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    Why Are Our Rebellious Children Mad With Us Parents?

    in Education

    This segment is about why our children turning against adults and defying laws that are suppose to bring order?

    Question... Why is our rebellious children mad at us adults.

    What is the reason they feel no one cares about them?

    Why are our children stealing, killing, and destroying in their environment.

    What do we as adult/parent as an inheritance for them?

    I come to discuss whether rapid technological changes, economic woes, and high-profile violence in the media are causing Americans to unravel at the seams.

  • 01:13

    Why Are Our Rebellious Children Mad With Us Parents: Part 2

    in Radio

    Do your adult children cuss at you and call you names and hurt you for being a good and decent parent?

    Children that were raised in a structured Home and environment, became adults to live chaotic lifestyles..did they do it to be rebellious? Why do children that become adults, decide to choose the road of disappointments and blame the parents?

    Did rebellious adult children that were children think their parents were strict, had other siblings that needed attention that were much younger then they or maybe they just did not want to grow up?

    Why some adult children don't want to be nothing like their orderly and structure parents?

    Is this behavior a rights of passage to let natural consequences take it's inevitable toll on their lives, when they don't want to listen to reason that would lead them to a much happier road to success and a life that is rewarding.

    When children that become adults don't want their parents to be a part of their lives, is it because they want to make them pay for all the good they did in their lives by using structure or order. 

    Should the parent just let go? Its their lives. Hold them accountable, don't let them make you feel guilty for thier choices. Just don't give up on them.

    Join us on a mission to empower parents on how to let go of their rebellious adult children  that love their life in chaos,and live the life you always wanted...PEACE!!

  • The THINGS that Children take their parents through!!!!

    in Religion

    There are so many PARENTS that are being tortured by their children: there are so many children that have GOOD parents but REFUSE to listen to them: There are so many parents that are being used by their children...God forbid if the other parent is EVIL and teaches the children to go against the other parent: There are children that will Steal Money from their parents, obtain parking tickets, they go to jail and the parent have to BAIL them out: There are children that figure when they are GROWN that they have the RIGHT to call their Parents by their FIRST NAME....You know it's the TRUTH...WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?????? THE BIBLE SAID IT!!! Let's chat!!!

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    Da Jumpoff- Should Parents Be Friends With Their Children

    in Hip Hop Music

    On this episode of Da Jumpoff our Hot Topic will be "Should Parents Be Friends With Their Children". This subject right here could get a lil turnt up. Freda No Filter and Dj Erryythang Gucci will be letting you know how they feel with no sugar coating. Do you think parents should drink and drug with their children? Should Parents fight side by side with their children? We wanna know how you feel about this so call in and let us know. Also on this episode we will be having our first "A moment with Pennywell" segment. This segment is guaranteed to have you dead ain't no telling what da hell Da Pres gone be on.

  • Da Jumpoff- Step Parents disciplining Step Children

    in Hip Hop Music

    On this episode of Da Jump off our hot topic will be Step Parents and should they discipline their step children. Also tonight on da show we will be talking briefly with Da Pres Willie Penny well to find out what he has to say after being detained and released by law enforcement about his past interviews on Da Jumpoff. Da show doesn't stop there on our #TeamBBW segment Queen Tee will be conducting an interview with "The Plus Size Vix3n" who's page was shared by The Baddest Bitch herself Trina!!! This interview is going to be a lil wild. Special showtime tonight is 6:30 cst.

  • Parents and How they are faced with Challenges from their Child/Children

    in Family

    I received over 10,000 emails regarding families that are torn a part from demonic forces that is geared towards taking over their lives.  The parents/parent is crying out for help.....Let's chat

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    Parents Rights and Vaccination

    in Christianity

    Big Question: Should Parents Have The Right To Refuse Vaccines For Their Children?

    The Anti-Vaccine Generation: How Movement Against Shots Got Its Start

    Mistrust and misinformation give a shot in the arm to measles vaccine naysayers.

    By Laura Parker , National Geographic

    PUBLISHED Fri Feb 06 16:03:00 EST 2015

    You could call New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul members of the "vax generation."

    Born in 1962 and 1963, respectively, they were in grade school when the newly developed measles vaccine became the life-saving advance that protected millions from a highly contagious childhood disease. Though not as scary as polio, it was potent enough to strike four million kids, hospitalize 48,000 of them with complications, and kill more than 400 every year.

