 and triggered a decade long public health scare.
    Unknown to Mr 11, Wakefield was working on a lawsuit,7 for which he sought a bowel-brain “syndrome” as its centrepiece. Claiming an undisclosed £150 (€180, $230) an hour through a Norfolk solicitor named Richard Barr, he had been confidentially 8 put on the payroll two years before the paper was published, eventually grossing him £435 643, plus expenses.JB


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    Red Sox Rant Episode 3

    in Baseball

    Michael Hewitt will be discussing the Boston bullpen, payroll, and second baseman, Dustin Pedroia. 

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