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    LuAnn Farrell resides in Cumming Georgia

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    I grew up as an only child to older parents in a small rural town in Southern Minnesota on a wildlife refuge. I spent the majority of my youth on a friend's horse ranch guiding trails and working with the horses. On the farm we also had a number of different dogs over time and numerous farm cats.  
    During my childhood she was always surrounded by pets.  My husband and I did not have children, we gravitated toward pets instead. I came into the marriage with a cat and our first dog together was a German Shepherd that we got from a breeder. We went to breeders not knowing about rescue.    
    After a number of moves around the US over the years we finally settled in Atlanta for nearly 8 years now. About 5 years ago I started volunteering with a local Humane Society. I helped at the shelter, with transports and running adoption events. While doing this I was receiving emails from various shelters showing dogs that were about to lose their lives. The Humane Society could not take all of them in of course, so I began working with a rescue in the NE by pulling and sending dogs up there if I couldn't find homes in GA. Then a friend asked to join me in rescue efforts and Angels Among Us Pet Rescue was formed. We are now the largest all volunteer rescue in the SE US.
    So now my personal dogs are Cole.  He was a GSD puppy that someone told me about. A family had purchased him at a rural flea market and put in a back yard where another pup had died a horrible death from parvo. He would have died from parvo as well so I paid them to let me take him. We decided to keep him. Liberty was a little rescue dog that a friend of mine saved when she was young. When Rosemarie passed away, the family didn't know what they were going to do with her, so I told them to bring her to me. She was a senior when we got her and it is just to hard to keep moving them, so we kept her as well. 

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    How to Prevent Pet Illness | PetAirapy on DazzleDogDelight

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    Please join Joy Randel as she chats with Annette Uda, the Founder of  PetAirapy.   PetAirapy specializes exclusively within the pet industry, manufacturing air and surface cleaning systems utilizing proprietary commercial grade UVGI (Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation).   PetAirapy units have been independently tested and proven to quickly and effectively inactivate or destroy pet pathogens such as (kennel cough, Parvo, Canine Influenza, Feline Calicivirus and much more) that threaten animals and pet businesses.  

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    Veterinary advice, animal news, and views

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    55 Days of Clicker Training

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    I have taken my first clicker traing and I am hooked! Now to work on my four dogs and one stepdog. What I am working with:
    Cleo - a 13 year old dog that is a mix of Sheltie, Afghan, and Golden Retriever. She lives up to her name by thinking that every dog is her subject. She has met her match with Topaz!
    Buffy - a 12 year old dog that is a mix of German Shephard, Austrailian Cattle Dog and Jack Russel. She has many variations on her name: Buffoon, Buffalo, Buffinator, and Zen Master. In her early years the Jack Russell part showed up often. Now in her elder years she has taken a attitude of nothing can phase her.
    Ningee - a 2 year old Sharpei, Shiba Inu, and maybe some Skipperke. She is unique since I haven't seen those breeds in my area. Her nickname is "the Clueless Samurai Princess". Although she has shown a Fearless" side.
    Topaz - 3 1/2 year old pitbull and something else. Not sure why she is in my life but then I did ask for a challenge! She normally lay around but the pitbull part comes out when she defends herself. Otherwise she looks kinda goofy.
    Jinx - a 3-5 year old chilhuaha (?), terrier mix. He lives with a single mother and her two sons, and comes to stay with me while the boys spend time with their father. So far he has not impressed Ningee with his behavior, but loves to burrow under the covers with me.
    I am using the clicker training for the next 55 days and will record my story every Monday and Friday at 1:00 pm MST. I might have to add more depending on how the dogs respond to the new life they will lead. Join me on this journey and follow on FaceBook for pictures and videos.

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    David Frei TV Host of Westminster - My Buddy Butch Talk Show

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    David Frei TV Host of Westminster Dog Show - Sam Martin of Prestone Antifreeze and your pet - Donna Paige with our Rescue of the week. Animal Theraputic Massage with Megan Ayrault - Dr. Patrick Mahaney with Vet topic of the week Vaccines?- Important Pet news from around the world!

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    Preventative Pet Health Care Series: Canine Parvovirus

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    Parvo is a highly contagious disease with a high moratlity rate in dogs.  The protective protein capsule of parvovirus contributes to its uniqueness and deadliness because of its subsequent ability to survive in the environment for long periods of time (up to one year in some reports).  Tune in and learn everything you need to know about canine parvovirus.  E-mail all comments or questions for Dr. Roger to address on the air to comments@web-dvm.net.


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