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    Season 7: Episode Discussion - Driven-Last Action Hero

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    “Kill Switch” -- When subway passengers, including Detective Esposito, are taken hostage by a mysterious gunman, Castle, Beckett and the team must uncover the gunman's agenda before it's too late, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24 (10:01- 11:00 p.m., ET).

    “Last Action Hero”
    Getting back to the lighter side of the show, Amann described episode nine as “the death of an Expendable. It’s the death of an aging action star.” And because Castle loves aging action stars, “it happens to also be a guy who’s a childhood hero of Castle’s, so he’s very invested in the case,” Amann said. “He was part of a movie that was being made that’s sort of an Expendables-type movie so we go to the set and we meet all these other guys who are these broken down old action heroes. So there’s a lot of fun to be had in the episode. We think that’s also going to be really delightful.”


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    Alex Rayme of Left Behind movie provides insights. DVD debuts December 23rd

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    Actor Alex Rayme from Left Behind provides insights from his experience and discusses the debut of the DVD. 

    About LEFT BEHIND:

    After millions of people around the globe abruptly disappear without explanation, veteran pilot Ray Steele (NIC CAGE) must fight to protect the passengers that remain on his flight. Trapped at 30,000 feet, he must find a way to safely land the damaged plane, and comprehend the chaos that awaits as the most devastating event in history unfolds.


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    The Unknown Zone

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    Judy Sellins and Dave Turco of The Unknown Zone will update you on interesting developments in the unknown and paranormal fields.  First the discovery that there are fake cell phone towers popping up across the US, what are they for and who put them there?  Then there is an update on the flying humanoid phenomenon as seen by passengers on a British airliner in 2014!

    Then an very important and disturbing update on the Fukushima nuclear disaster regarding the deaths of 2 US sailors from the USS Reagan after exposure to a cloud of radiation.  And lastly new fossils have been discovered giving us new insights into early life on earth, rewriting history once again.

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    My Testimony

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    Before my birth, my Father prayed a servant of the Lord be born to him.  The Lord answered his prayer.  Parents dedicated me when an infant also, but the day before I was born the Adversary tried to destroy me. A car plunged down a mountainside, my Grandmother was pinned under the car and was killed, my Mother was the only one of eight passengers not to be thrown out of the car and I was born the next day. Account of my first vision experience and then the Lord brought me to a certain knowledge of the Book of Mormon, delivered from a 3-pack-a-day smoking habit in an instant, baptism, and then audible voice speaking three times in the presence of soldiers at Ft. Sam Houston, and an angel casting a Green-Beret on his back to defend me as I was preaching, etc.  Many other miraculous events explained in a continuous stream, receiving some four hundred revelations written, and many now published. Ordination to the Apostleship, cultural Mormons tried to destroy me when I presented two to the Priesthood, in a murderous rage.  Casting out devils once, healing the sick, but so many afflictions, living in the Rocky Mountains in a tent for more than a decade, and finally being warned by the Lord to flee to Mexico, where I broadcast today.  Lived to see the "Great division amongst the people" come to pass and the beginnings of the breakup of civil society currently in fulfillment of the revelations I received...

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    Deep Paper Cut

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    You are listening to Deep Paper Cut from John and Toni Rakestraw, produced by StreamingMurder.com.
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    It was a deep paper cut and I take blood thinners… the blood dripped all over the FAO Schwarz catalog by accident, but a few days later I got the items I’d dripped on. I kept trying to do it again and again… nothing! I then took a needle with me on a city bus and faked tripping and fell into one of the other passengers--they screamed, I said sorry and had more blood to drip… it worked again. I discovered that you need a different person’s blood each time. Too bad the blood bank locks its blood safe too well. I’ve tried. Maybe the hospital will work… am I a vampire?

    We hope to see you next time here on the internet at Streaming Murder!

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    Uber and Spotify Team Up

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    A new partnership between Uber and Spotify will let passengers of the ride-sharing service control the music when they get in a car. Tom Ortuso has that story and more.

