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    BioAcoustics for Parkinsons

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    Over the past 30 years Sharry Edwards has pioneered a fascinating technology known as Bioacoustics. She uses a 30 second recording of your voice to diagnose the imbalances that are currently present. For example, are your symptoms caused in part by a deficiency in vitamin D3 or zinc or a defect in a specific gene or eating GMO foods? There are so many possibilities that it becomes overwhelming for everyone. How does she do this? Each aspect of the body (whether it is an organ, vitamin, mineral, gene or whatever) emits a specific frequency. The presence of absence of these frequencies are identified using her vocal profiling technology. Her approach cuts to the quick by identifying which imbalances in the body may be contributing to neurologocial symptoms.
    If you do not know what is causing your symptoms, it becomes overwhelming to decide which of the many available options will help you feel better. Sharry Edwards will offer live voice profile analyses for persons who call into the show. She will also announce a special two day training she will offer in Santa Fe after the Parkinsons Recovery Summit concludes to teach you how to assess and treat imbalances yourself.

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    Salsa for Parkinsons

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    How in the world do you learn how to Salsa dance? There is a way I have just discovered. Morry Krispijn's Dance Company in the Netherlands produced a Salsa DVD which you can use to learn how to dance the Salsa. Isn't that cool?

    Perhaps you are thinking persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons could never do the Salsa. Think again my friends. Morry tells me that persons with Parkinson's are actually quite a bit better at doing Salsa dancing than persons who do not have the symptoms. Isn't that fascinating?  

    I believe Salsa dancing is a fantastic activity for a Parkinsons Support group, especially if you are getting bored with your usual routine. If you are not having enough fun this year, dance to the Salsa. Morry tells me Salsa does wonders for persons who currently experience the neurological symptoms of Parkinsons Disease.
    Start the new year out with Salsa dancing. Try it! I think you will like it.
    Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
    Pioneers of Recovery

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    My Revolutionary Discovery about How to Heal Parkinsons

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    It has been ten years now since I launched my research program to discover the factors that cause Parkinson's disease and the therapies that provide the opportunity to reverse them. Yes, I have succeeded in identifying the many factors that cause the symptoms. And yes, I have succeeded in identifying a surprising number of therapies that help reverse those symptoms. 

    Many people have success with reversing some of their symptoms, but other symptoms linger. The questions that have haunted me have been:

    "Why do more people not succeed in reversing all of their symptoms"? 
    "Since the body really does know to heal itself, why are so many people still having problems?"

    I have documented the stories of some people who have succeeded in becoming symptom free but why - I have wondered to myself - aren't there thousands and thousands of people who have also become symptom free by now?

    After a decade of research, I finally figured out the answer to these most curious questions. It is not an answer I had expected to encounter when I launched my research program. The discovery provides the framework for all of my work at Parkinsons Recovery incuding the Jump Start to Recovery program. You will not be able to second guess the answer.

    Want to know what my recent revolutionary discovery is? Knowing it offers the opportunity for you to begin reversing your symptoms right now. What is the answer? Listen to my show where I discuss my reearch over the past 10 years which has focused on how to reverse the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and become symptom free. 

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    Pedaling for Parkinsons

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    John Carlin talks about his participation in Pedaling for Parkinsons and about the therapies he has discovered help him get wonderful relief from his symptoms. John's interview will be included in the first issue of the Parkinsons Recovery Weekly Reader.

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    Neurofeedback as an Option for Parkinsons

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    Jaclyn Gisburne, Ph.D. sees Parkinsons to be a condition of extreme overwhelm of the central nervous system caused by traumatic events and wrong belief systems. She and her
    colleagues have identified specific traumas that occur prior to the onset of symptoms of Parkinson’s. The final trauma comes with the news of the diagnosis. These traumatic
    events result in brain wave distortions that ensure the survival of the person until resolution can be achieved. If resolution does not occur, distortions continue to run
    denying access to dopamine reserves. The body becomes exhausted by the stress and continues to decline unless resolution is found.

