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    NFL Week 9: Packers-Panthers; Pats-Skins; Broncos-Colts

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    Are the Broncos for real now?  Or were they just rested?

    Injuries playing big role in season.

    Trade deadline comes and goes for players.  But more front office and coaches gone.

    Who won the TV ratings battle between MLB and Sunday Night Football.

    Fantasy chaos.  NFL changes a fumble to an interception.

    Are Pats and Belichick way too much into the heads of their opponents?  He can dictate the coin flip now?

    Who are the drunkest fans in the NFL?


    As always our expert is Eric Snyder.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can hear him on the Power Hour on 1340 Fox Sports Radio in Las Vegas.

    Boychic, good morning.


    Half-way through the season now, what are your biggest surprises?


    I have 2.  How horrible the Seahawks are and how good the Patriots are.  Seahawks off this week.  Sure, they won last week.  But they look awful.  Have we forgotten that the team that loses the Super Bowl usually doesn’t make the playoffs the next year?  Is that the case for the Seahawks now?


    Injuries are playing a huge role.  I look at Steelers and wonder what could have been if they had a healthy Quarterback and a healthy kicker from back in pre-season.


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    Pats Hacks

    in Electronics

    Join me pat and my co host joey as we talk about how we got into the computer world and how pats hacks came to be...

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    NFL Week 8: Pats Dolphins; Packers Broncos; TV ratings; Enough of Johnny Manziel

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    Eric Snyder is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can hear him on the Power Hour on 1340 Fox Sports Radio in Las Vegas.

    So let’s dive into last night’s game.  Pats Dolphins

    Best game this week is Packers going to Denver.  Sunday Night.  If this was in Green Bay I would say a romp for Pack.  Because it is in Denver with that Defense, I say a toss-up.

    This could be a great media game too.  Because this game will most likely be up against the 5th game of the World Series.  What are your thoughts?

    Interesting that MLB ratings rose for Game 1 – not facing off with football but with the NBA. 

    Monday night Indy goes to Carolina.  I am inclined to say a Panther romp but Indy surprises me and Carolina due for a let-down.

    Bengals go to Pittsburgh.  Big Ben supposed to be back.  Bengals getting some defensive strength back too.  Much effect?

    Cards visit the Dog Pound.  Are we over-hyping Cards?  I thought they should have crushed the Ravens and they nearly lost the game.  They stunk going to Pittsburgh.  Maybe the Browns have a shot.

    Johnny Manziel will not be punished for the roadside disturbance with his girlfriend.  My wife has a friend from Cleveland in town and she thinks the region is fed up with him.  They hope he ends his stay with the Brownies. 

    Seattle goes to Dallas.  Cowboys look a mess. They don’t communicate. Greg Hardy and Dez Bryant nearly come to blows.  Joseph Randle may be facing disciplinary action relating to a gun incident. But Seattle needs this win. It would get them to .500.  But so far they are 1-3 on the road.  Might be a perfect time to visit Big-D.


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    Steven Meador on Pats, Clippers, LeBron and more

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    Tonight on the program, we chat with our main man, Steven Meador, on “deflategate” and his thoughts on the punishments that Brady and the Pats received. We will also look at all four NBA Playoff series and give you our thoughts on them. #Clippers/ #Rockets updates throughout the show and Steven’s thoughts on Monty Williams getting axed from the Pelicans.

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    Opening Fireball by Pitbull

    End Get Up by Bingo Players feat. Far East Movement

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    NFL Week 12: Panthers no respect; Pack back; Can Pats find players? USC Coaching

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    We will look at the Turkey Day games.

    The best team in football gets no respect.

    Could Pats actually run out of players?

    Injuries are getting worse it seems.  And some are non-contact injuries.  Is it hurting the fans too or helping the standings?

    In Denver, is Brock the new Peyton?

    And we will look at religion in football.  Is the NFL the No Faith League?

    And ESPN pissed at Johnny Football.

    And some coaches may be getting off on a Trojan horse or a Bayou Bengal.

    And what is up with the referees?

    As always our expert is Eric Snyder.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can hear him on the Power Hour on 1340 Fox Sports Radio in Las Vegas.

