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    Cafecito Break: La Parranda Empieza/The Holiday Party Starts

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    Hay Party!
    Tonight we celebrate with a virtual fiesta we call parranda and at the same time we honor a Puerto Rican Tradition we love so much.
    “ A parranda is when a small group of friends gathers together to “asaltar” or surprise another friend.  Most parranderos play some sort of instrument, either guitarras, tamboriles, güiro maracas, or palitos. And they all sing.
    The parranderos arrive at the destination and then very quietly gather by the front door. At a signal all start playing their instruments and singing. The parrandas usually begin after 10pm in order to surprise and wake the sleeping friend. The parranderos are invited in and refreshments, music and dance follow. Of course we don’t surprise unsuspecting victims. The parranderos are given plenty of “hints” before hand by the homeowner that he is ready to receive a parranda.    
    The party goes on for an hour or two then everyone, including the owners of the house, leave to parrandear some more. The group grows as they offer their parranda at several houses during that night. At the last house probably around 3 or 4 in the morning the homeowner offers the traditional chicken soup or asopao de pollo. The party is over at dawn.” (excerpt extracted from http://www.elboricua.com/pr_christmas.html)
    Our family participated in a Urban version of this tradition…
    Ahh, those days were so sweet, join me and share some of your memories.
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