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  • 01:21

    #142 The 2014 Partnerunning Guide to Australian Marathons

    in Fitness

    Listner and Partnerunning Community requests for a guide to Australian Marathons has been a popular topic in recent months and in this episode we commence our 2014 Guide to Australian Marathons.

    Part One includes an overview of current Australian Marathons with introductory comments.

    Part Two will include our rating guide and best of selections.

    Also on this weeks show we report on The Inaugural Big Forest Run

    Regular segments include:

    Over the shoulder
    Ask Sue
    The road ahead.



  • 01:07

    #110 The Partnerunning Endurance Training Success Cycle

    in Fitness

    Training for an endurance event is a wonderful challenge leading to many rewards.
    For new runners the challenge can be daunting with uncertainty as to where to start and what to do. For experienced runners the challenge often shifts from how to finish to how to overcome specific problems or frustrations.
    In this episode of the Partnerunning Show we explore 7 key steps to endurance training success.
    We also report on the 2013 Ross Marathons, preview the Centennial Park Ultra and hear a short extract from our forthcoming special feature conversation with Kathrine Switzer.
    Regular segments include:
    Over the shoulder Ask Sue The road ahead

  • 01:01

    #71 The 2012 Christmas Running Show - Partnerunning in Focus

    in Fitness

    Going to air on Christmas Morning (Christmas Eve for some listeners) is a lot of fun as we wish all our listeners a Very Merry Christmas and Happy, Safe, Healthy New Year.
    The holiday season is a popular time for starting to run. For others it is a chance to return to running or just to run a little more. It is also a great time to run with friends or family.
    Christmas and the New Year is made for starting to run with a partner as you reflect on the year that has been and plan the year ahead. In this 2 part special we focus on Partnerunning and provide guidance and advice on how to get started.
    Regualr segments include:
    Over The Shoulder Ask Sue The Road Ahead

  • 01:01

    #09 The 3 P's of Partnerunning & Melbourne Marathon Review

    in Fitness

    This week on the show we explore the 3 P's of successful Partnerunning:
    Preference People Partnership We also review last weekends 2011 Melbourne Marathon. In regular segments:
    Travelling Fit talks about the Rome Marathon Ask Sue looks at Pace Groups Over the Shoulder The Road Ahead Lessons from Running

  • 01:01

    #29 Celebrating Valentine's Day on the Partnerunning Show

    in Fitness

    Going to air on Valentine's Day can't be overlooked and on this weeks show we focus on running romance and the many opportunities for couples running together.
    Topics inlcude:
    Why run with a partner? Finding a running partner. Running dates. Romantic running destinations. Partnerunning drills. Overcoming the obstacles to run together. Regular segments include:
    Over the shoulder. Ask Sue Marathon Man Minute; and, The road ahead.

  • 01:10

    #01 The Partnerunning Show - Welcome & Sydney City to Surf.

    in Fitness

    This episode launches The Partnerunning Show with hosts Couple on the Run, Andrew and Sue O'Brien and Australian Co-host Marathon Man, Trent Morrow.
    In this episode the focus is on:
    The story behind The Partnerunning Show Who is Marathon Man? Who are the Couple on the Run? The Great Wall of China with Travelling Fit City to Surf Interview with Justine Bloome - New Runner / City to Surfer Like all first races The Partnerunning Show is of to a fun start and looking forward to the journey ahead.

  • 01:31

    #143 The 2014 Partnerunning Guide to Australian Marathons - Part 2

    in Fitness

    In last weeks show we provided an overview of Australian Marathons.

    In Part Two of the Australian Marathon Guide we look at category suggestions including:

    International Runner





    Wine lovers

    First Timers - Speed

    Firdst Timers - Unique

    First Timers - Experience


    Also on the show we have regular segments:

    Over the shoulder

    Ask Sue

    The road ahead


  • 01:26

    #191 Comrades, Phuket and Life On The Road

    in Fitness

    It has been as busy few weeks as Sue and Andrew travelled to South Africa and Thailand to compete in the 90th Comrades Marathon and the 10th Laguna Phuket International Marathon.

    After a few weeks break from The Partnerunning Show this week we return with a review of the Comrades Marathon and The Phuket Marathon as well as a look at life on the road.

    Also on the show:

    Over the shoulder
    Ask Sue
    The Road Ahead

  • 01:07

    #192 Why Run A Marathon?

    in Fitness

    Why run a marathon? Why run a few marathons? Why make running regular marathons part of your lifestyle?

    The motivation and reason for running a marathon is a fascinating topic and in the same way runners come in all shapes and sizes so to do the reeasons people give for running 42.2 km.

    For some the marathon is a bucket list item, others do it with a friend, to get fit or for charity.

    In this episode of The Partnerunning Show we look at why people run marathons and why some continue to run them.

    Also on the show:

    Sue remembers her Uncle Ron Clarke

    Over the Shoulder
    Ask Sue
    The Road Ahead


  • 01:13

    #193 Looking Forward To The You Yangs, Tan Ultra and Beyond

    in Fitness

    This week on the Partnerunning Show we interview Brett Saxon from Trails Plus as we preview up coming events in the You Yangs and The Tan Ultra.

    With the Hardcore 100 Miler fast becoming one of Australia's must do hundred millers Brett tells as all about the miler and other You Yangs Events.

    The Tan is Melbournes iconic running trail and with a central location is a must for locals and tourists. Brett outlines the events to be held there with distances from 8km to 100km available.

    Also on the show:

    Over the shoulder

    Ask Sue

    Surf Coast Trail Marathon 2015 Review

    The Road Ahead

  • 01:18

    #187 Exploring the Keys 100 with Race Director Bob Becker

    in Fitness

    The 8th annual KEYS100 will be held on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, May 16 and 17, 2015.  One of the world's great ultramarathons set in a beautiful part of the world, if not on your bucket list the Keys 100 should be.

    This week on the Partnerunning Show we talk to Race Director Bob Becker about the point-to-point event beginning in Key Largo--Marathon, Florida, USA and ending in Key West on the Atlantic Ocean at Higgs Beach.  

    Bob talks about all  things Keys 100 and answers listeners questions including:

    The history and community of the race;
    The 100 mile, 50 mile, 50km and relay events;
    The course, crews and volunteers;
    Race conditions and training; and,
    The Keys and what to do after the race.

    KEYS100 also promotes charitable fundraising for "The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys" in support of their educational work with prostate and other cancers, free screenings and direct support of cancer patients and their families in the Keys. More info is available on the Keys 100 website and Facebook pages.

    Check out the video from the 2014 Keys 100.