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    The Patrick Shaffer Show | Season 3 | Ep. 5

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    JOIN US ~ Today @vashawnmitchell will be our guest along with, #Newmusic, #PreachersOfAtlanta, latest on #BillCosby, and the first of our Celebrity Valentine Playlist !

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    REELTalk: JD Gordon, Patrick Murray & King's College Prof Matthew Parks

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    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - it was the Spring of 1831 when French political thinker and historian, Alexis de Tocqueville came to America…that trip resulted in the brilliant work of Democracy in America...would he be stunned by the blatant end runs around the Constitution we see today? We'll find out with Prof from The King's College right here in NYC, MATTHEW PARKS. Plus, So, Obama is keeping his promise…and you know it won’t benefit America…he says he’s closing Gitmo. Can he do that and if he does, how will that affect our national security? And Iran is about to receive Billions, thanks to this President and his ilk…and yet they detained out Sailors and use it as propaganda around the world. Are they playing us for a fool? Former Spokesman for the DoD, JD GORDON, will bring the truth we're not getting from this White House. AND, Iran, poised to rake in billions, thanks to this administration…which they will use for their nuclear program…used our Navy (the most powerful Navy in the world) as propaganda against the West on the world stage. And Sec. Kerry added insult to injury, fortifying that weak image. Will the next President be able to reverse the damage this WH has done to our first line of defense? We'll find out from author & USA retired Col. PATRICK MURRAY! In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Come hang with us...

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     Brooklyn Fights Adam Ewing joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to give us a background on himself and the site he’s from BrooklynFights.com as well as talk some boxing.Some topics we hit with Adam are…..

    1.Deontay Wilder vs Spilzka

    2. Luis Ortiz- real deal or do we have to see more?

    3. Garcia vs Guerrero

    4. Pacquiao vs Bradley 3

    5. Canelo vs GGG possibility

    6. Mayweather’s retirement

    7. Oklahoma Boxing Scene

    8. Prospects to watch out for from Oklahoma

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    #MIZZOUvsUK, Patrick Loney Joins Us, Super Bowl, + Former Cat Derek Anderson!

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    Tonight is another big time show y'all! Vinny and Terry will talk Kentucky Wildcats sports as always and get you ready for tonight's game against the Missouri Tigers.

    We'll talk Super Bowl as the Carolina Panthers face the Denver Broncos in a week and a half.

    Patrick Loney of scout.com stops by at 7:00 to chat about UK Football recruiting leading up to NSD.

    Former UK and NBA star hooper Derek Anderson, yes D.A., stops by at 7:30 to talk UK and NBA hoops! Gonna be a blast!

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    in Politics Progressive

    Published on Mar 23, 2014

    HOST: Serge Ndayizeye

    GUEST: Leah Karegeya


    Leah Karegeya: My Husband Has Died for all Rwandans

    Patrick Karegeya (Mbarara, 1960 -- Johannesburg, 1 January 2014) was a head of intelligence in Rwanda. After being twice thrown in jail over alleged indiscipline, desertion and insubordination, he was stripped of his rank of Colonel in 2006 and went into exile in 2007

    Karegeya was born in Mbarara in southwestern Uganda. He attended Makerere University where he earned a Bachelor of Law degree.
    He joined the National Resistance Army in Uganda but was arrested in June 1982 and charged with treason, spending three years in jail. 
    Later he joined President Yoweri Museveni in the struggle that led to the overthrow of Milton Obote. He was a lieutenant in Ugandan military intelligence when the decision to invade Rwanda was made, at a time when his friend Paul Kagame was studying in the USA.[1]
    From 1994 to 2004 Karegeya was Director General, External Intelligence in the Rwandan Defence Forces.[1] As chief of intelligence in Rwanda he had great power.
    Karegeya was arrested and served an 18-month sentence for desertion and insubordination.[2] He was stripped of his rank of Colonel on 13 July, 2006 by a military tribunal and fled the country in 2007.[1] Later, Kagame claimed that Karegeya was in the pay of South African military intelligence.[3]
    In August 2010 Karegeya told the Ugandan paper, The Observer, that Kagame was a dictator who would not leave power unless he was forced out by war.[4] The same month he told the BBC that Kagame had ordered a series of political killings.[5]

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    The Patrick Shaffer Show | Season 3 | Ep. 3

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    Today's Topic: #‎WillardvsJanetOscarFeud, #‎AlonzoAkins-Unsung , #‎NewMusic, #‎BMIWeekend, #‎TradeStacyDash ?#‎OscarSoWhite

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    Everything w/Kathy B, Michelle Edsall, Mark & Michaela, Kimberly Ewing

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    Source Nation!  Join us tonight from 6-8 EST for,  Love Zone Mondays and Parents and Teens Talk.

