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    The Danger of Caring for Hospice Patients | K8402

    in Caregiving

    Website – http://www.fhu.com

    Complimentary – http://antidoteforall.com

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K150915.html

    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device

    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy discussed learning to know when to cut your losses.

    Ryan feels PTSD from caring for Hospice patients.
    Jason feels spiritual pain.
    Barbara's 2nd husband is controlling toward her and her children.

    Visit - FhuEngland.com

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    Patients Included Charter

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    A Roadmap for Patient-Centric Conferences

    Pharmaguy interviews Casey Quinlan, Co-Founder at Patients for Clinical Research, journalist, author, ePatient and patient advocate, about Patients Included: A Charter for Conferences and how the pharmaceutical industry can help ensure more patients are able to attend and participate in patient-relevant healthcare conferences.

    "Patient centricity" is all the rage these days among pharmaceutical industry conference attendees and speakers. It is even becoming more common for actual patients to be part of the faculty/speakers and/or attendees of these conferences. 

    Questions/Topics of Discussion

    The discussion focused on the following Charter clauses copied from the patientsincluded.org site:

    Patients or caregivers with experience relevant to the conference's central theme actively participate in the design and planning of the event, including the selection of themes, topics and speakers.
    Patients or caregivers with experience of the issues addressed by the event participate in its delivery, and appear in its physical audience.
    Travel and accommodation expenses for patients or carers participating in the advertised programme are paid in full, in advance.
    Scholarships are provided by the conference organisers to allow patients or carers affected by the relevant issues to attend as delegates.
    The disability requirements of participants are accommodated. All applicable sessions, breakouts, ancillary meetings, and other programme elements are open to patient delegates.
    Access for virtual participants is facilitated, with free streaming video provided online wherever possible.

  • Difficult Patients and Difficult Decisions: Give Me A Break

    in Health


    Are you a therapist, nurse or other Health Care Professional feeling overworked and underappreciated?    
     Do you sometimes have difficulty setting boundaries with patients or their families?  
    Are you frustrated by patients who cannot or will not follow through with recommendations?      

    If  you answered "yes" to the above questions, you will want to join me and my guest, Clinical Pscyhologist,     Dr. Angelo Domingo.

    Over the course of his clinical career, Dr. Domingo has gained an awareness for the ways in which mental and physical illness, and environmental stressors combine to impact an entire family. Individualized treatment plans may include: stress management, psycho-education, relaxation, meditation, and traditional talk therapy based on each patient or family's individual needs.

    With an active psychology practice at Parkinson Place, in Sarasota, Florida, Dr. Domingo has also developed a skill for helping other health care professionals set healthy boundaries with patients and families. When memory problems or dementia impact a patient's participation in treatment, he can help therapists develop behavior modification strategies which may improve patient adherence.  

    Face it, we wouldn’t be working in health care if we didn’t care about people, but, sometimes,we need a little self-care. 

    So, grab your lunch, and join the discussion.  

    Call in toll free number, send a confidential email: info@voiceaerobicsdvd.com or tweet @voiceaerobics #givemeabreak


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    Patients and Physicians Network about Kidney Cancer

    in Health

    The annual Kidney Cancer Symposium was held this year in Miami, Florida.  It was chaired by Dr. Toni Choueiri of Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Institute in Boston, and contained a wealth of information for physicians, both urologists and oncologists dealing with kidney cancer.

    This year for the first time in many years more patients and patient advocates were included in the mix.  In the past Joyce has been one of 4-5 patients invited to help report the meeting, under the general editorship of Mike Lawing.  This year, in part to celebrate the 25th anniversary oCaleb f the founding of KCA by a kidney cancer patient, more patients were invited to attend, including two from outside the United States: Caleb from Nigeria and Juanita Ruiz from Peru.

