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    It's a Wonderful Wednesday! The Day Of Anotement

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    God Bless and thank you for Joining your's Truly; Lisa Marie for this Pronouncement & Declaration of what this day symbolizes as well as the 7 Blessing bestowed upon the Lives of those who prepared and Honor this Great FEAST The MOST! important in Father;God's LOVE & INSTRUCTION on how we His Children;The Sheep of His Pastured should Reverence Him. as we stand between The Porch and The Altar.

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    18: Behind the Scenes at Chappapeela Farms with farmer, Louis Lirette

    in Food

    Pastured Pork farmer Louis Lirette shares the challenges of running a pasture raised hog farm in Husser, LA. Lirette shares the biggest challenges and highlights in the day to day operation of his farm to table operation, providing pork to some of the top restaurants in New Orleans as well as Mississippi, Houston, TX and the panhandle of Florida including Destin and Pensacola as well as your home through local grocery stores. Want to know more about your pork chop? Hear it straight now from pig farmer, Louis Lirette of Louisiana's Chappapeela Farms.

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    Ben Slayton of Farmers' Gate Market for Local, Pasture-Based Meats

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    ENVISION THIS: Meat that fills your soul as much as your belly

    Our guest, Ben Slayton lived abroad in Tuscany on an organic farm specializing in pastured pork. There he developed a passion for well-raised meat and craft butchery. After a couple of years raising his own animals here in Maine, Ben switched his focus to building a network of several small farms to support Farmers’ Gate in an effort to bring more locally raised meat to the Maine marketplace.

    Farmers’ Gate Market bridges the gap between local, pasture-based livestock farms and the growing number of families who are looking for good locally-raised meat. They work with a network of Maine farms to provide their customers with grass fed beef, pastured pork and lamb, and free range poultry. They work only with farmers who produce pasture-based livestock, and they process all the meat in-house. As a result, they can ensure safe handling of all their products and retain complete knowledge about everything they sell – from farm to table.

    Like their customers, Farmers’ Gate butchers are hungry for good homegrown food – meat raised locally on pasture by farm families who are thinking about the future. They also look for creative ways to build awareness about local, sustainably raised and craft-butchered meat. Therefore, they share the stories of their farm partners, preserve the skills of whole carcass butchery, and incorporate old world traditions with new technology.



    Coming soon: Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature by your Envision This co-hosts, Burl and Merry Hall


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    Organic farming, what do you really know about it?

    in Health

    What is an organic farm and why do some think it is better to buy meat and chicken that is organic? Do you know the difference between natural, organic, certified organic and pastured chickens? Rob Fix met his wife  April at the PA Assoc. for Sustainable Agriculture Conference. Together they bought a farm in central Pa. where they live their dream to work hard and return the land to a healthy state.  
    Shirley Gutkowski will find out why Rob and his wife came to this decision to buy a farm and bring it back to life one step at a time.  Rob is determined to leave the earth better than he found it. Prior to landing at Fielder Farm, Rob spent time studying at Penn State, working as a sous chef at fine, local foods restaurants in Scotland and Montana, and hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Real food, hard work and the great outdoors is Rob's heart of hearts.
    On today's show Rob will explain the difference of all the terms used today when we shop for chicken.  He will enlighten the audience on what is the best kind of animal mea

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    Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet, Intermittent Fasting,

    in Health

    Ori Hofmekler: The Warrior Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and How to Be a Bona Fide Renaissance Man


    In today’s show we talk about:


    Why human are nocturnal eaters

    How not eating food can improve health and performance

    What it’s like to be a bonafide renaissance man

    And the critical difference between grass-fed & pastured dairy

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    Cooking for the Paleo Diet

    in Cooking

    Pauli Halstead is a chef who integrated her many years of experience with fine California wine country cuisine into her cookbook, Primal Cuisine, Cooking for the Paleo Diet.
    Pauli's focus on fine food, lovingly prepared, is coupled with her philosophy that exclusively grass-fed meat, sustainably caught wild fish, “pastured” poultry and dairy, and organic vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries, are the basic building blocks to optimum physical and mental health. Pauli further educates on how our food choices impact the environment. Click to learn more.  