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    E037: Last Call for Departing Passengers

    in Comedy

    In this episode Tom talks about his moving to Seattle and Blair talks about his departure from the atheist movement. It’s a last call for departing passengers…

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    Tribute and Online Radio Candle Light Vigil for Pastors Miles and Ruth Monroe

    in Spirituality

    My heart is saddended and heavy due to the loss of physical life by the tragic plane crash carring Pastor Dr. Miles Monroe and his wife who served in ministry with him Co-Pastor Ruth Monroe and several other dear souls. This is very sad, heartbreaking and almost surreal to a degree. Join me as we pay honor and respect from 8pm - 9pm by onlie radio candle light vigil for Dr. Monroe his wife Ruth and the passengers who where on the plane.  


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    T3 | Are Reviews Reshaping Real Estate?

    in Business

    Online reviews are impacting almost every business you can think of, from dry cleaners to doggie day care center to dentists - people are even being reviewed on how well they perform as Uber cab passengers! Real estate is certainly no exception that, and Agent Reviews are becoming more integral and more important every day. Many agents are even using online Agent Reviews to generate business. Tune in to listen as we interview three real estate professionals whose businesses have been affected by Agent Reviews: Leslie Ebersole of Baird & Warner in suburban Chicago and Matt Delhougne of RE/MAX in St. Louis. 

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    The Two Moms have researched the collusion of the banks, post offices and the courts and have found dots connecting that include the possible inclusion of Aviation. They continue to discuss the findings that, identity theft,  foreclosure fraud, money laundering and other issues appearing to be separate issues really may connect. LISTEN AND START ASKING QUESTION! WE MUST HOLD PUBLIC SERVANTS ACCOUNTABLE TO THE SAFETY AND WELL BEING OF OUR NATION. THIS SHOW IS POWERFUL AND ONE THAT WILL MAKE YOU QUESTION WHAT IS "IN THE AIR".....

    Are our nations pilots being used and abused in order to fascilitate financial gain for the greedy? We will discuss what it may take to protect not only passengers of the airlines BUT THE PILOTS TOO! We will discuss the HIMS program, Chemtrails, FAA corruption, Nat'l Security, among many other topics: 

    Did you read the story about the pilot who was fired for not signing away his rights when being forced to fly and tells about illegal Muslims being flown into the USA? The action was required on his part to continue his job with the company as a pilot. He alleged that the TSA wanted him to sign a waiver to "give up most of his constitutional rights, regarding security risk assessments as an United States, American commercial pilot."

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/twomomsonaborough/Our Sponsor: VIRUGARD/STOP VIRAL ILLNESS (EBOLA is VIRAL) https://www.facebook.com/pages/VFI-Humic-Acid/1509491052601357 /SHOW SPECIAL $40: reg $50/PROMO CODE: Two Moms /CALL: 714-331-8587 to order now 


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    LIVE! with Cathi---Sole Survivor

    in Fitness

    This is a TRUE STORY!

    Fate, Destiny, Coincidence or Luck!  You decide.

    Imagine being the SOLE SURVIVOR of a plane crash.  

    FACT: odds of suviving even the most serious plane crash are at 76%.  The odds of being the only one left alive are infinitesimal.

    CIRCA 2009...French school girl, age 12 and her mother were aboard a packed Airbus on their way to an Island off the Eastern coast of Africa for a summer family visit.  Minutes from touchdown, the Airbus shook violently in the swirling 40 mph winds; lights flickered, engine stalled and suddenly the plane holding 142 passengers plunged into the Indian Ocean, breaking apart on impact.  Imagine you're 12 yrs old, ejected from the plane.  No life vest, food or drinking water.  Imagine clinging to a piece of wreckage for 13 hours until a private rescue boast plucked you from the ocean.


    Imagine being the only survivor...etc.

    Was it a miracle...etc.

    Emotional Stress of being the sole...etc.

    Sole survivors, where they...etc.

    Why me?



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