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    Emerging Details For the 9 / 11 Patriot Ride Live!

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    On this episode of Patriot Nation Radio we will be Talking with Steve Gronka about the emerging Details For the 9 / 11 Patriot Ride Tune in Tonite 6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm pacific www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    President 2012, Patriot or Puppet for billionaires

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    I am a write in candidate which means I accept nothing from special interest groups and will only be beholden to the American people.
    We the people need to learn the definition of insanity:
    To learn the meaning of insanity, which is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome each time; will be the beginning of the resurrection of our once great country. 
    Siblings hate it when their brothers or sisters do better than them. Voters have the same mental flaw. They hate to vote for someone who could be their neighbor; even that he or she is a patriot who would absolutely put country first. Voters would instead, vote for the person of wealth that has the backing of wealth, albeit that backing is corrupt lobbyists. The voter’s outlook is due to the fact that the voter can't see himself ever obtaining that stature; so that is the person he chooses to vote for; while laughing at a Joe the plumber next door. We are still serfs in our minds, who only vote for royalty; after all, that is what we escaped from coming to America; but we can’t shake it from our brains. We have all become so conditioned to believe government is complicated, law is complicated, and rights are complicated. As a result we are led to believe only a certain class of citizen could possibly decipher such a complex world; but when you dig deeper, is not all that complicated. If a family can learn to live within its means, so can a government. For a family, there are no written instructions, but for government there is our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which is not being followed, so by default, I am going to make the best president.

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    Puppet Show Pt.2

    in Christianity

    A continuation of Puppet Show, which is exposing even more of the seducing games to keep everyone distracted from truly serving God. This message will delve into how the "church culture" has fallen prey to these deceiving spirits as well. Come out from the nastiness of this world people! Allow the word to wash you

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    The Patriot Act

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    Should Rand Paul Stay the course and keep the filibuster going on the senate floor?

    Is the Patriot Act good or Bad for Americans?????

    How do you feel about the government collecting information about all americans?

    Are we losing our privacy and is the President exceeding his powers and shoud he?????

    Is the Constitution and Bill of Rights being attacked???????

    What is your opinion? Now is the time, Do you have something to say about this attack on your freedoms? Are you gonna sit and say nothing, do nothing, take no action or express an opinion........

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    Patriot Nation Radio Open Phones Thursday!

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    on this episode of Patriot nation Radio we will be discussing the things that piss us off. So tune in 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time and 3:30 p.m. Pacific time towww.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation (347)or call 637 - 3942

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    Aage Nost-Author ""Universal Success principles and How Billionaires Think + UFO's ""

    in Spirituality

    Please join us in welcoming our guest Aage Nost.  Aage is an Author UfO Investigator Exposing the Truth Visionary, Spiritual Producer, Commercial and Private Pilot Live Sundauy May 3rd 2015 10am est  This is going to be a  great show!!! Call In, and speak live with Aage  (267) 521-0151 Listen in, Visit and hold the space in our Chat Room Aage Nost  will be talking out his Authored Book "Universal Success principles and How Billionaires Think".  We are thrilled to hosting Aage  He is so articulate and embracing and at the same time Expansive. Thank you Aage for be with us this Morning . Many of the Billionaires are operating by some of the Spiritual Principles, without knowing it, just because it is the "right thing to do"."Universal Success principles and How Billionaires Think".    Chat Room  Creative Consciousness Guest Show Blog Read here This is a show not to be missed Join us  with this incredible devoted individual.  Visit Aage's Web site and purchase is book "Spiritual Science Higher Conscious Thinking" for more Information http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478748632 Vist him on Facebook


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    Black Women Billionaires Club.

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall be discussing the "Black Women Billionaires Club". We shall discussing black women who have become billionaires or had a billion dollar impact on their communities.

    The women we shall discuss today are:

    Madam C.J. Walker (hair care)
    Cathy Hughes (radio stations)
    Lena O. Smith (law practice)
    Isabel Dos Santos (recycling,trucking,cell phones, education)
    Folorunsho Alakija (fahsion)

    Please call in and offer your questions, comments, and suggestions and have pen and paper available to take notes.

    Please remember to listen to us via our Mobile Phone Radio station: www.waterassetsradio.com

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    Murrieta Bus Blockade 1 Yr Anniversary With Stasyi Barth Live!

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    On this episode of Patriot Nation Radio we will be Talking with Stasyi Barth about the one year Anniversary of the Murrieta Bus Blockade plus the Anniversary rally taking place July 1st. Tune in 6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm pacific www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    Yeah No more Patriot Act

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    Thankfully there are some republicans that finely understand that there is no need for any Patriot Act all, for we happen to have a U.S.Const. amed.II that is the true Partrict Act.

    Amendment II

    "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

    This also means that there is need for the TSA, NSA, CIA

    People you also have the Unalienble Right to keep you own personal live to your self, and the United States, State, and local Government out of your own afairs. 

    Now every liberal, Democrat, Communist, Socailist cannot spy or lisen in to your personal phone call this would even include Obama and his desire to spy on every American in the United States of America even this radio blog.

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    Puppet Show

    in Christianity

    The world system pulls the strings of those who are bound by its ways. The people think that they come up with their way of life when they have adopted to operate in the world's seducing matrix. Cut all ties people and be separate from the influence of the world. The world introduces women as Cougars and men as women and you still want to follow? Listen and receive some knowledge that can free you from all ties, so your testimony can provoke others to know that "Change" is now and attainable.