    Let’s play Fraud or Real or Pretender Contender?  Packers Texans Cowboys

    Pokes get the 10-0 Panthers but the Cowboys at 3-7 are favorites over the undefeated Panthers.  As I said in the beginning, has anyone watched this team?  I got the Panthers in a romp.

    Bears go to Lambeau to play resurgent Packers.  Plus they’re retiring Brett Favre’s number.  I have to go with Pack.

    A number of new injuries are affecting games this week.  Peyton is still out.  Flacco is gone for the season – and maybe longer.  Are these injuries hurting the fans or helping?


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    Jerrys Pats Page

    in Sports

    Regular Season Recap. I will recap the regular season for the New England Patriots. Stats, game results and second half and season stats will be discussed. I will also preview the AFC Wild Card Game between the Patriots vs. the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

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    The MICHAEL BONNER Show: Let's Talk Sports (Pats vs Steelers) (Week 1 Preview)

    in Sports

    Join host Michael Bonner and his co host Demond Evans, Jevon (JW) White and Isaac I-Tunes Durrette as we break down the NFL's season opener between the Pat and Steelers. And answer the question are the Pats Cheaters or Champions?  We will also give a week 1 preview 

    In 2011 The MICHAEL BONNER Show was created as a place to get the perspective from everyday people on News, Current Events, Music and Sports .Today along with my team of co hosts we’re still on the MIC, still talking our talk, and still pride ourselves of being the voice of everyday people.

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    Debates Like Ignoring Doctor’s Dire Prognosis or Facing Pats as Jr. High Team

    in Current Events

    As I watched last night GOP debate and looked ahead to the weekend’s next Democratic debate, I thought about a couple of scenarios.

    Here’s the first.  You go to the doctor.  He tells you – you are about to be hit with diabetes and cancer.  If you don’t change your lifestyle soon and for a long time, you will either lose a limb, be incapacitated, or die.

    What do you do?  You go home and ingest 10 meals loaded with sugar, carbs, and fat.  You smoke a pack of cigarettes.  You down a case of beer and chase it with some illegal drugs.  Then you sit down and watch the political debates of both parties.

    Watching the political debates is like killing the health of our fragile yet fully fixable economy.

    Instead of watching last night’s debate and Saturday’s upcoming debate, you should do this.  Read a column by the Washington Post economics writer Robert J Samuelson.  It is called The Flight From Reality.  Here is the link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-flight-from-reality/2015/10/18/3dea14ba-742b-11e5-9cbb-790369643cf9_story.html?postshare=8071447174420614

    I urge you to read it.  Samuelson cuts through the political bullshit of both parties and shows how our lives are going to be effected for years to come.

    I am not going to sugarcoat it. It is depressing. There are two reasons.

    I will give you more truth in this show than you will get from the whole election campaign.

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    Mets vs. Royals, 2015 World Series, Jets take on Pats

    in Sports

    Mike Silva and Joe Buono discuss the Mets final mountain to climb: The Kansas City Royals and the 2015 World Series. Seth Everett of NBC Sports Radio previews the series. The guys discuss the big matchup at Foxboro between the Jets and Patriots.

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    Sports Q and A Episode November 19 2015

    in Sports

    Where is the line drawn with social media and athletic figures....was Kevin McHale fired too soon by Rockets...Is Rhonda Rousey's loss as legendary as people make it out to be...will CFB Playoff end up as it should be with 3 weeks to go....will Pats or Panthers finished undefeated...CFB and NFL recap and preview

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    Wall to wall Pats & Sox

    in Sports

    It seems like our MO is to do surprise shows, so guess what we are back Thursday night. And what good timing as there are a few things to discuss. Brady? What is real and what is next? How does this play out and impact the team? Aren't we sick of having to defend this team, who are still Super Bowl champs by the way. An what is up with BB in all this? And how did Steven A Smith get the big scoop After we beat that dead horse of a topic we will talk some actual football as well as potential Sox moves at this point of the baseball season. Thoughts? You should call Thursday night at 8pm or at least listen and be amused by our rants and musings.