    Billy Foster, a long-time KCA supporter and jazz musician, was on hand to provide wonderful music for the reception.  He has given us permission to broadcast an interview he recorded with Caleb Egwuenu, founder and president of Stand Up to Cancer Naija, http://www.su2c9ja.org  In Nigeria many people still believe that cancer is "juju" or some harmful magical power inflicted by someone else, or as a result of something you did wrong.  The biggest challenge to managing any cancer is that diagnoses are usually after the cancer is already advanced to a late stage.  For Nigeria as for most developing countries, the management of late stage cancer is beyond the skills and budgets of the health care systems.  Their only hope of managing cancer is to find it at early stages.

    Billy's jazz music show can be found at http://billfosterjazzzone.com


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    Patients and Nurses: A Powerful Force

    in Health

    On this week's episode we discuss, Patients and Nurses: A Powerful Force an article that focuses on the Patient/Nurse relationship, and the quality of the partnership as well as how it has developed over time. This article specifically focuses on the similarities and differences between practices in the United Kingdom and the United States and suggests that we may expect further development between Nurse/Patient interaction to achieve competency, compassionate care, strategic development, and a further developed operation within doctor offices and emergency rooms.

    Roswyn Hakesley-Brown, MPhil, BA, RN, RM, RNT, Cert.Ed is a British nurse and former president of the Royal College of Nursing.She has published several articles and is Trustee to the Patients Association.

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    Medicare's Victims, Patients & Doctors, Americans Going East for Jihad & Movies

    in Politics

    Dr David Hogberg-The health care policy analyst for the National Center for Public Policy Research discusses his latest book, "Medicare's Victims:How The U.S. Government's Largest Health Care Program Harms Patients and Impairs Physicians"

    Chris Mitchell-The Middle East Bureau Chief for CBN News in Jerusalem reports on Americans joining the Jihad including the story of a pair of star-crossed lovers.

    Steve "The Movie Guy" Evans-Reports from Hollywood, CA the movie capital of the world on the latest box office results & coming attractions. MI5 #1 again, and Marvels Fantastic Four a disappointing #2.

    Jennifer Burke-Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of PolitiStick asks if "Planned Parenthood's objective is still to eradicate the black race?"

    Dr Harold Bays & Peggy O'Connor-Talk about a new treatment option for lowering cholesterol that is now FDA approved. 

    Jeff Crouere-The former Executive Director of the LA. Republican Party is calling out the GOP elites.

    Christopher Harris- Executive Director of Unhyphenated America.org reports on the latest Civil Asset Forfeiture-The Joseph Rivers Project.  It's happening in broad daylight.

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    Wayne Kelly of HCXperience - Empowering Doctors and Patients Around the Nation

    in Entrepreneur

    Wayne Kelly, founder of HCXperience; brings a voice to patients around the globe with their revolutionary healthcare data collection cloud software.

    With their teams vast experience, it became evident that the current available patient satisfaction survey solution was antiquated at best, still using snail mail and paper surveys to have a mere 34% return rate reported by CMS. These statistics alone showed that there was a great need for a new solution for real-time patient feedback.

    HCXperience Inc exists for the sole purpose to improve healthcare by providing healthcare professionals a comprehensive survey software that their patients can complete at their appointments.

    HCXP offers doctors and hospitals a completely customizable, real-time web based solution that offers confidential on-site surveys for their patients to fill out, using iPads and tablet PCs as well as instant feedback/comparison reports. This allows for te healthcare facility to make adjustments in the care of their patients immediately, ultimately improving the care of their patients while the data is relevant. HCXPInc.com

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    How To Safely Interact With Patients From Your Phone

    in Health

    With practices in two separate locations and a world wide patient base, facial plastic surgeon James Newman, M.D. of Palo Alto, CA understands the need to quickly communicate with his patients from anywhere in the world at the push of a button. Smart phone and tablet technology allows  the ability to work from anywhere, however, for the patient and doctor relationship to remain secure and private, a safe source is mandatory.  Dr. Newman is one of the early adopters of AestheticLInk, a fully integrated practice software solution. He uses all of the applications AestheticLink offers but says that it is the easy access to patients and patient information, as well as the ability to communicate with patients through a secure cloud based portal that is most important to him and his practice. AestheticLink offers a HIPAA compliant patient portal that physicians can easily install on their website so patients can begin secure dialogue from the moment they send their first email to a practice. In this interview Dr. Newman discusses how he can keep up with patients both pre-and post-surgery in a way that saves time and money.  Learn more about Dr. Newman at www.premierplasticsurgery.com.

