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    "Pariah" the film

    in Film

    In 2007 Dee Rees (writer/director) and Nekisa Cooper(producer) made a short film entitled “Pariah” about a lesbian teenager juggling multiple identities to avoid rejection from her family and friends. “Pariah” seeks to personalize the struggles of gay/lesbian youth of color in such a way that evokes empathy, opens doors to communication, and promotes dialogue within families. The film has screened in over 40 film festivals around the world and won over 25 awards across the mainstream, LGBT and people of color festival spectrum. Some of the wins include Outfest, NewFest, Frameline and the Philly LGBT Fest as well as Urbanworld VIBE, etc.

    Join us as we discuss the new journey that “Pariah” is taking with The Netflix Find Your Voice Film Competition.

  • I'm Bully-Proof!! - "Taking back your personal power!!"

    in Youth

    In light of recent events, the call for a strong stance against bullying is needed now more than EVER!

    Unity Day was started by PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center as a signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month. The call to action was to "Make it Orange and Make it End. Unite Against Bullying!" 

    In tribute to Unity Day, we will explore the very undersetimated pariah of bullying in today's society... 

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    in Politics Progressive

    The GOP is on course to soon become an absolute political pariah in terms of appeal to a national electorate.

    While the approval rating for Congress is extremely low, for the GOP it's almost nonexistent.

    Richard Nixon had an approval rating of around 9% when he left office in 1974 and that's pretty much where The GOP finds itself today.

    They are an outcast (In India they'd be called "untouchables").






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    Chatting With A Star of the Sundance Hit Pariah!

    in Culture

    Living the Dream talks with Sahra Mellesse a Los Angles based actress who had one of her dreams come true when she was cast in the independent film Pariah. The films gritty realistic tale of a young lesbian named Alike, a New york teengaer who begins to discover who she is, was a favorite at Sundance and went on to receive critical acclaim. We talk to Sahra about her journey through Hollywood what insprired her dreams and what is was like to land a dream role!

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    Pariah Syntax: A Conversation with Byron Case

    in Culture

    Byron Case is currently housed in Crossroads Correctional Center in Missouri serving consecutive life sentences for a crime he did not commit.  Despite, his incarceration he has been writing dilligently, and publishing his work.  Today he is our guest on The Intended Life Radio to discuss his new book release, The Pariah's Syntax: Notes From an Innocent Man. 

    On the show you'll hear an excerpt from his latest book, available at redbatbooks.com.  Byron is a very talented and intelligent writer, his latest release is a collection of short stories, and poems taken from his life as an outsider, in an honest and witty style.  I'll be interviewing Byron today about how creativity plays a role in his life at Crossroads, what he has to share with those on the "outside", and where the indomitable spirit can be found even when serving life sentences as an innocent man.  

    To read more about Byron and his campaign for release you can go to FreeByronCase.org

    You can also read regular submissions from Byron at Pariahblog.com


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    in Politics Progressive

    Dylann Roof a  A 21-year-old South Carolinian --- admits he did it, two law enforcement officials said -- shooting and killing nine people he'd sat with for Bible study at a historically black church (Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church) in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday night of this week.


    I'm sorry, but there's just something about WHITE PEOPLE & GUNS That Is A Most Dangerous Concoction Of A Cocktail For Utter Violence & Mayhem!


    We Do Not Live In A Well-Regulated Society.  We Live In A Money Talks, Bullshit Walks Society.


    We Don't Live In A Truly Free Society, Rather We Live In A Free-For-All Society.  There's A Big Fucking Difference!


    Your Right To Bear Arms Ends With My Right To Ambulate Through This Life Unimpeded By Completely Unnecessary Appendages/Accoutrements --- i.e., Bullet Firing Mechanisms, GUNS!


    Say What You Will About The 2nd Amendment But The Framers Of The Constitution Never SERIOUSLY --- & The Emphasis Is On SERIOUSLY ---- Considered The Right To Bear Arms As An "Individual" Thing ---- But A Societal Thing, i.e., MILITIA ---- & A Well-Regulated One At That!


    2nd Amendmenters --- Shut The Fuck Up & Just Know That Your Day Is Coming & Don't Even Try To Push Back!


    You'll Be Ostracized As Social Pariah To Start With & Over Time Your Social Standing & Views Will Become Much More Anathema To The Average American & Will More & More Appear Incompatible To What It Means To Be A Truly Normal, Well-Regulated, Civilized Human Being And Citizen.


    You Can Look Around The World And See That The Amount Of Murders & Fatalities Due To Guns Is A FRACTION Of What It Is In This Country.