    At 6:15, join us as Kathy B welcomes Relationship Coach Michelle Edsall into the studio to share her amazing storyabout her marriage of how she went from being a "spoiled princess" blaming her husband for everything that went wrong in their marriage to, learning how to accept responsibility and respect and adore her husband. Michelle now relishes in self-care, relinquishing control, respecting her prince, receiving gifts graciously, being vulnerable and expressing gratitude daily. The royal treatment that ensues is that her prince desires her, relieves her of stress, cherishes her, proves chivalry is not dead, protects, trusts and is ever so devoted to her. You too can live happily ever after. Tune in as she shares tips and advice designed to help you have the marriage that is perfect FOR YOU.

    At 7:15, Join Kathy B and Co-Hosts Mark & Michaela as the discuss another life changing topic, Breaking up Vs. Making up? How To Decide Which Is The Right Way To Go. If you are at a crossroad in your relationship, tune in as Kathy, Mark & Michaela share tips and advice on whether to go your separate ways or work it out. 

    At 8:15 Join us for Parents & Teens Talk with Chevonna Johnson as she welcomes special guest Kimberly Ewing into the studio to speak to the youth about, BULLYING

    Kimberly Ewing is a Certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Trainer and Consultant through Clemson University Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life.  The world’s foremost bullying prevention program proven to reduce bullying behavior and she’s a Certified Diversity and Inclusion Trainer.  For more than 25 years, Kimberly has been speaking to, teaching, training, and consulting with educators, students, parents, and the community. 


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    Food Is Not The Enemy | Patrick Tucker Ep 153

    in Fitness

    Patrick lost over 100 pounds in under a year, without restricting any of the foods he loved.

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    The Patrick Shaffer Show | Season 3 | Ep. 2

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    Today's Topic are: #POTUS-SOTU, #EdithChildsBestWeekEver, #Cookie'sGlobes, #DavidBowie

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    The Patrick Shaffer Show | Season 2 | Ep. 40

    in Current Events

    Today on the Patrick Shaffer Show we’ll discuss #DonaldTrump, #JusticeScalia, #MayorEmanuel, #Blacklivesmatter, & more.

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    Everything w/KathyB, Tyrone Mitchell,RhondaThompson, Joseph Ward, Patrick Irvine

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    Source Nation!  Join us tonight for our Wednesday night segment.

    At 6:15, Join us for Power Over Tomorrow with our Resident Financial Advisor Tyrone "TS" Mitchell as he discusses the topic: "Who Is Responsible for the Deceased Person's Debt?"

    At 7:15, Join us for World News with Host Ami Smith as she welcomes special guest, Rhonda Thompson, CEO of Rose of Sharon Transitional Living for Women in Atlanta into the studio to discuss her Organization and how it's impacting lives. Rhonda's mission is to make sure that hurting women and children are released from the pain and walk in their God given freedom.

    At 8:15, Join us for The Great Griot with Host K. LaShea as she welcomes Joseph Ward & Patrick Irvine into the studio to discuss

    Mr. Ward is the creator of the On the Shoulders of Giants web series; he is also the author of On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 1 North America. He is the founder and owner of Live Skilled Live Fulfilled; a comprehensive life skills training and sexual/domestic violence prevention company. Last but not least, Mr. Ward is the host of the Freedom Train and Freedom Train Podcast Series. The Freedom Train is a community resource oriented talk show, aimed at delivering information and resources to its listeners and communities.

    Patrick is a Pro - Black Speaker with a focus on Family and Business. He has also written 5 books total with 2 having a special focus on Black America. His passion is in reconnecting Black Men and Women and in helping develop Black America into the powerhouse that it can be. His approach is largely Black Progressive meaning he focuses on things Black People can do for themselves.