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    Empowering Women: Removing Patriarchy In Tomorrow's World

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    The  "Save Our Girls" meeting held in Chicago and telecast via Internet around the world was a huge success. It opened the eyes of our young women and girls as to the awesome task they have before them to create a new world. The patriarchical culture of today must be abolished, along with sexist attitudes that demean the worth of women. Such is the task of today's women, to create a new way of thinking in their daughters in order that they may give birth to and raise a different kind of child. How do we empower women to overcome their own low self esteem an sense of self worth, particularly when society tells them they are only as valuable as their physical attractiveness and their money and possessions? Many women engage in self destructive behavior (alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity, overindulgence in food) because of deep emotional pain from childhood in which their fathers were absent.How do we help women overcome the tremendous feeling of rejection and abandonment that comes from being raised without a father in their lives?

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    Patriarchy and How It Shows Up for Everyone

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    When the concept of patriarchy is brought up, many people tend to think that it’s an issue of the past. However, we know that this definitely is not the case. Patriarchy is, in fact, a major issue that still affects the livelihood of everyone — men included! Living in a patriarchal society places immense pressure on people of all genders to fit into preprescribed roles and meet social expectations — particularly in the workplace, female and queer relationships, and parenting.
    Based on her article Patriarchy and How It Shows Up For Everyone, Shannon Ridgway will discuss how to eradicate gender stereotypes, break free of these assigned roles, and free ourselves — as well as others.

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    THE ZONE with Dev: Patriarchy vs Matriarchy

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    Welcome to "The Zone" with Dev.
    Tonight's Topics:
    (1)Mistresses, side pieces, and jump-offs...are wives and girlfriends endangered species?
    (2)Patriarchy vs Matriarchy:Black Men vs Black Women. Why are the people engaging in this war so popular on both sides and what is the real reason behind these beefs?
    (3)Same sex marriage:Do u support two tax paying submitzens of the same sex making a mutually agreed upon decision to marry each other? Also, does supporting their right to wed each other mean you support or disapprove of homosexuality? 

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    Matriarchy vs. Patriarchy: The Final Showdown

    in Culture

    There are two sexes in humanity, but only ONE can be dominant!... Join The Men's Morning Show this Tuesday as we discuss which form of family rule works best for society: Matriarchy or Patriarchy... To listen to the show call 215-383-5795 (press "1" if you have a question or comment) or online in the chat room at www.blogtalkradio.com/the-mens-morning-show. Show time 7:30 am to 9:30 am EST. Mon-Fri

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    The Patriarchy Checks Its Privileges On HATE RADIO by CHRONICLE.SU

    in Prayer

    The Internet Chronicle is your number one source for all things fulfilling and true.

    Chronicle.su HATE radio is a Lebal Drocer, Inc. production

    Lebal Drocer - We own everything that matters.

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    Episcopacy 301 - The Transformation of the Episcopacy

    in Religion

    Based on the 2014 COAAB Syllabus as well as the Course taught at the Memphis Episcopal Symposium.  You can purchase the 2014 Syllabus online in word or PDF format from the congress website


    Alexandrian Habtude and the Antioch Episcopacy

    5 Patriarchies 

    Council of Nicaea 325 (the beginning of the Patriarchy) It is here at Nicaea that the word Metropolitan is first seen in the Canons of the church. 3 metropolitan sees at Nicaea govern a province that was synonomus with the Roman Province of the area. They had suffragan bishops under them that headed their own sees under their metropolitan.

    Diocese is first used 

    Council of Constantinople 381 New Rome is given the same privilge as old Rome.  At this council by way of Emperor Theodosius division of the East into Five Dioceses, the term diocese comes into the LIFE of the church.  Originally Metropolitan headed the diocese while the Bishop was over his SEE or CIty Church.

    Council of Ephesus 431  Jerusalem obtain the same metropolitical power as the other 3.

    Council of Chalcedon 451 the Jerusalem as well as the other four are officially called Patriarchs.


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    The Real Patriarchy Theory

    in Politics

    So you think you understand patriarchy? What if masculine “dominance” meant that instead of being in charge, men were required to assume all responsibilities, and had no choice. What if female submission meant that women were protected, provided for, and served, but owned no accountability. What if the definition of masculine identity was inexorably tied to service and sacrifice, and self actualization outside these narrowly defined boundaries was automatically punished with socially approved violence?
    Tonight JtO and GWW examine the other side of patriarchy, the side big feminism refuses to acknowledge. It might even be that feminists banging the bongo drum have been right all along, but have only been telling half the story.

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    Freedom and Feminism

    in Comedy

    Dave Smith and Jessica Sager discuss Hillary's latest scandal, drone strikes, and listener comments. Then the crew welcomes comedian and cohost of Race Wars, Kaytlin Bailey, to discuss feminism, gender, and patriarchy theory!

    Check out all of our great shows at http://standupnylabs.com

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    Building Modern Matriarchies - Yeshe Matthews

    in Spirituality

    Oracle, ritualist, initiator, Yeshe Mathews, author of The Way of the Rabbit, Priestess in the Oakland Temple of Aphrodite and host of Tea and Chanting Sangha will discuss Building Modern Matriarchies.  We'll hear Yeshe's ideas on why a matriarchy is better than a patriarchal system of community, how one can go about building a matriarchy, how men and gender fluid individuals can participate in matriarchy and she'll tell us why matriarchy isn't just patriarchy in the reverse.  Yeshe will tell us what it means for Goddess devotees to live in matriarchal communities and  the challenges that arise.

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    Understanding TRUE Biblical Patriarchy

    in Spirituality

    The Kingdom of Heaven is not the absence of HIS Authority and order. The Model of TRUE patriarchy is a MAN who is willing to LAY DOWN his life for those he serves. The model of leadership and Patriarchy that we see today in many churches is NOT representative of the Kingdom of God. The order of men who look to rule and make men subject to themselves and serve them is NOT TRUE Patriarchy  but perversion. In this brief discusion Latter Days of http://thelatterdays.blogspot.com/  and Djuan Coleon of http://thekingdomproclamation.blogspot.com/ will be talking about this subject of Patriarchy  and Spiritual Authority in the fellowship of believers according to the order of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

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    The Great Goddess Durga was born from the energies of the male divinities when the gods lost the long drawn-out battle with the asuras (demons). All the energies of the gods united and became supernova, throwing out flames in all directions. Then that unique light, pervading the Three Worlds with its luster, combined into one, and became a female form.

    The Devi projected an overwhelming omnipotence. The awesome three-eyed Goddess was adorned with the crescent moon. Her multiple arms held auspicious weapons and emblems, jewels and ornaments, garments and utensils, garlands and rosaries of beads, all offered by the gods. With her golden body blazing with the splendor of a thousand suns, seated on her lion or tiger vehicle, Durga is one of the most spectacular of all personifications of Cosmic Energy.

    The tremendous power of the Goddess was poised ready for the grim battle to wipe out demonic forces, the asuras whose exaggerated ego-sense was destroying the balance of the universe, and whose sole purpose was to dominate and control. It was the universal war between knowledge and ignorance, truth and falsehood, the oppressor and the oppressed.

    Not only will we discuss the Goddesses...but we will discuss the Queens and Matriarchal societies that existed and ruled until patriarchy...deposed her...and tried to eliminate her from the consciousness of this world.

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