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    Enabler: Parents,Children,Husband,Friends,and Wives

    in Hip Hop Music

    one that enables another to achieve an end; especially : one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior (as substance abuse) by providing excuses or by helping that individual avoid the consequences of such behavior.

    what is enabler: something or someone that makes it possible for a particular thing to happen or be don

    “Courage and cheerfulness will not only carry you over the rough places in life, but will enableyou to bring comfort and help to the weak-hearted and will console you in the sad hours

  • "Should Parents and Their Children Act/Demonstrate Behaviors as Equal Friends?:

    in Family

    If you think that parents and their children should function as equal friends or have that type of friendship, please listen live to this show and let us know what you think.

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    Why Are Our Rebellious Children Mad With Us Parents?

    in Education

    This segment is about why our children turning against adults and defying laws that are suppose to bring order?

    Question... Why is our rebellious children mad at us adults.

    What is the reason they feel no one cares about them?

    Why are our children stealing, killing, and destroying in their environment.

    What do we as adult/parent as an inheritance for them?

    I come to discuss whether rapid technological changes, economic woes, and high-profile violence in the media are causing Americans to unravel at the seams.

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    Why Are Our Rebellious Children Mad With Us Parents: Part 2

    in Radio

    Do your adult children cuss at you and call you names and hurt you for being a good and decent parent?

    Children that were raised in a structured Home and environment, became adults to live chaotic lifestyles..did they do it to be rebellious? Why do children that become adults, decide to choose the road of disappointments and blame the parents?

    Did rebellious adult children that were children think their parents were strict, had other siblings that needed attention that were much younger then they or maybe they just did not want to grow up?

    Why some adult children don't want to be nothing like their orderly and structure parents?

    Is this behavior a rights of passage to let natural consequences take it's inevitable toll on their lives, when they don't want to listen to reason that would lead them to a much happier road to success and a life that is rewarding.

    When children that become adults don't want their parents to be a part of their lives, is it because they want to make them pay for all the good they did in their lives by using structure or order. 

    Should the parent just let go? Its their lives. Hold them accountable, don't let them make you feel guilty for thier choices. Just don't give up on them.

    Join us on a mission to empower parents on how to let go of their rebellious adult children  that love their life in chaos,and live the life you always wanted...PEACE!!

  • The THINGS that Children take their parents through!!!!

    in Religion

    There are so many PARENTS that are being tortured by their children: there are so many children that have GOOD parents but REFUSE to listen to them: There are so many parents that are being used by their children...God forbid if the other parent is EVIL and teaches the children to go against the other parent: There are children that will Steal Money from their parents, obtain parking tickets, they go to jail and the parent have to BAIL them out: There are children that figure when they are GROWN that they have the RIGHT to call their Parents by their FIRST NAME....You know it's the TRUTH...WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?????? THE BIBLE SAID IT!!! Let's chat!!!

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    Da Jumpoff- Should Parents Be Friends With Their Children

    in Hip Hop Music

    On this episode of Da Jumpoff our Hot Topic will be "Should Parents Be Friends With Their Children". This subject right here could get a lil turnt up. Freda No Filter and Dj Erryythang Gucci will be letting you know how they feel with no sugar coating. Do you think parents should drink and drug with their children? Should Parents fight side by side with their children? We wanna know how you feel about this so call in and let us know. Also on this episode we will be having our first "A moment with Pennywell" segment. This segment is guaranteed to have you dead ain't no telling what da hell Da Pres gone be on.

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    Should Parents Sue To Protect Children From Mandatory Vaccinations?

    in Women

    A law will soon go into effect making it mandatory for infants and children to be vaccinated in order to attend school, otherwise, they must be homeschooled. Many parents object to having their children injected with diseases. Is this a violation of civil rights to force parents to submit their children to unwanted injections just to receive an education? Studies have shown a relationship between vaccinations and autism in black male children. Is this a sinister plot by the pharmaceutical industry to increase profits at the expense of our children's health? How do we prevent another "Tusgeegee Experiment"? Should parents file a class action suit to stop this government action of forced vaccinations

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    18 Year Old Girl Sues Parents

    in Religion

    An eighteen year old girl is suing her parents in a New Jersey court.  The girl said the parents kicked her out of their home and refuses to provide any financial support although they are clearly able.  The parents say she left on her own will because she didn’t want to follow their rules.

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    Helping Parents Age Gracefully

    in Health

    When taking care of an elderly parent, how many of you have actually given thought or made preparations ahead of time for the possible onslaught of health, emotional, financial and legal challenges that go along with caregiving.

    Nearly 10 million adult children over age 50 now care for an aging parent. They are helping with helping with dressing, feeding, bathing, and other personal care needs. However, this level of help goes well beyond grocery shopping, driving parents to appointments, and helping them with financial matters. And it's more stressful as well.

    Join me, MSKeepItMoving on the next episode of The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show, "Helping Parents Age Gracefully." My special guest will give us tips and suggestions on how we can keep our peace of mind and still help our parents continue to live the quality of life with the dignity they deserve.

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    Are You My Real Parents?

    in Radio

    Should you tell an adopted child the truth or keep it a secret?

  • Da Jumpoff- Step Parents disciplining Step Children

    in Hip Hop Music

    On this episode of Da Jump off our hot topic will be Step Parents and should they discipline their step children. Also tonight on da show we will be talking briefly with Da Pres Willie Penny well to find out what he has to say after being detained and released by law enforcement about his past interviews on Da Jumpoff. Da show doesn't stop there on our #TeamBBW segment Queen Tee will be conducting an interview with "The Plus Size Vix3n" who's page was shared by The Baddest Bitch herself Trina!!! This interview is going to be a lil wild. Special showtime tonight is 6:30 cst.