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  • 01:58

    Holiday Themed Trains All Around

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    Since the movie Polar Express, Christams trains modeled on the Polar Express have become almost as big as Thomas for museum fund raising efforts. Not just museums, but shortline railroads and even some Class I's have joined the effort.  Bob and Elizabeth will talk about many of these activities on Saturday's show.  In addition to talking about many of these trains, we'd like to hear about what is taking place in various parts of the country.  Please call us with your activities at 646-716-7106 or join us on the web at www.letstalktrains.com.  The show starts at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern.

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    Engineer Dockins Visits With APRHF's Let's Talk Trains

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    The youngest engineer to ever operate an Amtrak train over Donner Pass visits the American Passenger Heritage Foundation's Let's Talk Trains program. Jonathan Dockins and his mom Dee Dee, stop by to talk about their adventure and how it all came to be, They will lead us through the trip of a lifetime. We will also find out what has happened since coming back home to the Jackson, Missouri area. Join us by calling in and asking questions to Engineer Dockins at 646-716-7106. 

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    What Would Christmas Be Without Model Trains?

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    On this edition of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's Let's Talk Trains, we will discuss the role model trains play at Christmas. Model Trains have been a part of Christmas as long most of us can remember. From going to the local department store window to the President's park, Model trains can be found in lots of places. Please join us as we wander around the country with Christmas trains.

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    LTT On The Road - The Trail's End, in Sedalia, Mo

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    This week, on the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's "The Let's Talk Trains Show," Kansas City Nathan travels two-hours east to the Missouri State Fairgrounds, in Sedalia, Missouri, for the Trails End event (www.thetrailsend.org). The event celebrates the men who drove cattle from Texas to the closest railhead towards Chicago. The fairgrounds are built right along the former M-K-T route, which is now the KATY Trail State Park. One of the major events going on at the fairgrounds is the Trails End Model Train Show & Collectible Show, which is being ran by members of the APRHF. 

    Be sure to join us!

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    12 Hours at Temple - Railfan Railwatching Party

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    Just like "24 Hours @ Saginaw" we are attending "12 Hours @ Temple" for NATIONAL TRAIN DAY!  A 12 hour extravaganza railwatching event to be held in Temple, Texas on the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum grounds.  It's also the Amtrak Station.  There is a lot planned when attending this event, Let's Talk Trains plans to share as much as we can for the short 2 hours we are there.  Listen in or better yet, come join us for some real rail fun!  And don't forget to call in and tell us what you are doing on NATIONAL TRAIN DAY 2015!  Your host for this event is Skip Waters.

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    Along The Right Of Way on Lets Talk Trains

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    Have you ever set out to watch, photograph, video trains and just happen to stop somewhere along the right-of-way, and find a special place that someone created, for themselves or the non-railfan that has a model railroad running? During the last couple of months, we have and we will tell you about some of them on this week's American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's Let's Talk Trains program. Let's discover some interesting places.

  • 01:59

    The Railroad's Visual Command - Signaling Systems

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    This week on the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's The Let's Talk Trains Show, Kansas City Nathan and co-host APRHF President Bob Cox, will be discussing the world of railroading communications via signaling. Joining us this week, as our Featured Guest, will be Lindsey Fowlers, who worked for the ICG in the Signal Department in Illionis & parts of Missouri. 

    Join us, as we talk about the history of signaling, why different versions of signalling throughout the country, and so on.

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    Join the Amazing Chris Guenzler this week on Lets Talk Trains

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    This week, Chris talks about reaching his 1,400,000.0 rail-mile, why it took so long, and what he will be up to next.  We will have some guests on join us and Chris will relive his past trips with you. We will talk about the Chris' trips in the United States, Mexico and Canada, as well as tourist trains and along with rare-mileage trips. He will tell you all about what he has done since we last shared with you on this show. Join us for a very interesting show this week. You can listen live  or in the archieves.

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    The Daily Dish w/Lady Halima on the RLS Network (Topic: Passenger Seat)

    in Religion

    Welcome to the RLS Network where we provide Real Life Solutions to Real Life Situations for Christ-Centered living.

    RLS Network presents "DAILY DISH" w/Lady Halima. Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/RLSNetwork2015
    Listen to archive recordings - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rlsnetwork

    The core of Lady Halima Ministries is to LEARN the Word of God, apply what you learn to GROW & as you grow you will CONQUER! www.ladyhalimaministries.org

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    The Audible Bible 1 Timothy Chap 6- Philemon, God Trains Leaders, God of Freedom

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    The 1s and the 2nd and Titus Epistles of Paul present God Trains Leaders. Paul wrote these epistles directing to Timothy teaching on how a leader should be concerning the affairs of the Kingdom of God. Paul two letters, 1st and 2nd Timothy were written purposely to help Timothy become an effective leader. Paul advised that Timothy had already received most of the training he needed from his mother and grandmother, but just need to remain in the faith and the training he received from his parents and from what God has revealed to him through the studying of the word. Paul letters to Timothy advised how an effective leader should be; therefore, anyone who desires to be a great leader, one who is centered in God and have a heart for the people he or she is leading should be aware of the training of 1st and 2nd Timothy.

    Following 2nd Timothy, Paul addressed Titus “a true son in our common faith:” as you read through the 1st chapter, he presented specific instruction on how the leader should be. For example in Titus 1:7, he said, “For a bishop must be blameless, as a steward of God, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, but hospitable, a lover of what is good, sober-minded, just, holy, self-controlled, holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught, that he may be able, by sound doctrine, both to exhort and convict those who contradict.”

    Following Titus, Philemon presents “God of Freedom. It does not matter what seems to enslave you; what matters most is that when you meet the God of Freedom, you have no choice but to be free. Consider each one as brother and sister; release, let go and let God! That is the only way we will experience God’s kind of freedom. Be free! 

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    The Life of A Railroader--the good, the bad, everything...

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    This week, on the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's The Let's Talk Trains Show, we welcome a man who has worked railroad industry for many years--working several years for a freight railroad and another 25-years as an Amtrak Conductor. Kansas City Nathan will welcome Wes Archibald to the show, to discuss the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the beautiful, and the ugly of railroad life.

    We will open up the phone lines to discuss the different aspects of working for the railroad---figuring out truth from fiction. Wes & KC Nathan will talk about some of the folks that have been in the forefront of national news, from greatness to tragedy.

    During the show, we will remember our friend---our "Official Caller" Ken Ruben, who passed away the morning of Thursday, March 12th. 

    Join us, this Saturday, March 14th at 12-noon Central/10am Pacific. Call in during the live show (@ 646-716-7106), join us in the chatroom, on Facebook and Twitter.