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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Paulina Cassidy Interview Her Magical Art, Music & Tarot

    in Spirituality

    Enter the magical & mystical realm of Artist, Author, & Musician PAULINA CASSIDY.  Explore her magical world via songs from her new CD "Sugar Wingshiver" and her new Oracle deck "The Witchlings Deck of Spells". 

    Paulina Cassidy's world is filled with magical creatures born of intuition and imagination. Having spent much of her time drawing from a young age, Paulina finds solace in creating and sharing her unique brew of whimsy. Her fanciful designs have been collected worldwide for over two decades.  She is the creator of my very favorite Tarot deck - the Paulina Tarot.  She also created The Faerie Guidance Oracle, Joie de Vivre Tarot and has released 6 other musical CDs.  

    Paulina works from her home studio where she creates, paints and writes for most of her waking hours, catering to the constant demands of her little muses. She is a solitary witch and a practitioner of Reiki & Pranic Healing. Paulina has published 8 books including Scary Little Faeries and The Secret World of Faeries & Birds. She has published calendars and articles for numerous magazines.  Paulina's original art and prints are available in stores & online.




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    Southern Warrior Sis' Launch their Candid Talk on Overcoming Homelessness &Abuse

    in Women

    EP. 2: Princess Fumi & Her Southern Warrior Sisters Talk Candidly with Ms. Paulina Johnson, Author of Achieving Against All Odds.  HOSTS: Marlas Triplett Sells, Dawn T Totty, Laura Dood, Maxine Holt Donaldson, Kim Duke Neal & Princess Fumi S Hancock, RN, DNP.

    On this episode:
    Find Out How Paulina Johnson overcame, homelessness, pregnancy at age 16, poverty, and abuse to become a successful asset in her community.
    Paulina Johnson, a native of Gary, Indiana, a native of Gary, Indiana, believes that despite any obstacles one may face, they too can “ACHIEVE AGAINST ALL ODDS”.

    Watching her parents’ battle drug addiction and violence, she found herself taking on adult responsibility as a child. After a number of bad decisions and her life headed for destruction, she became a teenage mother at the age of sixteen.

    As a young girl, she had dreams of “making a positive difference” in her family and community.  Although she was met with many challenges before she turned eighteen years old, one becoming separated from her mother at the age of thirteen, and another becoming a teenage mother at the age of sixteen, she refused to allow those challenges to hinder her from pursuing the goals she set for her life. 
    HER BOOK: I AM YOU - Achieving Against All Odds is a thought provoking memoir of a young woman who shares how she turned her trials into a triumphant victory! Read more & Subscribe to our BLOG: http://www.southernwarriorsistertribe.com/southern-warrior-sisters-candid-talk-overcoming-homelessness-abuse/


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    in Comedy

    James Judd is a monologist from San Francisco now residing in New York City. He is presently the All For One Festival Artist in Residence. His newest autobiographic comedy Killer Quack debuted at the All For One Festival on November 3, 2013. Other recent engagements include two live performances for National Public Radio’s top-rated syndicated program Snap Judgment. He is the recipient of the Outstanding Actor in a Short Subject Award for the 2013 Midtown International Theater Festival in New York City. His essays on solo performance writing are featured on Pyragraph.com, a career advice website for creative endeavors. www.wordthestorytellingshow.com  or https://www.facebook.com/wordthestorytellingshowWORD The Story Telling Show Wed Nov 19th  - 8PMThe Sidewalk Bar and Restaurant - 94 Avenue A ( @ East 6th Street)$5 Suggested Admission / 1 Drink MinimumDoors Open at 7:30 PM James Judd, Rick Younger, Martin Dockery, Stephanie Phillips, Jill Demby Guest, Paulina Brusca and Music by Eric Schwartz 


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    Eugenio Derbez, John Leguizamo & other Latinos in Hollywood

    in Entertainment

    Eugenio Derbez hits box office gold with the biggest opening weekend for a Spanish-language film & Ethan Hawke declares John Leguizamo should have a better career than Brad Pitt!
    Co-hosted by Rick Najera & @MrRafaelAgustin
    Rick's book
    Rafa's play 

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    GOETIA concordia X Magia (various studies on goetia)

    in Radio

    ARS, Luciferian, Paulina, Quimbanda and its correlating factors which connect to every day life.Connecting Zodiacal Science and Goetia.