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    Apostle Keith Barr on Scientific Secrets of the Bible

    in Religion

    Apostle Keith Barr, the author of Amazing Scientific Secrets of the Bible will be joining TiM Talk Radio to discuss some of the Scientific secrets he has revealed in his book.
    About Apostle Keith Barr
    The Lord has anointed Apostle Barr to operate tremendously in the gifts of healing and God has given miracles that have transformed people’s lives around the World. His ministry is an international one. His focus has been on his travels to Nigeria, Costa Rico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Alberta Canada, The Middle East and the Philippines. Apostle Barr has been preaching for over 30 years and is a gifted author, prolific teacher and dynamic preacher. 
    Some of the churches birthed by his ministry are: Powerhouse Christian Center Nashville, TN, which is pastured by his brother Pastor Fredrick Barr of Nashville TN, Truth in Love Fellowship Ministries of Detroit, MI., Eden Valley Indian Reservation, and The Family Worship Center in Pontiac, Michigan. Apostle Keith Barr and his lovely wife, Isabelle have seven children. His children have followed him in ministry in preaching of the word and singing. The have formed two gospel groups; the four oldest "The Barrs" and the three youngest are a gospel rap group called "BLT."
    Click here to find out more about the Apostle.

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    Chicken - Yummy!!!!

    in Food

    What to look for, where to buy and how to prepare the best chicken. 

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    When Animals Eat Right, You Do Too! w/ John Wood

    in Health

    John Wood, founder of US Wellness Meats, joins Sean to discuss the truth about grass-fed, pastured meats.

    Topics include...

    * Exactly how grass-fed meat prevents cancer

    * What the pH of a cow’s rumen has to do with nutritional value

    * How consumption of grass-fed meat slows the aging process

    * The difference between grass-fed and grass-finished

    This recording is part of the Real Food Summit package. Learn more about the summit HERE.

    Order real meat directly from John at www.pasturefedmeat.com

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.

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    SpokenHeard with Andy Bowen and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Andy Bowen is a farmer and rancher in Northwest Oklahoma. He and his father in law, Kim, raise grass fed beef and lamb, free range laying hens and broiler chickens and pastured pork. He spends most of his time building fence, feeding and watering animals, fixing windmills and watching the sky. With what time is left over, he often scribbles thoughts into journals, and very rarely, those thoughts become poems. Some of them are good. Most of them are not, and he likes these best. 

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    Silas Bernardoni

    in Spirituality

    Silas Bernardoni is a co-operator of Roller Coaster Farm and an operations consultant specializing in the
    development and implementation of organizational strategies for organizations looking to transition
    out of a start-up mentality toward operations. He is also an advocate for family farming, sustainable
    agricultural practices, heritage genetics, preserving historic agricultural methodologies, empowering
    societies through the use of technology, improving the quality and accessibility of education throughout
    the world, and community scale renewable energy technologies.
    Roller Coaster Farm is a family-owned-and-operated 400 acre farm located in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin’s beautiful Driftless Area. The Bernardoni family has continually raised animals on the farm for over 30 years and is currently being operated by multiple generations of the family. Roller Coaster Farm raises grass fed, grass finished Highland beef and Katahdin lambs as well as pastured Tamworth pork. Roller Coaster Farm is firmly committed to the utilization of heritage breeds and natural farming methods that promote the health of their animals, their land, and their consumers.
    Silas has worked extensively with Paraguay Educa, a non-profit organization implementing a One Laptop Per Chid-themed project in Paraguay, to bring access to quality education to all Paraguayan children through the utilization of technology. His contributions to the organization
    consisted of the development of an organizational structure and operational strategy designed to maintain Paraguay Educa’s cutting edge deployment methodologies while the organization expanded country-wide.
    Family Farm Defenders: familyfarmers.org
    EatWild.com: eatwild.com
    GrassWorks: grassworks.org
    One Laptop Per Child: laptop.org
    Paraguay Educa: paraguayeduca.org

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