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    Devils, Daemons and Evil Spirits, "OH MY" REVIEW Part12

    in Religion

    Part 4 Corinthians The Gifts of the Spirit This episode will be continuing of reviewing spirits to see if we can find out the characteristics of spirits according to what the scripture tell us about them. will explore the Christian belief of casting out devils and daemons and evil spirits "Oh My" They do it with the power of a book they call the bible which they say it's the Word of God. To them the Bible is the modern day book of magic words and formulas such as the witches secrets to exercise these nasty critters that possess many individual's and objects that they cast out and bind in the name of Jesus.

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    The Cultivation of Our Communities: Whose Job Is It? Part12 of 30

    in Culture

    The Huddle is going to finally expose the truth, by challenging the self-professed Leaders/Leadership of our communities (both religious and secular), the doctrines thereof, and the Majority Consensus. Be ready to call in…