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    How We Define Heroes in Present Day with Allan K Patch, Retired Captain, USN,

    in Lifestyle

    The Heroes and Heroines in the media today take all shapes and forms. Aside from Police, Firemen and Military who sign up to be in harm’s way, some are ordinary people who rise to meet extraordinary situations.

    Always more visible are the fictional characters portrayed by Hollywood celebrities; from The Incredibles to James Bond, from comic book superheroes to cinematic heroics, we are awed and entertained.  But what of celebrity mis-named heroes such as athletes – are their efforts heroic- or just inspiring…as well as entertaining?

    Ancient Greek and Roman History was so inspired by heroics that gods were created who not only had great power but were also greatly flawed.   In today’s world we bandy about the term hero without seemingly understanding the meaning of the word.  Football players, basketball stars, actors, musicians…all are referred to and refer to each other as heroes.  

    Retired USN Captain Allan Patch grew up in Plymouth, Mass where he developed a fascination with the heritage of our nation.  Adding sciences to his interest in history, Allan earned a BS in biology from Boston College and a DMD from Tufts University. He then spent over two decades in the Navy, deployed in both Navy hospitals and in active duty with the Marine Corps; and entered private dental practice while serving in the Naval Reserve.  

    Passage At Delphi is the first novel in a series exploring the confluence of the past, present, and future.  He invites readers along for the thrilling ride and explores the difference between heroism and celebrity in the context of past and present culture. 

    Author Alan Patch is here to talk about PASSAGE AT DELPHI, Apollo Series Book 1 the beginning of Lauren and Zack’s epic adventure. 


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    Anthony Patch On The Hagmann & Hagmann Report with Stan Deyo in Hour #3

    in News

    Tonight our guest will be Anthony Patch joined in the third hour by Stan Deyo. Anthony Patch is coming on the show to talk about CERN, the lard hadron collider. 

    Here is the link to the listen live &  archive page. It contains the Live stream links at the top of the page and then the archives below.


    https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamKNEIN/featured   link to the youtube channel

    https://soundcloud.com/hagmann-hagmann-report  link to the soundcloud page

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    Sim Standard Radio Episode 79 - Cam Newton, Madden 16 patch, and more

    in Video Games

    Welcome back Sim Gamers. We are excited to be bringing you another show this week. Tonight we will be discussing 2 main topics and then we will immediately open the line for callers. How do you feel about Cam Newton's Touchdown celebration? Was it over the top? Was it offensive? Should it be getting so much attention?  Madden 16 received a massive patch this past Tuesday. How do you guys feel about the patch? What do you like about the patch? What do you dislike about the patch? Does the patch give you more confidence in the Madden Devs? How consistent is the gameplay in Madden 16 in comparison to other games? 

    We are hoping to get a lot of crowd participation tonight. Sim Standard Radio is about the community, our aim is to provide a platform for others following the Sim Movement to be heard. We look forward to all of your calls, comments, and questions. We'll see you guys at 8pm EST. 

  • The Dump and Chase Podcast Season 3: Episode 004 - A Rough Patch

    in Hockey

    With Rich sick, Shane and Andy breakdown the Islanders' recent rough patch and look to the week ahead as the Islanders face the Devils tonight followed by Montreal on Thursday and Boston on Sunday

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    Doing the Details of Business for Success

    in Work

    Does doing the details of business to improve efficiency matter to the bottom-line of your company?  Do you look for ways to be more efficient or cut costs or are you looking for ways to bring new customers in?  Why would the average employee care about how much more productive, efficient, or inefficient they are in the big picture of business.  Today, we wil discuss why the details of business matter to your personal future of success.

    Do your really want to work for someone else, anyway? Do you realize that each company started as the idea of one person who expanded on their own or with others.  You are so smart!  I knew you could get this stuff!

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    Jeremy Allen provides details of The J Plan on Building Fortunes Radio

    in Business

    Jeremy Allen provides details of The J Plan on Building Fortunes Radio
    You can find out more information on www.thejplan.com

    Listen in as Peter Mingils and Jeremy Allen discuss The J Plan.

    If you want to say goodbye to your excess weight for good – then this is for YOU...

    Discover How To BANISH Unwanted Body Fat The SMART WAY

    This groundbreaking method empowers you to lose that ugly body fat despite eating delicious food AND avoiding daily workouts and mind-numbing cardio sessions!

    When you hear from Jeremy, you will hear him say:

    My name is Jeremy Allen and I'm a certified personal trainer. Earlier in my life, I enjoyed a high powered career as a professional football player. During that time, I rubbed shoulders with some very talented fitness coaches who, seeing my interest, revealed some amazing insider secrets, and ignited a passion in me to become a personal trainer and help other folks achieve their dream bodies. On retiring from professional football, I did just that. And, I slowly perfected my powerful weight loss system, The J Plan, which now works in spectacular fashion.

    I've cracked the weight loss code. I know exactly how to eliminate that constant problem that plagues just about every one wanting to lose some weight.

    Catch more from Jeremy Allen on Building Fortunes Radio



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    Fresno Homeless Speaks Out With the Blues

    in Politics Progressive

    Wednesday November 11, 2015 is Veteran's Day, Our topic is the Viet Nam Veteran is the topic for tonight. Al Williasms my co-host  will be leading our discussion for this show. He himself a Viet Nam Veteran has an insight I do not have. I am a Viet Nam era Veteran, I say no combat myself, but my National Guard Company was made up of 75% Viet Nam Veterans. Our guest call in number is [516]531-9535, call in and join in the discussion.

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    From The Benches: Packers Hit a Rough Patch

    in Football

    Ross and Ryan are back after a one week hiatus to discuss a pair of tough losses back to back to wrap up the first half of the Packers' season. It starts with brief injury recap before going over what is wrong with the defense. Then they dive into what is wrong with Eddie Lacy. However, it's not all doom and gloom as the guys have some gushing to do over rookie Damarious Randall. They then try to figure out why the Packers tend to play so much better at Lambeau Field compared to everywhere else. The guys then preview the 2nd half of the season before moving on to predictions for the upcoming matchup with the Detroit Lions in Green Bay.

    From The Benches is one of the family of podcasts from the Packers Talk Network, featuring hosts Ross Uglem and Ryan Hillesland.

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    Fresno Homeless Speaks Out With the blues

    in Politics Progressive


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    Survivor Series update, Anniversary details and more

    in Wrestling

    Tonight is the first of 10 episodes as we celebrate our anniversary November 15. Talking about everything from WWE Survivor Series and more

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