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    hoodtalkradio: payphones... where are they?

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    I saw a payphone for the first time in 6 years!! have you? call in and talk about it. 646-478-0944 is the hotline, and you can also log on to blogtalkradio.com/hoodtalkradio. hosted by emaxxtheemijj. Wednesdays from 9-10:30 get it in!!

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    Sex Workers Anonymous Meeting

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    We have never before allowed in any recording equipment at any of our meetings.  The reason is obvious - confidentiality is the key to our program's safety.  If people couldn't trust that we would protect their identities they wouldn't come forward.  But the members at this meeting said it was okay to be recorded because we've just been getting not only so many questions - but also so many misconceptions about us.  Another reason why we never released a recording before is because each meeting and each group is so different.  There's not two groups nor ever two meetings the same.  We have large meetings held in churches, coffee houses, parks, treatment centers, clinics, and conference rooms as well as jails and crisis centers.  There are large and small meetings.  Some people prefer to be more private so they have "coffee" meetings where two or more just get together at a coffee shop.  Others are either so remote or they are so careful about who sees their face - they prefer to stick with our "phone" meetings which are held at regular times weekly where members call in from all over the world.  Sometimes if the car breaks down or the weather is bad they come to the phone meetings.  This way they can call in even if they're at a payphone or a motel.  Other meetings are done "one on one" by telephone, mail or in person.  Some meetings even have more "concentrations" of groups - such as our West Hollywood meeting that tends to be mostly men or the jail meeting in Chicago for just transgenders.  Meetings can be light and funny or dark and deep.  But whatever the meetings are - they're part of our recovery program where the "therapeutic value of one helping is without parallel".  This is just a window into our program where "empathy" is a tool for healing.

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    A Page from the 90's! A PZ Anniversary Special!

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    Check it out, Phantom Zoners! It's been 2 years since Nikki & Jay started podcasting on BTR and what better way to celebrate by re-living one of the greatest decades ever? The 90's! The music, the T.V. shows, the films and so much more! So bust out your pager and make sure you have plenty of change in your fanny packs for that payphone while wearing your flannel long sleeve over your novelty t-shirt and baggy jeans, playing hacky sack with your homies!  Cause this show's gonna be a TRIP!

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    Emily Katter is a pop singer-songwriter with a crowd-pleasing style in the vein of Natasha Bedingfield, Jessie J. and Robyn. Her debut EP “Shining Now” is produced by ROBOPOP’s Dan Omelio, who co-wrote and produced Maroon 5′s chart-topping “Payphone,” Gym Class Heroes’ hits “Stereo Hearts” and “Ass Back Home,” and produced Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.” As with many of Omelio’s hits, Emily’s music resonates with touches of soul, dance, and R&B. Based in New York City, Emily has a vocal and music industry background, and with the help of coaches like Gordon Grody (who’s worked with Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys), she’s crafted the sweet and infectious style she records today. Emily also has a publishing deal in place with Fieldhouse Music, part of BMG Chrysalis. Industry insiders are already catching on. Billboard magazine named Emily to its “Next Big Sound” chart in June 2012 and respected Grammy.com music blogger Arjan (ArjanWrites.com) called her debut single “Heart Explosion” “lush, soulful” and “accomplished.” The dance-floor-ready single features a street-smart cameo by rapper Hybrid Infamous. Hear it here: emilykatter.com/music.

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    Cover Night and

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    Ever listen to a really good cover of a song? Here are some covers that I enjoy. Also some other good music. I'm like Jack Fm, I play what I want :P A rant about working retail near the end and more music coming your way. Call in and send requests please! I need some new ideas.