    Dr. Gisburne Ph.D. discuss her perspective on Parkinsons on the show today and explains the neurofeedback process she uses to address trauma. She will also present an exciting workshop on neurofeedback at the 2013 Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico in February.

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    Neurofeedback Reverses Parkinsons Symptoms

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    Key questions everyone wants answers to are: what causes the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and what can you do about it? Dr. Jacyln Gisburne, Ph.D., has profound answers to both of these questions.
    She has focused her research attention on identifying the circumstances that cause the symptoms of Parkinsons using a neurofeedback technology known as beta resets. After working with a wide range of persons with Parkinson's symptoms, Dr. Gisburne finds that the cause is often rooted in early childhood experiences. How do her findings match with your own early background?
    Listen to the show to discover the answer. Dr. Gisburne is one of 18 remarkable individuals who will be presenting their discoveries at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Santa Fe. New Mexico February,. 2013.

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    Parkinsons Recovery Update

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    Listen to the show today to get the news and happenings at Parkinsons Recovery.

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    2012 Parkinsons Recovery Summit

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    The event of the year for anyone who currently experiences the symptoms of Parkinsons is happening June 22-23 in Cincinnati. Learn all about the options that will be available for participants to explore at the Summit this year. Dee Yoh discuss the theory behind one of the workshops to be offered on family constellations - an approach that identifies and clears entanglements in families that contribute to chronic illness generation after generation. The Parkinsons Recovery Summit will be an historic event that you will not want to miss. For further information visit: www.summit.parkinsonsrecovery.com

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    Ayurveda for Parkinsons

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    Ayurveda is a tried and true approach to recovery from disease that originated thousands of years ago. What is Ayurveda? Is it effective for persons with neurological challenges like Parkinson's? What changes are necessary to see recovery unfold? Hear answers on the show today to these questions and more. Mark Keister has introduced Ayruveda to clients for 30 years. He currently practices in France. Many of his clients have experienced neurological challenges, so his perspective is gounded in a rich history that spans across four decades.
    You will be dazzled by his insights and suggestions for what is required to jump start a recovery program.

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    Ketones as Alternative Fuel for Parkinsons

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    My guest Dr. Mary Newport, MD, author of Alzheimers, What if There was a Cure?, discusses the potential support that coconut oil and MCT oil can provide for persons who currently experience symptoms of Parkinsons, especially those involving dementia.
    Plaques and tangles are known to be hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease, but another important aspect of Alzheimer’s is decreased glucose uptake into cells due to decreased production of insulin and resistance to insulin. 
    In 1967 it was first reported that the brain can use ketone bodies or ketones as an alternative fuel to glucose; this normally occurs during starvation for more than 48 hours or when adhering to a strict ketogenic diet, one that is high in fat and low in carbohydrate and protein.  
    Levels of ketones produced from consuming MCT oil have been shown to produce cognitive improvement in nearly half of people with Alzheimer’s and mild cognitive impairment after one dose and also after three months of treatment.  Coconut oil contains about 60% of medium chain fatty acids and is the richest natural source, and MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil or palm kernel oil and is 100% medium chain fatty acids.
    Glucose PET scans in persons with Parkinson’s disease and certain other neurodegenerative diseases also show decreased glucose uptake in certain parts of the brain.  In addition, many people with Parkinson’s will go on to develop Alzheimer’s type dementia, therefore this dietary intervention could be beneficial both to treat Parkinson’s and also to prevent and treat the related dementia. 
    Dr. Newport's website: www.coconutketones.com

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    A Fresh Perspective on Parkinsons Disease

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    A diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease is actually a diagnosis that is made after all other possibilities are eliminated by standard diagnostic tests. As such, Parkinson's Disease is otherwise known as a garbage can diagnosis. During the show today, Sharry Edwards from Sound Health Options is the host and for a switch, Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. from Parkinsons Recovery is the guest.  Both offer fresh perspectives on the factors that  contribute to the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease. Sharry Edwards is one of eleven contributors to the new book Pioneers of Recovery (www.pioneersofrecovery.com)