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    The Art of Participatory Leadership, Emergence

    in Work

    FACING THE EMERGING TRUTH, an interview with Chris Corrigan. Part II in our radio series on this powerful group process methodology:  The Art of Participatory Leadership! 

    Chris Corrigan is a process artist, a teacher and a facilitator of social technologies for face to face conversation in the service of emergence.  He supports the invitation to collaborate, to organize, to find one another and make a difference in our communities, organizations, and lives.  The fundamental human capacities of this era are among the most ancient: invitation and conversation.  Join us as we explore who typically shows up, the reason why people respond to this process, and how things unfold.

    The essence of what we’re talking about:

    Both personal and group capacity for engagement, authentic living and learning, and addressing the emerging momentum of whatever we are involved in or approached with.  This is about being as ready for anything as we can be, and developing the capacity to become agile as an individual, and as a group, team, organization, family, or community.

    Read more:


    To reach Chris:

    Chris Corrigan
    RR#1 E3
    Bowen Island, BC, Canada
    VON 1G0

    604 947 9236


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    Meaningful Use and Electronic Health Records

    in Health

    Joyce and Mike speak with Dr. Joshua Seidman about the concept of "Meaningful Use" in healthcare and how it can be used along with electronic health records (EHR) to improve patient care.

    Dr. Seidman is Vice President in charge of Payment and Delivery Reform at Avalere Health.  He is also the Immediate Past President of the Society for Participatory Medicine.

    Previouslyt, Seidman was the Director of Meaningful Use at the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology within the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. At ONC, Dr. Seidman guided development of resources that helped providers become meaningful users of HIT, and helped to evolve meaningful use practice and policy. During nearly two decades in health care, Seidman has focused on: quality measurement and improvement; the intersection of e-health and health services research; and structuring consumer e-health interventions to support improved health behaviors and informed decision making.

    Before that, Seidman was the founding President of the Center for Information Therapy, which advanced the practice and science of delivering tailored information to consumers to help them make better health decisions and lead healthier lives. At the IxCenter, Seidman focused on stimulating innovation, diffusing best practices, and evangelizing for a patient-centered orientation to implementation of HIT applications.

    See also e-patients.net and http://participatorymedicine.org

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    Local Control in School Budgeting - Guilderland and Albany

    in Politics

    We will be featuring Ellen K Roach, blogger at Albany School Board Observer about budget issues and transparency. Our neighbors in Bethlehem Schools engage in participatory and televised budgeting. We think it's a great idea.

    We will also be talking about budgeting issues with regards to Albany, and local control issues as well.

    Ellen K Roach was born and raised in the Capital District, resident of Albany since 1999. Graduate of Albany Law School, works as an attorney for NYS government. Mom to first-grader attending Albany Public Schools. Cofounded Albany Parents for Physical Activity and Play, group advocating for mandatory daily recess in all Albany City elementary schools, in 2013. Have been closely following Albany school board since February of this year.

    Please bookmark her outstanding website today and join the discussion on facebook!

    Albany School Board Observer

    Albany Parent Advocacy Group

    Thank you for tuning in!


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    Muriel Lindsay--The Dolphin Letters- Vital Information from Sea to Land

    in Spirituality

    Muriel Lindsay lives on a barrier island off the coast of Georgia having moved there 15 years ago for the specific purpose of connecting with the dolphins. She moved there to find a way to answer to an inner knowing.  There is something she is supposed to come to understand and then share about the human/dolphin/whale connection. In that spirit of investigation, she has spent 15 years doing  "participatory research" which basically amounts to just hanging out with dolphins on their terms, in the wild, both in and on the water (from her yellow kayak "Buttercup"), while opening all of her mental, emotional, physical and spiritual channels. She is affectionately known on the island as "the dolphin whisperer" based on her connections with the dolphins there.

    In 2014, she publishined of THE DOLPHIN LETTERS, VITAL INFORMATION FROM SEA TO LAND, a collection of 33 letters from dolphins to the human race. She says of this particular book, she was born to bring it through at this particular time on our changing planet. Everything she has done previously in her life led to this sharing.

     In 2007, she published THE CHRONICLES OF THE SAVANNAH RIVER DOLPHINS sharing about five years of experiences with the dolphins. In 2000 she published  TALKING TO HURRICANES about the consciousness of weather. In 1980 she wrote DANCERS OVER THE CHASM describing the prototype for the kind of individual who knows how to handle transformation the best.

    Prior to moving to her current home on Tybee Island Muriel was a teacher of metaphysics, a healer, a psychotherapist, a photographer and author who traveled the world to gather knowledge from many ancient grounds that would assist her with what she is currently doing. She also has been a professional astrologer since 1977. She has been able to spend time with dolphins in the wild literally all over the world.  

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    Meet Regina Holliday: Curator The Walking Gallery

    in Health

    On the November 26th, 2014 at 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific we chat with Regina Holliday the curator of The Walking Gallery and the emerging Center for Arts and Healing.

    More about the Center:

    The center will have a gallery space available for rental, classroom space for art, music, fitness and dance. The building will initially have two bedrooms and one small studio/apt for artists in residence, recovering cancer patients or visiting patient advocates. The building will also have a gathering space that will assist community socializing and learning through play. In addition, our goal is to host corporate retreats, conference events and health camps with many of the major voices involved in the participatory medicine. The Center will host The Walking Gallery of Healthcare’s annual gathering.

    For more information on Regina click here and for more information on the The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing see: 'The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing A project by Regina Holliday' on Medstartr. 

    More on Regina's efforts via HealthInnovationMedia.com/

    Join us for an fascinating chat with an amazing women tirelessly committed to making a difference in the lives of us impacted by disease, illness or trauma.


