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    Book Discussion: Consensual (Club Imperial Book 1)

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    Join host Debbie Workman, as she chats with Heidi Galbraith and Shirley Bastien for a discussion on the erotic romance,  Consensual (Club Imperial Book 1).  Also Joining the discussion will be Club Imperial author- Katherine Rhodes.

    The door read: Tessa Saint.
    The truth was: she was nothing of the sort.
    Even the name was a lie.

    The woman most men fantasized about, a domme, a walking wet dream, and a master with a whip, Tessa Saint took charge and delivered on that fantasy. But Emmy--the woman Tessa became once she walked out the door of the club--was getting tired of the game. It was time to try the vanilla life.

    The door read: Nathaniel Walsh
    The truth was: the man was an open book
    Emmy was interested in reading.

    Nathaniel was instantly attracted to the enigma of Emmy, and against her better judgement she lead him into her world of whips and blindfolds, kink and domination. Having a man unencumbered with perceptions of her lifestyle, Emmy could not resist Nathaniel at the tip of her lash, his willing bedroom submission.

    The door read: Club Imperial
    The truth was: Emmy hid there in the dark for a reason.
    She should never have left the comfortable shadows.

    Her secrets would find a way to the light- and it was only time until Emmy's lies were torn away and the truth revealed. Nathaniel wasn't ready for that.

    Neither was she.

    **Content Warning: Contains explicit content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Contains BDSM themes, Erotic content and language. 18+ Audience**

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    Live Discussion Card Decks What Do they Mean

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    Live Discussion Card Decks What Do they Mean? Join the conversation with #StarzDragonSpirit and some of our Starz Psychics Advisors for a very informative show.

    For centuries when people have thought of fortune telling, or seeing any type of seer to have their future foretold, they have thought of #Tarot Cards. Well now in this time period, there are hundreds of cards that are NOT tarot cards. There are many such as, regular playing cards, a variety Of Angel cards, Goddesses cards, Druid cards and so forth. If you don’t follow your intuition you may find yourself with many decks, but you may be meant to have many different decks.

    Please join us Mon. Jan. 19. @7-8 p.m. (est.) to discuss and learn about the power and meanings of different card decks. This is an interactive show, which means we want you to call 347-838-9736  & PRESS 1 with a questions, comments or experiences that you personally have had. OR mute to just listen in.

    This is a free show see you there. Phone In, Invite Your Friends.

    Mini readings in chat room (Private Chat), on the show page during live broadcast only. To interact with us in live chat be sure you are logged into your FREE Blog Talk Radio Account.
    Be sure to Keep Reaching For The StarZ For guidance.


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    Stalk us on Twitter
    https://twitter.com/starzpsychics @StarzPsychics

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    The State Of The Union Review and Discussion!

    in Politics Conservative

    With President Obama addressing the nation on Tuesday January 21st, we are going to review and discuss his State of the Union Address.  Is President Obamam really looking out for MAINSTREET and the MIDDLE CLASS or is this more political poking of the sleeping bear?  How much of his agenda was accomplished from his last State Of The Union Address?  All this and much, much more tonight on Live and Direct with G-Ski Rocks!  So join @gskirocks and @airwavesamerica tonight at 9pm Eastern for ALL the action and indepth discussion!

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    The Parsing of The Time and What Must Be Done Part 11

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    Welcome to TheGodSquad Radio Broadcast. This is a platform tha deals with Invincible Truth from the Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The GodSquad will Parse Part 10 of The Time and What Must Be Done with the Twitter General himself Brother Jessie Muhammad. TheGodSquad realizes the Divine importance of this Lecture Series from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is live a Revelation. Everything that is seen today in the world that and is pointed out in these Lecture Series.TheGodSquad will Parse the science behind the words of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. So Join us this Sunday at 6PMEst to deal with this great topic. Tell a friend to help us in Our great Mission to resurrect the dead. With The Time and What Must Be Done Lecture Series.
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    Via paypal: Ministryofjustice85@yahoo.com 

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    Champion Talks Royal Rumble Rundown Part Deux

    in Wrestling

    Its part 2 of our Royal Rumble Rundown! We continue our analysis of the Royal Rumbles. We discuss some of the best Royal Rumble performances and run down the numbers of the best and worst entrants. Of course we will break down our picks for this years Royal Rumble card. Don't forget to give us your pick to win the Rumble and your favorite Rumble win by calling in or by social media (FB- Champion Talk or Twitter @champion_talk) using #CTRRRTrilogy