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    Jaime Wright with Lolly's Locks Connects Wigs with Cancer Patients

    in Lifestyle

    Jaime Wright with Lolly's Locks Connects Wigs with Cancer Patients

    Please join us for an inspirational cocktail party and wig-centric fashion show. We are honored to present a very special fashion show featuring the designs of Kate Pankoke from Project Runway. Kate, a Project Runway All-Star, will be debuting the 2016 wedding gown collection of her brand, Elaya Vaughn Bridal, and showcasing wigs by Lolly’s Locks’ partner, Shevy Wigs.

    Discover the event: https://lollyslocks.org/event/new-york-city-night-of-fashion/

    Lolly’s Locks connects high-quality wigs with cancer patients who are suffering hair loss as an effect of chemotherapy, and who are unable to afford them.  Lolly’s Locks is a way to honor the memory of wife and mother-extraordinaire, Lolly Toll, who lost her 15-month battle of cancer in March, 2012.


  • WOI on Pediatric Cancer Patients Given a Chance to Achieve Dreams

    in Books

    Come listen to BTR's Featured World of Ink Network each week as we bring you shows on writing, books, humanities, author interviews, self-help and much more. Your host for the show will be award-winning author and Mom's Choice Honoree, Virginia S Grenier. Listen live on Wed. September 9, 2015 at 3pm Eastern - 2pm Centeral - 1pm Mountain - 12 noon Pacific

    Our show topic: True Heroes: A Treasury of Modern-Day Fairy Tales

    After teaching himself photography, Jonathan Diaz spent evenings and weekends doing photo shoots of pediatric cancer patients acting out their wildest dreams. From JP Gibson, who wanted to be a member of the Utah Jazz, to Ethan Van Leuven, who wanted to be Batman and a Doctor (http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/boy-cancer-dies-town-celebrates-holidays-early-article-1.1991585) , Diaz has photographed and created videos for over 20 kids accomplishing their dreams (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBknLrCE6RQ). These photographs were paired with short stories from best-selling authors such as Tyler Whitesides, Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull, Ally Condie and Jennifer Nielsen.

    Listen live at 3pm Eastern - 2pm Central - 1pm Mountain - 12 noon Pacific or on demand any time you'd like here on BlogTalkRadio, Facebook or iTunes.

    The World Of Ink Network has endeavored to create radio shows geared toward excellence in the reading/publishing community. As our company has grown to a viral reach of nearly two million, we have decided to step into a new and exciting adventure. If you'd like to be on our network or need commercial advertising, marketing and writing help, please visit our website http://worldofinknetwork.com

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    Developmental Optometry - Special Eye Doctors for Special Patients

    in Family

    Dr. Amanda Zeller is a developmental optometrist in the Washington DC area who treats adults and children with disabilities.  Many people with ADHD and Autism have underlying vision issues and these issues often go undetected.  Dr. Zeller is one of only 500 specialists in the US who specializes in this form of optometry.  If you have a child with ADHD or Autism or reading issues, you need to listen to this show!   Also on the show is Mark Friese, VP of Merrill Lynch Special Needs Group, and a frequent contributor, who discusses the importance of a team approach when considering the needs of your child with disability and how to plan to pay for specialized treatments such as vision therapy.  


    Dr. Zeller http://www.visiontherapydc.com/meet-your-vision-team.php

    Mark Friese https://www.ml.com/mlwm/system/viewfapage.aspx?pageurl=menick_friese

    Inclusion Zone http://inclusionzone.org/  You can make tax deductible donations to support our work!