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    Passive Resistance

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    The Use of Force is something that every officer, sworn or non-sworn needs to be trained in regularly.

    Legislation has changed and courts views of excessive force has too.

    There are two catagories of resistance and we have to know what they are and how to react and what the law will allow us to do including the level of force that can be used.

    Today, we're going inside of a module of training that is  part of the Armour College 8 unit training on the Use of Force and the new Constitutional model.

    We offer both an on-line training course as well as an on-site program.

    We'll also talk about recent news and upcoming events!

    Much of our training is perishable and needs to be done frequently to stay fresh!

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    Ester Hick Passive Income The Law Of Attraction

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    What I believe he did, was misunderstand that all value comes from some sort of action catalyst. She's saying that action stems from inspiration, so inspiration (or thought vibration) is the real catalyst and since action follows the inspiration, it only "seems" like action creates value. People think that the inventer's inventing, the author's writing, the businessman's selling, etc. that these are the actions from which value originates--but what happened before, where does all action originate? It originates in the mind, it stems from creative thinking & processing which creates an energy point of vibration that draws in more energy.

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    Raportee Show #1 Passive Aggressive Behavior

    in Family

    We will explore passive aggressive behavior and the impact it can have on professionalism.

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    John Carver Show - The Magic Wand (Brian Tracy)

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    You will love today's show.  Mr. Tracy has been one of my earliest teachers.  He says, on this show:

    We are living in the greatest age of all mankind.

    He explains the Goldfish Mentality.  There are success models that Mr. Tracy studies and shares with his audiences.

    He teaches that all success is based on certain principles.  It can be duplicated.  Most people are missing ingredients to be successful.

    Replicability is key to duplicating success in your life.  Nature is neutral.  It doesn’t care.  Based on cause and effect things happen based on those rules.  All business skills are learnable.

    The critical thing is to find out the skills you need in life.  Imagine you have a magic wand.  It’s a way of thinking.  Imagine if you wave a magic wand everything you want would happen.

    Imagine you have no limitations.  Project five years ahead and list what it would look like…write it down.

    The more actions you take towards your goals make you confident.  Constantly take action.

    Each time you fall down pick yourself back up.  To start something new the first step is the hardest.

    Once you get started momentum is in your favor.  When you take the first step it’s easier to see the second step.  Successful people are action oriented. 

    Most people are passive.  What one skill would help you in your business?  If you’re not getting better you’re getting worse.

    The Law of Probabilities is key to getting more results in your life.

    Get more information about Mr. Tracy at http://www.briantracy.com/


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    What are the Classic Signs of Manipulation?

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    Manipulation is subtle and at times gets mistaken for love. People pleasers are magnets for manipulators to come in and hijack their space, their thinking, their lives and all the while one soul does not realize they are being manipulated and the other soul never rests in the love the people pleaser is pleasing with. It is crazy how far we have to experience experiences to see what positions we grow to with those we love or want to love more than we can because the weaker energy of manipulation is running both lives for different reasons. How can some people see a manipulator a mile away and others get taken by them over and over again? Tune in a join in on the conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    Episode 60: Interview with Author Matthew Iden

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    I first learned about Matt Iden via an article picked up by the Passive Voice Blog. I knew the minute I finished reading it that I wanted to talk to him, and I was so right. Matt is down-to-earth and forthright about book publishing, but he's also brilliant in his approach: keep it simple, achievable, and intelligent. It will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with his work that he was recently picked up by Thomas and Mercer, Amazon Publishing's mystery imprint. Matt stopped by the podcast to talk about his mystery series featuring Marty Singer, book marketing, and why we shouldn't pay for reviews.

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    28 ~ Your DreamVisions Now with Eva & Duane

    in Dreams

    A few things discussed on the NUShow Today:

    The NU-U, Magic, and Control,
    Movies and Propaganda,
    Passive systems, Creation,
    Prayer/Petitioning, Restrictions,
    The Matrix,
    The Difference between Masters/Gurus and RealGuides and RealExplorers,
    Paul Twitchell's writings, "truth" and RealExperience,

    Lulufar - Part 9, 'Freedom IS Natural'

    Test The NU-U for yourself, meet with Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides, and begin your own 'Journey to RealFreedom' today.

    Would YU like to support the show? YU can now support the show by buying a T-Shirt or a hoodie, it's always your choice. Both Your DreamVisions Now and The NUPresentation Foundation shirts available for a limited time.

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    O ye Drybones Present The General Sura Suten Seti

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    Baba Mwalimu Baruti, Irritated Genie, Professor Griff, Sara Suten Seti, and Marimba Ani in a Black warriors conference to help guide Black people away from passive acceptance of racial genocide.only 2 days til the warriors set tampa fl. on fire get your tickets today & save $15 ! tampa bay warriors conference fri, feb 27 $15 ($20 the day of and sat. 28 $25 ($35 the day of. located Genesis Bar & Grill ,1213 W. water ave tampa.

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    The Church has switched places with the world and it stops there. Thirty shades of grey alright. Where are the people that are the salt of the earth? You know....the ones that make a difference and are truly the peculiar people....the chosen generation. Is it just me or where are the bold uncompromisingly righteous? The agressive passiveness is outright embarassing and insane! I am here to sound the alarm and awake everyone out of their stupor. What side are you on? Make it plain! Come out!  Come out! wherever you are in the closet. Be true to who you serve. Allow everyone to know. Consider it as your "Coming Out" party. Tune in to the Stand in the FIRE! Broadcast. 

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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner #8

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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner

    Program #8 an overview of key points to this point.

    Feel free to call in to listen or with questions.

    Fitness, Nutrition, Relaxation Techniques and more.

    Eating healthy, made easy as we review & learn to read

    lables to better serve wellness. Rule of thumb, aim for the

    least amount of unknown ingredients on food lables.

    Passive stretch Afro Chi Sun Shu (see Youtube) upon rising

    in the morning is key to support your body through out the day.

    A personal practice, reach out, taking a good deep breath, exhale

    bring arms to your center. As easy as this is serves to propel your

    body with good air and blood circulation. Are you breathing?

    Are you breathing well? Take a moment to relax and unwind with

    Sister Re Cocoa Lady, Wellness Consultant 

    Consultations only 516 408 2376   Call in or listen 347 215 8559

    http://youtu.be/CIzqnLnP45k   http://www.Cocoalady.org

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    Bold Moving with Michele Aikens & Friends

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    Join Michele Aikens, publisher of Sepia Prime Woman Magazine, Sharonda Cawthon and Vanessa Westley every Saturday morning as we unwind from the week.  We'll talk about current events, and what's important to you.  And we do it with humor, fun and inspiration.  Get your coffee, fuzzy slippers and connect with your girlfriends every Saturday on BOLD Movers Radio.

    Have you ever been angry with someone and couldn't articulate why?  Do you consistently retreat from difficult discussions?  Perhaps you've developed a passive communication style that will hinder you in relationships, in business and in life.  Take this quiz and tell us your results:  http://www.newlineideas.com/communication-style-quiz.html

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