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    CAROLINA BIO presents NSELA's president , Omaha Zoo Education Director  Elizabeth MulKerrin and President Elect Keri Randolph

  • 8-5 4pm cst Ralph "Rockem" Randolph is our very special guest

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    Hes best known as the president of sin mob mafia on the hit tv show the devils ride, but Ralph Rockem Randolph is also a Marine, a Pilot, a gun shop owner, a custom motorcycle shop owner and a very out spoken American. And has plenty to say. Please join us, and call in 9294773565

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    Tony DeBlois: Journey of the Heart Episode 2

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    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of "White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee," and Consultant. Please visit her website at www.svetlanakim.com. 

    Our Guest: Tony DeBlois was born weighing 1 lb., ¾ oz. But that was only the first obstacle that he had to overcome. Tony is also blind and autistic, with Savant Syndrome.This 41-year-old pianist from Randolph, MA, who has been playing piano since age two, was the subject of a movie inspired by actual events in Tony’s life. “Journey of the Heart,” with Cybil Shepard, was a 1997 CBS made-for-TV movie of the week. Additionally, he has appeared on 2 Catholic Global Showcase Specials (2001) and The Learning Channel’s “Uncommon Genius,” Strange Science “Unusual People,” and “Understanding the Mysteries of Memory.” Tony graduated magna cum laude from Berklee College of Music. In addition to piano and organ, he plays harmonica, guitar, harpsichord, English hand bells, violin, banjo, drums, saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, mandolin, flute and trumpet. His extensive repertoire includes jazz, classical, pop, rock and show tunes. www.tonydeblois.com 

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    Grieving Over a Lost Loved One: How Do You Know When You Need Counseling?

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    People go through traumatic experiences throughout life and often they develop negative behaviors as a result of inability to handle the emotional stress of their internal pain. That's what counseling is for, but some people, whether it is part of a family ulture of too much pride to admit a need for help, or ones oown personal misperception that asking for help is a sign of weekness. Actually, asking for help is a sign of strength but in many cultures, people are expected to just "suck it up" when they are in emotional pain, and keep living as if nothing is wrong.  Feelings of grief can follow a death, a divorce, a bankrupcy, an eviction, an abandonment. Grief is a natural part of life, but alcoholism, drug abuse, and other forms of self medication is an indication that one is still suffering and in pain. How do you know when you need counseling? Grief Counselor Rev. Gloria Randolph joins us today to discuss her ministry of healing the hurt within. Later on, Howard Williams of Serenity Family Services discusses some of the cultural barriers that prevent people from seeking counseling when they need it.


  • Julian Bond

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    “He was one of the architects of the Black Lives Matter movement before there was a hashtag, His presence is no longer with us but his voice will remain echoed through the work we and others do in civil rights movement.” Clayola Brown, president of the A. Philip Randolph Institute

    “Justice and equality was the mission that spanned his life – from his leadership of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, to his founding role with the Southern Poverty Law Center, to his pioneering service in the Georgia legislature and his steady hand at the helm of the NAACP,” President Obama said in a statement Sunday. “Michelle and I have benefited from his example, his counsel, and his friendship – and we offer our prayers and sympathies to his wife, Pamela, and his children.”

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    Everything with Kathy B, Tyrone Mitchell, Alicia Carr, Dr. Lonnie Randolph

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    Source Nation! Join us tonight for Power Over Tomorrow, World News and The Great Griot

    6 Power Over Tomorrow with Tyrone Mitchell

    Join Tyrone tonight as he discusses: Mutual Funds:  How To Use The Mutual Fund Market To Diversify, Manage & Save For Your Financial Future.

    7:15 Alicia Carr 

    Alicia has been an advocate against domestic violence since she was a child.  Being a child of domestic violence and seeing her mother being abused was very difficult for her to accept and understand.  It confused her more when she also found out that her aunt almost died during an incident when her boyfriend stabbed her several times.  All of this as a child, changed her life and attitude. It made her realize It could either weaken her or make her stronger. Alicia choose strength.

    In January 2014 Alicia started building the domestic violence app with no idea what it would be called or what it would be.  But through faith and support from so many people, the Purple PocketBook  was completed in March 2014 and was approved by “Apple” on May 2, 2014.