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    Israel - Global Pariah or Promised Land?

    in News

    This week on Sott Talk Radio your hosts will be discussing the ongoing conflict in Israel/Palestine and other major recent events in world news. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the world's longest running conflict, yet very few people know its actual history, when and why it began and why it continues to this day. Even fewer have any understanding of how, because of the conflict, the state of Israel and its 'intelligence agency' the Mossad, has weilded and weilds vastly disproptionate (relative to its size and population) power on the world stage and has thereby contributed significantly to the course of our modern civilization.

    With their usual insightful (and sometimes controversial) analysis, your hosts Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley will be delving into this topic and other major events of the last few months including the recent spate of 'downed' commercial aircraft,  the ongoing information war between the 'West' and Russia over Ukraine, and much more.

    We hope you'll join us from 2-4pm EST - 11am-1pm PST - 8-10pm CEST, for your weekly dose of truth-telling this Sunday July 27th 2014.

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    PNN - National Progressive Voices

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN welcomes National Progressive Journalists 

    Greg Palast internationally known former BBC reported and financial writer addresses some of the challenges progressives face in 2015

    We'll also be joined by Lori Price Publisher of  Citizens for Legitimate Government and Well-known GOOGLE Pariah will discuss her perspective on some of the new stories of the day.

    We will also be joined by Cris Costello to give us the HEADS UP on the Clean Water Rally in Tallahassee coming Feb. 18th 

    TUNE IN Sunday 

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    From the Mind of Pauline Griffin

    in Writing

    Pauline (P. M.) Griffin, writing since her early childhood, enjoys telling a good tale. Since she always works with characters and situations that are deeply interesting to her, she finds the research as rewarding as the scribbling/keying. 

    Her Irish love of story-telling, coupled with her passion for history, the natural world, and the above-mentioned research,  have resulted in 19 novels and 12 short stories, 2 Muse Medallion Award winners among them, all in the challenging realms of science fiction and fantasy. 

    Pauline lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her cats Jinx, Katie, and Nickolette and 3 tropical fish aquariums and devotes just about every 'spare' moment to writing, research, and reading. 

    All her published books and stories to date are s-f or fantasy. Her solid adventure tales are character-driven and character-oriented. Two of the short stories won the Cat Writers' Association's Muse Medallion Award. Her books are for adults (because of vocabulary, sentence structure, etc., not because of objectionable content), although a good reader who is much younger would also enjoy them. She could have read any of them at the age of 10 or 11.

    Visit Pauline at www.pmgriffin.com/.

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    The View Up Here talks Harper foreign policy with Kyle Farquharson

    in Politics

    There is no area of reputation or esteem that Canada has suffered more from the Harper junta than Foreign Affairs. Canada used to be on the UN Security Council. Canada used to be in the UN Human Rights Commission. Canada used to be known as a peacekeeper nation, a fair broker, an honorable player. Like so many things to Canadians, those days are gone. Emperor being in New York the very day of a major summit at the UN, and he chooses to lunch with corporate elite and drop more information about Canada than he does when in Canada. Minister of Bellowing and Foreign Affairs John Baird addressing the General Assembly's empty chairs. Minister of Unemployment and Multidivision Jason Goering being himself, tweeting manufactured facts. The plain truth is, the world doesn't care what these hacks have to say.

    Now we have a chance for Emperor to play the "at war" PM, since he was so disappointed we missed out on Iraq in 2003. Polls having nothing to do with it, of course. The dichotomy of the Harper position on Ukraine, Sri Lanka, China, West Africa, the list goes on. Without even mentioning the "Likud can do no wrong" position from this gang. Where do these decisions lead Canada? And where are the other parties on this?

    Kyle Farquharson is an independent journalist, freelance writer, and photographer from Vancouver, B.C., with a master's degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia. He wrote his graduate thesis on the Occupy Wall Street movement, and has a keen interest in social movements, political theory, environmentalism, and international relations. You can follow him on Twitter @kylefarq.

    Foreign Affairs has been a subject not delved into on the show adequately. Join Kyle and myself and we will look into the damage done to Canada on the international stage by this rogue administration.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Obama Legacy

    in Politics Conservative

    Did Tuesday night really happen?; Barack Obama: a pariah in his own time and destroyer of the Democrat Party for a generation, or the guarantor of Democrat dominance forever?  Regardless of Tuesday's tsunami, the latter is only a pen and a phone away; Black conservatives try a different approach, and brother, did it ever work; Why Republicans must leave Harry (G)Reid's nuking of the judicial filibuster right where it is; and the Obamedia's bogus advice for breaking “gridlock.”