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    Just the Tip: A story of Internet Patriarchy

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    kilgoar and hatesec


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    Honoring the gender-free divine feminine - Podcast 14

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    I have always known from a very young age that the overwhelming amount of love, freedom, healing, intelligence, strength, education, courage, spiritual liberation, and nurturing of the soul has been because of the women and trans people in my life. The number of men, cis-men, that have provided any of that to me are a mere handful, a tiny fraction of the women and trans people who have done the same for me. I have talked about this with many, many people - in my community, among my loved ones, my friends and acquaintances - men, women, and trans alike. They all come back, in an uncannily uniform way, with the same answer - the love, freedom, healing, and goodness in general come from the women and trans people in their lives (exceptions notwithstanding), while most of the violence, abuse, and oppression come from the men (again, and I repeat, exceptions notwithstanding). Go ahead and examine your own life. It then becomes easy to understand why women and trans people are the superior part of humanity.

    Here we have podcast 14 of a day in the life of the happiest guy...

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    Patriarchy and How It Shows Up for Everyone

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    When the concept of patriarchy is brought up, many people tend to think that it’s an issue of the past. However, we know that this definitely is not the case. Patriarchy is, in fact, a major issue that still affects the livelihood of everyone — men included! Living in a patriarchal society places immense pressure on people of all genders to fit into preprescribed roles and meet social expectations — particularly in the workplace, female and queer relationships, and parenting.
    Based on her article Patriarchy and How It Shows Up For Everyone, Shannon Ridgway will discuss how to eradicate gender stereotypes, break free of these assigned roles, and free ourselves — as well as others.

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    aboru aboye abosise and greetings call 347-850-1533 to listen and press 1 to speak to the hos

    I have heard various views on the following statements. What do you think.... 

    1- does it make a different if your initiation to orisa and or Ifa greater or better if you got initiated in Africa or P. Rico or Cuba or America? and Why?

    2- do you believe some of the stories in the book of odus have been changed from a matriarch society to fit patriarchy system? and Why?

    3- do you believe that Orisa Odu, IyaMi, and Orisa Nla are segmentation of Olodumare? and why?

    4- what are the different between the statement: the ase of Orisa is put into the head; and the ase of orisa is put on the head. Please explain...

    5- does it make a different in ranks if one person have 20 years initiation to orisa and knife ceremony against the Awo who got initiated 6 months ago and no knife ceremony or orisa initiation? and why?

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    Turtle Island radio presents Turtle Gang Entertainment Part 2

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    Open disussion about matriarcy nations and patriarchy nations continued with Turtle gang entertainment. Discussion will also include certain myth or misinformation involving native people. all phone calls are welcome

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    Dissecting Labels: RBG, Conscious, Black Militant, The Black Woman Is God etc.

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    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss the labels and slogans that are used in the Afrikan-centered community. We will discuss the pluses and minuses of those labels/slogas and dissect their effectiveness or ineffectiveness. Do some of those labels/slogans affect of negatively? Do some of those labels/slogans open up the door for things that goes against the movement? We will also discuss matriarchy vs patriarchy. Is the Black man God? Is the Black woman God? You may be shocked by our observations to those two questions. Join us in this discussion.

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    Empowering Women: Removing Patriarchy In Tomorrow's World

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    The  "Save Our Girls" meeting held in Chicago and telecast via Internet around the world was a huge success. It opened the eyes of our young women and girls as to the awesome task they have before them to create a new world. The patriarchical culture of today must be abolished, along with sexist attitudes that demean the worth of women. Such is the task of today's women, to create a new way of thinking in their daughters in order that they may give birth to and raise a different kind of child. How do we empower women to overcome their own low self esteem an sense of self worth, particularly when society tells them they are only as valuable as their physical attractiveness and their money and possessions? Many women engage in self destructive behavior (alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity, overindulgence in food) because of deep emotional pain from childhood in which their fathers were absent.How do we help women overcome the tremendous feeling of rejection and abandonment that comes from being raised without a father in their lives?

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    Introduction to Socio-Political Charactor Types As Defined by Dr. Reich

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    Your host, philosopher Dr. Steve Katz, presents this introduction to the socio-political implications of Wilhelm Reich's multi-disciplinary work. The political implications of this work has always been a bone of contention among orgonomists and others who are sympathetic to his discoveries. Dr. Baker, Reich's First Assistant appointed to train future generations of orgonomists, stated that most of his patients became more conservative as they neared orgonomic health in therapy. Reich himself, who up until 1957 made various not entirely consistent statements on political topics as his views evolved, thought that a concentration on practical work in therapy and education was paramount and cautioned "never do it the political way." It is true that Dr. Sobey (a former USCP member), and a student of Reich's work, related that just before going to prison in 1957 he told Sobey that: "I am still a Marxist." However, I think he was talking of Marx the social scientist and not Marxist politics as it developed in the world of power politics. The connections between life-negative and abusive child rearing, desert development, patriarchy, and violence in war and revolution are clear (See Dr. DeMeo's book "Saharasia" available from Natural Energy Works and the "Orgone Biophysical Laboratory"),  and Reich pointed it out in his taped conversation with Dr. Eissler in "Reich Speaks of Freud" put out by the WR Museum in Rangeley as "The Origin of the Big No."

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    The Liberal Redneck (Stop The Pissing Contest)

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    Join LR (Joe Lee) and PD (Pamela SurrenderDorothy Kelly)
    Thank you for keeping the faith and spreading the word on Facebook. Last week's chat conversations were amazing. I invite you to join the conversation LIVE with me and the panel every week on Thursday.  America, where any white man can work hard, make money, and maybe one day buy an election!

    Today's Show

    The Donald Is Afraid Of Little Ol' Megyn!
    Guess Who The Real Bullies Are At An Indiana Elementary School!
    Cops Cross Examine Rape Victim... Another Day In The Patriarchy!
    Texas Justice For Gays Against Texas' Top Cop!
    Abortion Is A Men's Issue, No More Gun Control, And Mental Illness Isn't Real... We Don't Make These Stories up!

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    THE ZONE with Dev: Patriarchy vs Matriarchy

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    Welcome to "The Zone" with Dev.
    Tonight's Topics:
    (1)Mistresses, side pieces, and jump-offs...are wives and girlfriends endangered species?
    (2)Patriarchy vs Matriarchy:Black Men vs Black Women. Why are the people engaging in this war so popular on both sides and what is the real reason behind these beefs?
    (3)Same sex marriage:Do u support two tax paying submitzens of the same sex making a mutually agreed upon decision to marry each other? Also, does supporting their right to wed each other mean you support or disapprove of homosexuality? 

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    Matriarchy vs. Patriarchy: The Final Showdown

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    There are two sexes in humanity, but only ONE can be dominant!... Join The Men's Morning Show this Tuesday as we discuss which form of family rule works best for society: Matriarchy or Patriarchy... To listen to the show call 215-383-5795 (press "1" if you have a question or comment) or online in the chat room at www.blogtalkradio.com/the-mens-morning-show. Show time 7:30 am to 9:30 am EST. Mon-Fri