    That both men stoked an anti-vax movement this week by suggesting in the middle of a national measles outbreak that parents should be allowed to choose whether to vaccinate their children speaks to a generational shift in thinking about science and politics. Parents should have "some measure of choice" in vaccinating their children, Christie told a reporter, while Paul called the decision not to vaccinate "an issue of freedom."

    Check this out: http://www.vaclib.org/email/makevacs.htm


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    Should Parents Pay Fines When Children Misbehave In School?

    in Women

    As adults, we learn that mistakes cost money - whether it's late fees for forgetting to pay a bill on time or traffic ticket fees for failing to stop at a stop light. When children misbehave in school, the price is often suspension - meaning they have to stay home from school. Is that really punishment for a child, or is it a vacation day?  Many teachers feel that failure to train a child to behave properly is an infraction committed by parents for which they should be fined. Is that fair? Or will that encourage parents to take more responsibility for their child's behavior? How much should a parent be fined when a child repeatedly disrupts the class while the teacher is teaching? How much for bullying other students? How much for when a child starts a fight? If fines are not paid, should the parent have to do community service at the school in order to work off the debt?  Should the parent have to attend a parenting class after receiving a certain number of fines? Based on your ideas, we will present this as a proposal to school boards as an alternative to suspension, which takes a child out of school, prevents learning, and does not correct the behavioral problem caused by a lack of parenting skills.

  • 01:44

    Teaching Children Respect

    in Christianity

    Do Your Kids Respect You? 9 Ways to Change Their Attitude

    By Janet Lehman, MSW

    We often forget that children aren’t born with a built-in sense of respect for others. While each child has a different personality, all children need to be taught to be respectful. From birth, kids learn to manipulate their world to get their needs met—this is natural. But it’s our job as parents to teach them respectful ways of doing this.

    People wonder why kids have gotten so much more disrespectful these days—we see children and teens arguing with adults (or ignoring them outright), using foul language, copping an attitude, and not using manners or respecting those in authority. Sadly, this has become the norm for many children and teens. In my opinion, it really is a different world right now than the one we grew up  in. Movies, music, video games and television all seem to glorify a disrespectful, angry, rude way of dealing with others. This means that in some ways we have to work harder as parents to teach our kids to be respectful. Added to this is the fact that parents are also busier than ever before, which makes it much harder to respond immediately to our kids. Let’s face it, it’s easier to let things slide when you’re worn out and stressed from working so hard. 




  • 01:47

    The Boys Around The Table Children Obey Your Parents

    in Christianity

    Please Join Dr. Teresa Graham and The Boys Around The Table @ 5;00PM (CST) 6:00PM (EST) as they discuss "Children Obey Your Parents." ( Proverbs 22:6-"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it)." Please share this show with someone who has children. To call into the show LIVE- please dial into the show @ (516) 531-9244 or tune in by clicking the link: www.blogtalkradio.com/drteresagraham. Have a blessed day! 

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    Spiritual Parents: Altars, and Tools for the Path

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever wondered why most ancient cultures speak so much about Angels, the Gods, and powerful spirits, and how they're intertwined with the lives of man? Maybe you want to know what they have to do with your life? Whether there are technologies such as Altars mentioned in many cultures mythologies and scriptures, which can help transform your life?

    Well this sunday we have an expert in author, metaphysician, and spiritual guide, Bro S Ali Myers on these subjects in a dynamic discussion to bless the airwaves with his insights into the importance of discovering your spiritual parents, how to build your altar, and tips for the spiritual journey. He's going to help those on the spiritual journey gain a better understanding & get their game to the next level. Join us in our conversation on Altars, Spiritual Parents, and wisdom for the Journey, as our special guest takes us there. Join myself and Robert Lorenzo and get your questions ready!

    S. Ali Myers is a Spiritual Development expert and considered an authority in Metaphysics, chiefly in Numerology and Altar Work. With a broad and balanced background in many esoteric and occult studies, he specializes in guiding those unfamiliar with or newly coming into Spirituality and Metaphysics with information and practices to provide a strong foundation. Ali is author of the #1 bestselling book, “Deity Linkage Manual”, and his writings have been featured on some of the top metaphysical and holistic sites in the World including Before It's News, in5d, Waking Times, Conscious Life News, and more! Through his consulting practice, teaching platforms, radio show hosting, and YouTube channels, Ali continues to help thousands grow and develop spiritually on the path to claiming their Divinity. website: salimyers.com