    8:15 Dr. Lonnie Randolph (NAACP President in South Carolina)

    Source Nation! Join us tonight at 8:15, as Host K.LaShea welcomes the President of The NAACP of South Carolina, Dr. Lonnie Randolph, into the studio to discuss, The Charleston SC Tragedies and the removal of The Confederate Flag Flying Over The Statehouse in South Carolina.  

    Call in and be a part of the conversation at, 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.



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    PHL Sports Nation - Phillies Draft Cornelius Randolph

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    Is the Phillies' future brighter with 1st round pick Cornelius Randolph? Julian Bravo and Vansh Bansal discuss his impact. 

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    GalacticU Radio Presents Lesson of the Universal Family

    in Spirituality


    Lessons of the Universal Family with Kim


    Lessons of the Universal Family is based on Ancient Atlantis Teachings. In the modern times, it is based on the Life Path #9:

    The Teacher, The Healer, The Artist


    It is the lifetime of completions from all previous lifetimes, so it is inclusive of all lifetimes in the Universal Family. If you feel like you don’t belong here, if the people on the street treat you better than your own family, if you feel alone, if you have been told your weird or crazy, if you never have quite fit in, when you understand complex concepts, but see them simply, if Spirit Guides came to visit you at a very young age, if you don’t think like everyone else, then you are a member of the Universal Family.


    Join show host, Kim, as she guides you on this journey through time and space, to different dimensions and different realities, through the eithers, to the heavens, from the stars, to the moon and back.


    We have guests from all walks of life, and will touch on many subjects you have always wondered about, with plenty of room for spontaneity. It’s not about belief or a belief systems, it’s about the all knowing, the Universal Consciousness, and the Lessons of the Universal Family.


    To paraphrase Ray Randolph Price:


    There only two things I won’t debate.

    We are not alone, and yes, they do walk among us.
    There is life after death.

    Without out personal experience… There is no debate!


    Join us! There is something for everyone at all levels, for those just beginning their search for Spiritual wisdom, as well as those well along their journey.


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    Pros and Cons of FMCSA Proposed Rule - Drivers with insulin dependent Diabetes

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    Saturday June 27th 6:30 PM ET

    The FMCSA has posted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Qualifications of Drivers; Diabetes Standard, proposing to do away with the Diabetes Exemption Program. Although there are many drivers who feel this is a long overdue rule, others are concerned that the rule (the way it is written) would compromise the safety of the driver and the highways.

    Dr Randolph Rosarion, certified medical examiner in the US DOT FMCSA National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) and Elaine Papp, board certified occupational health nurse and founder of Health and Safety Works, LLC, will be our special guests as they discuss the complex and unseen details of insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus and how it relates to the NPR and the professional driver.

    Qualifications of Drivers; Diabetes Standard Summary -
    FMCSA proposes to permit drivers with stable, well-controlled insulin-treated diabetes mellitus (ITDM) to be qualified to operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in interstate commerce. Currently, drivers with ITDM are prohibited from driving CMVs in interstate commerce unless they obtain an exemption from FMCSA.

    Have questions about your Diabetes or the Proposed Rule?
    Call in # 347-826-9170  Then click "1" on your keypad to join in the conversation

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    YGY 2015 Series Preview Show: Phillies-Yankees (6/22-6/24)

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    On this episode of the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show, brought to you by KNODA.com, host and senior staff writer Ricky Keeler recaps the Yankees' three-game series against the Detroit Tigers. He will give his take on Alex Rodriguez reaching 3,000 hits for his career as well as the Old Timers' Day Festivities as the Yanks honored Willie Randolph and Mel Stottlemyre with a plaque at Monument Park. 

    Then, Matthew Veasey from That Ball's Outta Here joins the show to help preview the upcoming series between the Phillies and Yankees. Ricky and Matthew will discuss the trade rumors involving Cole Hamels and Jonathan Papelbon, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. and manager Ryne Sandberg on the hot seat, and talk about one of their rising young players, third baseman Maikel Franco. Ricky and Matthew will breakdown the pitching matchups and give you their hitters to watch in this series. 

    You can interact with the show at any time by calling us (347)-324-5455 or tweeting us: @YGYRadioShow

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    FHSTCA Perspective on High School Tennis, Guest Steve Keller

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    Thursday Guest will be Steve Keller, Director of Education, for the Proffesional Tennis Registry  I am sure the discusion will include the PTR new and free membership to high school tennis players who assist with 10 & Under programs.

    Coach David Paschal, Men's and Women's tennis coach for Embry-Riddle University will be June 25th guest.