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    Paternity Fraud Is Child Abuse: "Criminal Mothers" (516)-418-5541

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    Tonight on "Black Men Talk Radio" Carnell Alexander is back for another installment of  "Paternity Fraud Is Child Abuse".  To start the program Carnell shall share his story and if anyone in our listening audience has a story to share they may call in as well and share it.   Even if you have not personally experienced Paternity Fraud, you may still call in and share your questions, comments, and suggestions...............even if you are a woman.

    If you are looking for a "support group" dealing with this topic please ask for information and join in with us.

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    Dead Beat Mothers - Paternity Fraud Is Child Abuse

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall do a "redux" on Paternity Fraud.  The topic of the podcast is Deadbeat Motthers Who Commit Paternity Fraud.

    Thousands of women go to the government on a daily basis and commit crimes that are usually not proscueted. The primary crime tthat they commit is called Paternity Fraud.  In light of this topic as we listen to the case of Carnell Alexander.

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  • Interview with Dianna Thompson, President of Women Against Paternity Fraud

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    Dianna Thompson is the President and Co-Founder of the national non-profit organization Women Against Paternity Fraud. Dianna was instrumental in drafting the very first paternity fraud bill in CA, and has testified all over the country on similar bills. In 2002, she worked closely with Senator Roy Ashburn the sponsor of the California Paternity Justice Act (AB2240) which was passed by the California legislature, but later vetoed by Governor Gray Davis. Dianna was one of the first spokespersons on this issue. She has done countless radio shows and made numerous television appearances as an expert on paternity fraud. Additionally, she has written numerous articles, and has been quoted in the largest newspapers and magazines regarding paternity fraud.

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    Paternity Fraud Is Child Abuse - Carnell Alexander - (516) 418-5541

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    Tonight on Black Men Talk Radio we shall be speaking with Carnell Alexander.  A few years ago Mr. Alexander was arrested for not paying child support..........FOR A CHILD THAT WAS NOT HIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He was never married to the mother of the child.
    He never developed a relationship with the child in question.
    He never had a binding relationship with the mother, child, or anyone that was connected to this women.
    Therere were DNA test that said he was the father.

    So how could the Court system hold him responsible for $30,000 based on FALSE INFORMATION provided by the mother ?

    Listen in and call in and here it directly from Carnell Alexander himself.


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    "Separation of Church & Schools: Government Decides Paternity?"

    in Lifestyle

    Series Conclusion--The duties of the government to intervene into private matters of their citizens should be performed with great caution and serious considerations that the rulings or changes made in those matters do not corrupt the matters--or the citizens themselves. With the drastic changes in behavior, mindsets and newsworthy incidents that have saturated our society, government interference has indeed been a necessary solution. However, the amount of catastrophic failures of government intervention in daily private matters has far outweighed the benefits. Tonight we touch on the effects of the government's laws on paternity. Is mandated legal fatherhood more beneficial or harmful to a child than biological fatherhood? Call in with your thoughts at 10:30 PM at 347-327-9967.

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    Domestic Abuse "Paternity Secrets"

    in Self Help

    Paternity Secrets are a part of the fuel that feeds into domestic abuse in a very mental and emotional way.

    Children grow up to go out into the world to build and live wonderful lives and meet someone to love and grow with.  What happens when the person with whom they have become fund of of love are their brother or sister?

    How will this effect them emotionally?  What does this say to them about who they are mentally?  Why was the information kept a secret?

    When is it appropriate to share with the child who the missing parent really is?

    Let's talk about it!

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    EP#8 Your Are Not The Father

    in Entertainment

    Tune in Tonight 12/22 at 9pm est./8pm cst to Hearts Exposed Heart with Lakrush Hearts. Join us for a candid discussion called "You Are Not The Father". We're delving deeper into the world of paternity cause Maury has sustain a lasting career with his results. Gotta ask are women really promiscuous, desperation or mentally ill?  Also take a look at trendy news on “What’s The Daily” and much more. DON’T MISS THE SHOW!!!

    LISTEN, COMMENT & CHAT LIVE CALL-IN 347-989-0691 |

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    "Barbershop Talk: How Black Men REALLY Think" LIVE PART III

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    Last week, you heard Part I and II of our three night “Barbershop Talk” special on “How Black men REALLY Think”, where we answered tons of dating & relationship questions that ALL women want answers to. Tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as we conclude our series with Part III by discussing many topics including: why black men date outside of their race, dealing paternity issues, 1st date turnoffs, good sex vs bad sex, texting vs calling, PLUS MANY OTHER TOPICS! Listen LIVE by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters” #RRTM

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    Discussions on child support and parenthood normally revolve around the fathers who aren’t paying or being a part of their kids lives, but we can’t ignore the unfortunate reality that some men out here get got, plain and simple.

    No, I’m not talking about Meek Mill’s definition of being played because he randomly gave the mother of his child cash to take care of some things and still expects to be slapped with a court order for child support on top of it. I’m speaking on women who perhaps know a child isn’t a particular man’s, or at the very least are uncertain of their child’s paternity, yet aren’t upfront about that uncertainty and allow men to raise or provide for their child unaware of those doubts. "Is there a Right Way to demand a Paternity Test?"

    Let's continue our conversation from last week on DP RADIO XL on Blogtalk radio Wednesday, March 26 at 8pm.

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    The Paternity Test: What Happens When You Discover He's Not Your Father?

    in Women

    We are connected to our parents by a special emotional bond, partially because of the genetic ties and partially because of the shared experiences of family activities while growing up in our parents' home. Much of our self esteem and sense of well being is tied to the identity we believe we have. There's an old saying, "Mama's baby, Daddy's maybe." What happens when we discover the man we called "Daddy" is not our father?   How are we affected if we find out during childhood? What happens if we find out in our teen years? What happens if we find out during adulthood? What are the emotional effects of discovering that you're not who you thought you were? Should a child be told that their Daddy is not really their father? What is the psychological impact of a paternity test that reveals long kept family secrets? Is the emotional bond broken when a child finds out "You are NOT the father!

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    Your Energy Your World - "THE NEGRO VS THE NIGGA"

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    There is an old saying, “be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!” When he arrived at the new school, the principal nor the teachers had no clue to who he or his grandmother were, to be frank they did not care.

    I’m sure at the time he was thinking, “Now this is true freedom!” Freedom to skip class without his grandmother ever finding out, run around with the wrong crowd, smoke and talk back to teachers as well. He finally got a taste of that cookie, needless to say guidance, direction, and purpose went out the back door!

    Hearing his story got me to thinking about our lost ones of today. If we had the Negro guidance like my mentor was/is to me, we would not have lost our way.

    The Negro lost it’s fight when crack came along, it also lost most of it’s power in a paternity lawsuit, because of babies out of wedlock. The negro lost his best friend “my brother’s keeper” in a neighborhood shootout and left town for good when “ashamed” talked “shamed” into doing a reality show starring “immoral” and his family.

    Join Anthony and I as we discuss "THE NEGRO VS THE NIGGA"

    Call/Listen (347) 326-9139


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