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    The Impact of Digital Storytelling - It's Ubiquitous!!

    in Education

    Our guest - Jim Jorstad  a leading force in the innovative and effective use of technology and media for over twenty years. He currently is the Director of Academic Technologies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Jim is responsible for integrating technology into teaching and learning, the creation and strategic dissemination of social and rich media, learning space design, emerging technologies, and involved in diverse innovative technology projects. He is a frequent lecturer and consultant for universities, organizations, and companies worldwide. Jim is a technologist, global journalist and film maker with his work appearing in major news outlets including CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, NPR, and numerous blogs. . His main blog, the Learning Space, is covered by 85 countries.             

    **Art work by: Giselle Chow: Graphic facilitator, graphic recorder, visual thinker. Designing participatory change processes.

    Photos taken @ EDUCAUSE Conference in Orland, FL  - October/2014

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    Embrace Compassion, Change the World with John Schlimm

    in Self Help

    John Schlimm, named one of the “Vegan Men We Love” by VegNews magazine, is an activist, artist, educator, and international award-winning author of sixteen books including, The Cheesy Vegan and Grilling Vegan Style and Stand Up!, a children’s book about activism.  This year, he also debuted pieces from his The Book of Compassion art series, including his flagship 34 COMPASSION Paintings and the participatory art pieces THE SMILE THAT CHANGED THE WORLD (is yours) and Planting Compassion.

    John’s appearances have been heralded by audiences of all ages.  He has traveled the country speaking about motivational topics, cooking, entertaining, and public relations, and has appeared on such national media outlets as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NPR, Martha Stewart Living’s Everyday Food, The Splendid Table, QVC, and Fox & Friends. Visit www.JohnSchlimm.com.

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & Follow us on Twitter.


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    in Religion

    Join me for a complete overview of parts 1, 2 and 3 of THE NEW SCIENCE OF PARTICIPATORY CHRISTIANITY. Why worship JESUS CHRIST when you can join Jesus Christ. 

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    Venus on Fire with Robyn Benson & Jan Kinder

    in Writing

    Two ladies who are sponsors of the Empowered Women of Social Media, talk about their event coming up October 31 - November 2. This is an exclusive event for WOMEN to deisre to Embrace a "Deeper" part of themselves. 

    Robyn Benson The founder of Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing Center and the Santa Fe Soul Foundation; a non-profit whose mission is to provide access to holistic and complementary health care through grants and participatory healing opportunities. Robyn is dedicated to working with other practitioners in order to offer patients the very best, most holistic health care available. In the past few years Dr. Benson has added cutting edge energy medicine to her practice, woven together with Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance detoxification, longevity and personal sustainability. Robyn is married and has two children, Harrison and Hannah. She is a marathon runner, world traveler, public speaker and an activist for social change.

    Jan Kinder -  A pioneer and expert in mind body medicine, stress reduction, and sound/color vibrational healing, Jan’s clients often refer to her as having changed their lives forever. She is the embodiment of the knowledge and experience she has acquired, which she shares with a passionate open heart and a gentle kindness that helps make personal transformation an exciting journey of self-discovery, self-care and self-growth.

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    Join the Self-Care Revolution with Dr. Robyn Benson

    in Health

    Robyn Benson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, is a visionary who has inspired people the world over to embody the principles of self-care in order to achieve optimal, sustainable and radiant health.  For twenty two years of professional experience, while specializing in pain management, women’s health and family medicine, she has touched the lives of thousands. Robyn is the founder of Santa Fe Soul, which is home to over twenty-five different practitioners offering a wide range of holistic and preventative healthcare modalities. She has also founded the Santa Fe Soul Foundation whose mission is to provide access to holistic and complementary healthcare through grants and participatory healing opportunities.

    Today, Robyn is dedicated to building what she calls her legacy – a movement called the Self-Care Revolution™ aka The Institute for Self-Care. It offers a vibrant  community of leading experts that provide cutting edge guidance for optimal health and self-care. This movement presents a powerful, new perspective that can change the face of healthcare. The Self-Care Revolution™ is an important part of a massive shift in modern healthcare. Robyn is currently working on her book The Healthy Travelers Guide: 7 Pathways to Conscious and Extraordinary Travel. While continuing to lead the evolution of the Self-Care Revolution™ she is also celebrating the publication of the first 12 books of the Self-Care Revolution™.

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    Stepping Into The New Earth With Sacha Stone

    in Current Events

    Sacha Stone is founder of New Earth Nation, the planetary sovereignty, consciousness and sustainability movement convening itself as the worlds first extraterritorial nation of peoples from all cultures & faiths.

    New Earth Nation is founded in recognition of the supremacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the undeniability of the individual sovereign condition. It is an open invitation to every member of the human family to transition away from all systems and enclosures which limit our capacity for creative self expression, and instead unite as an extraterritorial family of sovereign individuals who, with the support and solidarity of that family, are collectively empowered to consciously cocreate a new paradigm of prosperity, harmony and abundance.

    A long-time architect and facilitator of global initiatives impacting sustainability, natural justice and social ecology, Sacha is outspoken against the centralisation of power and of multilateral institutional manipulation, and emphasises the need for a conscious return (via a total collapse of the collective human conceptual framework) back into the true 'zero-point' contained within the quanta of the (collective) human heart - in order for us to qualify and participate fully in the next great step in our human and planetary evolution.

    If we are to manifest sustainability and foster an energy & socio-ecological revolution in our times, Sacha believes we must acknowledge that participatory 'consciousness' is the chief factor. Technology and consciousness are intimately connected and it is time for us to engage that conversation without fear of scorn from a world still largely trapped in linear logic and limitations of the conditioned mind.

    Join Brendan D. Murphy and Aimee Devlin on Global Freedom Movement Radio as they step into the New Earth with Sacha Stone.

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