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    CR Live! for 7/9/2014: Border, Gobal Financial Reset, NWO's Odd Occult Message

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    Join Barry Secrest and Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Topics for tonight include:

    US Government allies with Catholic Church on border
    Southern Command General Kelly: Border Crisis Threatens US existence
    Former General Patraeus Speaks on "After America" (elimination of US-Mexican Border)
    Don't except Obama's "border children" Premise
    The World Bank's Odd Occult Message
    The Global financial reset back in the news for July
    A differing view on the Mideast Caliphate


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    KINGS Sesame's ELMO, Patraeus & J Ril hears a whistle

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         Get your eardrums ready! KINGS IN THE MORNING has evolved to Jay King, John Davis, Robert Redwine & Lynn Tolliver, jr.  Comedy, Information, Entertainment, and more.  347-205--9366.  Monday through Friday.  This show can be addictive, so BEWARE!!!!  Thanks for your support for the Jay King Network.
    The Jay King Network, 2012 - All Rights Reserved.

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    The future of cyber security - Hive Truth Radio

    in Politics

    A talk about the attack in Benghazi on September 11 2012, General Patraeus, and the future of government controlled cyber security worldwide.

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    Obama embattled?

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    Not even two weeks since winning reelection is Barack Obama an embattled President? We will cover Former CIA Director David Patraeus' testimony that he advised the Obama administration that the Bengazi attacks were terrorism perpatrated by an Al Qaeda affiliated group. Also, we will discuss    the fiscal cliff rapidly approaching as the Bush era tax cuts near expiration. Please join us at 9:00 AM and remember that your input is essential. 

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    Screaming At The Radio-Petraeus Testifies on Benghazi

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    CIA director David Patraeus steps down because of an affair and Friday he gave testimony directly contradicting the Obama narrative of an inflammatory YouTube video as the cause the attacks on the US Consulate in Benghazi on Sept 11th.   According to Patraeus' testimony it was known immediately that a terrorist organization was responsible for the attack and yet the president still lied about it.  We'll talk about it.   Also, Should Conservatives rebrand themselves or should they let Obama be his own undoing? Is the way foreword a rejection of moderation and return to Reagan Conservatism?  We think it is.  Also... Voter irregularities across the country are coming to light.  Did Obama really get 100% of the vote in some places?  We'll talk about these things and take your calls on this week's jam packed episode!

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    Reese On The Radio - Nov. 13, 2012

    in Current Events

    The soap opera gets more interesting! Two generals, two women and a topless FBI agent! We talk with Frank Wuco, host of the Frank Wuco Radio Show who worked during General Patraeus's tenure. Plus, Prof. Cornell West rips the black commentators of MSNBC. (WE HAVE THE AUDIO) Join Reese, Mary-Mary and JC The Producer weeknights for news, views and opinion on everything from pop-culture to politics. 
    Check out: www.ReeseOnTheRadio.com
    Email us @ reeseontheradio@yahoo.com

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    Wednesday is Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review @7pm!

    in Politics Conservative

    Our variety of topics runneth over folks!  Welcome to Wednesday's Mid Week in Review broadcast, courtesy of Afronerd Radio.  Pull up a seat and listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk (at 7pm-EST) unpack the following issues:  yet MORE Obama post re-election fodder-citizens (for now) from 20 states have petitioned to secede from the Union; a distraught AZ wife fearing of an Obama win,  mows down her husband because he refused to vote; in Blue Area news, four Nigerian girls invent a generator that can produce power for up to 6 hours on urine (whoa!); from General Patraeus to Elmo's Kevin Clash, sexual improprieties know no bounds and if time permits, a brief discussion on Microsoft getting closer to creating a Star Trek inspired universal (language) translator.   Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

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    2012 in review on Will Roberts Weekly radio hour

    in Politics

    Will's guest today:
    Tim Devaney is a national reporter at The Washington Times based in D.C., where he covers business and the economy. In his spare time, he also jokes about the news coming out of Capitol Hill.
    Tim had a passion for journalism from a young age. As a kid, his neighbor called him the "Question Boy," because he never stopped asking. His curiosity led him to report for newspapers such as The Washington Times, Detroit News, and Portland Press Herald in Maine. Recently, he's been writing about the fiscal cliff and the European financial crisis. His stories can be found at www.washingtontimes.com. When he's not writing serious news, you can find his political comedy at www.thegoofypress.com, where Tim offers his funny, sarcastic, not-so-serious take on news of the day. Look for his jokes about the fiscal cliff, Chick-fil-A, Twinkies, Ho Ho's, David Patraeus and Benghazi.   Will Roberts  WillRobertsWeeklyTelegram.com  

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    "Hermis Live!"

    in Radio

    Israel Kills Hamas Military Chief, UN Holds Emergency Meeting!
    Obama's Re-Election, Fixed? Millions Say So.

    American Businesses Begin Lay-Offs/Reduced Work Hours/Terminations Due To Unaffordability of ObamaCare.
    General David Patraeus's Resignation, Sex Scandal? Or.......
    Hillary Clinton's Departure. Resignation, Or.......
    Indiana Explosion Which Wiped Out Neighborhood. Obama Drone Attack, Or.......
    Michael School From "Prepare To Take Back America" Joins us.
    America Under Attack From Within.

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    in Entertainment

    Join Emmy Award winning newsjournalist Victoria Gaither and Entertainment Co-host Michael Kay when Grover Murrell from Bay News 9,  bodybuilder Cindi Johnson and singer/songwriter Brett Mikels drop in to AHWV.
    Grover Murrell from Florida's Bay News 9 will share information about the former CIA director David Patraeus. What began as a surprise resignation resulting from and extramarital affair has spiraled into a complicated story of infidelity, intrigue and politics.
    Then, personal trainer and amateur bodybuilder, Cindi Johnson is competing from her wheelchair this weekend.  Hailing from Auburn, Alabama, Cindi proves the point that with a positive mental outlook, anything is attainable.  Simply inspirational.
    During the show, we'll be featuring the music of Brett Mikels, singer and guitarist of Visual Flight Rules.  Get a sneek peek and listen to Brett at www.brettmikels.com   Brett joins us for an update on what's coming up for him.

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    Warn Radio Battle Lines Prophecy News

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    Watchman n Warrior Battle Lines; Prophecy News Rumour upon Rumour Key Show Tags this segment: Gun Control, brainwashing, Holder, CIA, Patraeus, TV Gadgets, Spying,  metro suicide, caucuses, Missouri, fresh fetal tissue, abortion, siding code violation, Minnesota, Dutch Catholic Church, castrated boys, 1950's, warn radio, current events, prophecy news, watchman, warrior, Iran, P.A., Christian Church, Palestine, China, Christian persecution, Christian leaders disappear, NY City, Food Police, Food Homeless, USA war games, Israel, Iran, regional war, Navy, Maritime Primacy and Economic Prosperity,  Airline Faces Losses, Oil spike

    "Hard hitting biblical indepth writing on faith, salvation, Jesus, prophecy, end of the world, and the return of christ. The Newsletter that will bring the Christian and his Church to understand the times in bible prophecy as we live them out. This is the Message of the Watchman expose newsletter, get yours today!
    Get yours, sign up HERE Watchman Expose!~
    Go to www.warn-radio.com
    The Newsletter is delivered on Sunday. also has other announcements of upcoming shows delivered weekly.

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