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    Healing4innerpeace Moving Forward into 2015 Group Discussion

    in Self Help

    We will have a group discussion & take calls latter in the show.  The Gathering is now moving forward in 2015 in new & more focused & organized ways.    This show is about the collective earth humanity & all forms of life & creation on earth that have through conscious intention, action, & individual & group inner work to co-create our new earth.   Of Divine Love, Peace & Harmony for all creation here on earth.  It is now time to fully be the divine love expressions of Creation each of our souls truly are & share our inner truth,  be our inner truth & to no longer be hindered by the past paradigm influences that have steadily lost their control & power.  More of this will be done over the next few years.  We will be doing more shows on this in 2015.    I am a conscious walk in & consciously working with our galactic family to support the whole of creation & the earth population in all forms of life.   These are my own show links.  If you feel guided to talk with me send me a Personal message & mention this group.  I am putting together a show idea with a panel of conscious starseeds that are good speakers on air.  Perhaps a few shows. It is time for all of us who have chosen to awaken & be an active part of co-creating the new earth dimensionality & collective ascension of all life & creation on earth to take the next active step together. NOW    Please respect that all calls are of a focus to support all of the Earth & Creation & related to the show. Focusing on Drama is harmful & disrespectful to yourself & this online radio shows listeners. In Universal Divine Love & Co-creation 

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    The Sony Hack: A Security Community Discussion

    in Technology

    If you’re a security professional, you’ve probably been asked many questions about the December attack on Sony, the pre-emption of the movie The Interview, and the possible implications for enterprises and cyber conflict in the future. Now’s your chance to have that conversation with top experts and your peers in the IT security industry.

    On Jan. 21 at 1pm eastern, you can join a special, one-hour Dark Reading Radio discussion devoted to the Sony hack and the issues that may arise from it. Hosted by Dark Reading editors Tim Wilson and Sara Peters, the discussion will feature expert guest speakers and will address a wide range of questions, including:

    Was the attack really perpetrated by North Korea, and how did they do it?

    What could Sony have done to prevent it? How could they have responded differently?

    If the threat of further attacks prevented theaters from showing a movie, could cyber attackers use similar methods to stop other organizations from conducting business?

    What implications/conclusions should security pros draw from this attack?

    This online radio program will not only allow you to listen in, but you can also ask questions of the experts and participate in a chat-style online discussion.

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    Open Discussion on Real Relationship Issues

    in Relationships

    Relationship Realities is an open forun discussion on the realities of the relationships in your life!  It is an adult forum so it is not suitable for children. Having an adult forun allows us to speak truthfully and directly about whatever the subject matter is.  It is a call in forum with a talk show setting.  All listeners are invited to give theri comments or questions.  It's lively, it's fun and it's informational!!  Call a neighbor, friend, coworker and relative and tell them to listen in to Relationship Realities every Tuesday night, at 9:30!! Make sure you put the kids to bed first!!! ;-)

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    Live with Belle Salisbury Round Table Discussion

    in Spirituality

    Do You Believe In The Existence of Evil?

    Join Belle Salisbury and her round table team of psychics, mediums, and channellers as we discuss the topic of Evil. Do you believe that evil exists? What is evil? Is it man-made to control the masses or a legion of rejected angels sent to wreak havoc on our lives?

    Join Belle Salisbury, Mandy Peterson, Christina Nelson, Nick Fox, Patrick and Lisa Shalosky, and Solana Sheri as we delve into this controversial discussion.

    Join in on this lively discussion and weigh in with your thoughts in our chat room, or give us a call to join in the conversation.

    Belle Salisbury is the owner and creator of Bellesprit Magazine, a free online magazine which brings knowledge and inspiration to those who seek spiritual guidance and education. You can read our magazine at www.bellesprit.com. Join our Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/BellespritMagazine. 

    You can learn more about Belle or schedule a session by visiting her website at www.bellesalisbury.com.
    Follow Belle on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BelleSalisburyPsychicMedium.

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    Curious Times - Bree Peltier and Amy Cavanaugh, Discussion and Readings

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.

    Last time they were on together Amy interviewed Bree. The tables are turned tonight and Bree will interview Amy. Later, we will open up the phone lines and they will give readings for our callers. 

    Amy Cavanaugh is an awakened soul, reiki practitioner, medium and grief counselor living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  She is the owner of Awakening Claire.  Much of her work surrounds assuring death is a dignified, peaceful and sacred experience and survivors heal and develop meaningful ongoing relations with the departed through training intended to focus and sharpen our intuition. 

    https://www.facebook.com/Amyrmaid (amyrmaid’s awakening claire)

    Bree Peltier is an Empath, Intuitive and Tarot Card Reader.

    From an early age Bree struggled to understand her empathy and other abilities, and for a time, following the death of her sister, closed herself off from using them. Following a spirit visit from her crossed over sister at around age 22, and comforted by the message she received, Bree finally felt free to resume practicing her gift and working again to understand more clearly the messages she receives.

    Bree now reads Tarot cards and continues to sharpen her Psychic and Mediumship skills.




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