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    Entrevista con Paulina Guerrero Saldaña sobre su lucha con la enfermedad de lyme

    in Health

    Acompañenme esta noche en Radio Lyme donde mi invitada es Paulina Guerrero Saldaña de Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Mexico. Paulina nos contara sobre su lucha con la enfermedad de lyme y Babesiosis. Sin duda esta entrevista vale la pena escuchar. Lo esperamos esta noche en Radio Lyme; su fuente de information de enfermedad de lyme y co infecciones! 

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    SportsGeeks™ Featuring Paulina Granados & Amanda bobby Cooper

    in MMA

    Paulina Granados will be joining us to talk about her upcoming fight with Legacy Fighting Championship - 23 against Tessa Simpson and talk about her career as a fighter.
    Then on The Ammy 15 segment we are interviewing Amanda bobby Cooper Pro boxer and looking to start her Pro MMA career soon.

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Paulina Temple of Body Temple

    in Nutrition

    Irvine, CA – Low-Fat. No-Fat. No-Protein. No Carbs. With so much conflicting information, it’s impossible to know what’s healthy for us and what isn’t; what will energize us and what will deplete us.

    Paulina Temple is the founder of Body Temple Health and Wellness Coaching. As a certified health coach, Temple empowers her clients to achieve their health goals.

    “Most people that come to me have been struggling for a long time,” says Temple. “Once they identify their obstacles to success they become self-motivated. They want to change."

    Where most approaches to nutrition focus on restricting calories, carbs, fats or proteins, Temple helps her clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. She subscribes to the concept of bioindividuality: we are all biologically and chemically different so we all have different nutritional needs.

    “I don’t have a one-size fits all diet,” says Temple. “One person’s food is another person’s poison, so we look to identify the foods that will allow you to overcome your self-sabotaging behaviors.”

    According to Temple, ambivalence – you know you shouldn’t eat the cookie but you eat the cookie anyway – is typically driven by something else. So Temple will look at other aspects of your life, what she calls your “primary foods:” spirituality, career, physical activity and relationships.

    “I’ve always been fascinated by the brain chemistry behind how our thoughts affect our bodies,” says Temple. “People like to see these things as separate, but it’s one and the same. You can change how you think by changing your body and you can change your body by changing how you think.”

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    in Music

    IG Radio host Nesha Da Voice Talks w/ X- Factor;s "Lillie Mc Cloud"..... 

    Lillie McCloud amazed the world with her fantastic X-Factor 2013 audition when she sang her version of "Alabaster Box" by CeCe Winans. Receiving a standing ovation from Judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Paulina Rubio and Kelly Rowlands, as well as the entire packed auditorium audience where she was compared to the great Whitney Houston, Kelly Rowland asked "Where You Been?" "Where You Been Hiding?"

     Lillie McCloud is not hiding anymore. After being dubbed one of the most talented performers in all 3 seasons of the The X-Factor, with Judge Simon Cowell saying she has a really incredible voice, Lillie McCloud is back with her first single release since her appearance on The X-Factor.

     What About The Beautiful Children" is a phenomenal ballad with an incredibly uplifting message about taking care of the children who will be the future of the world. 

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    Tiger-less Masters Preview

    in Sports

    Ann talks to Karen Crouse, Golf Correspondent for the NY Times, an in-depth discussion on the controversial decision of Golf Digest putting Paulina Gretzky on the cover over female professional Golfers who have won & Ann discusses Tiger pulling out of his first Masters & the impact it will have on the tournament and his career.

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    How to Stretch Your Start-up's Funding Without Giving Up Equity

    in Business

    Funding is always a crucial factor to every start-up project. Since the most valuable currency in the startup word is equity, more and more startups consider alternative, equity free, funding mechanisms: crowd funding, peer to peer lending, startup loans and - last but not least - government grants.

    Keep Your Dream Alive host Placida Acheru's date for this episode is no less than with a remarkable lady whose most recent venture has been in helping tech start-ups in the UK secure government funding equity free. She is Paulina Sygulska Tenner.  The conversation will cover:

    •    A perspective on the London and UK startup scene;
    •    An insight into types of UK Government funding available for innovating companies;
    •    Finding the inspiration and the passion to perservere even if starting a business from scratch, and many more.  

    About Paulina:   

    Paulina is a serial entrepreneur, an aspiring geek and a networking junkie. Her most recent venture, GrantTree, is going from strength to strength helping top tech startups in the UK (Stack Exchange, Duedil, Go Cardless) secure government funding for R&D, equity free. After hours, she likes to indulge in a bit of burlesque.

    Contact Paulina:

    Website: www.granttree.co.uk
    Facebook Page: Grant Tree

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