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    Rediscovering the Joy of Learning with APS Teachers

    in Homeschooling

    Loving Learning - Rediscovering the Joy

    Hosted by Global Online Access Possibilties School teachers, Christine DiDomenico, Adelle King, Simone Padur and Sylvia Puentes

    Join us every week, beginning Monday, February 1, at 12:30 Pacific, to talk about kids, teachers, parents, education, home and so much more.

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    Parents Perspective .................. What's Next?

    in College & High School

    How can we best support our children is an ongoing conversation.  Each week we can highlight another aspect of the recruiting process that can bring you a little closer to reaching your goal.  Sports is a part of little that we all learn from.  Whether you are an athlete or not, sports has plenty to offer.  We as parents of athletes, can use each lesson of the game as teaching tools to success.

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    Are Racially Biased Teachers Bullying Students?

    in Women

    Whe you're in elementary school, a teacher seems to be the most powerful person in your life. A teacher can send home a bad report, keep you from passing to the next grade, publicly humiliate you in class, and make your time in school a nightmare. Or a teacher can be the doorway to enlightenment, inspiration and lifelong motivation toward high achievement. Teachers have a lot of influence, however, they are just regular human beings with faults and shortcomings just like everybody else. When teachers bring their own prejudices and biases into the classroom, they can make life hell for the students they disfavor. How do you find out if your child is being "bullied" by a teacher that really does dislike them, for whatever reason? What should you say in a private meeting with a teacher?


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    Kate Walsh, NCTQ president on their new report on textbooks. NCTQ always asks the right questions and their new report is no exception.

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    Teachers & Parents: Working Together or at Odds

    in Self Help

    Who’s responsible for a child to learn math, reading, comprehension, writing and other fundamental skills? Is it the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian or the teacher? Do you think that they should share the responsibility? Yes, is the obvious answer, but is it really that simple?  “It takes a village to raise a child.” In other words, it takes the encouragement from many individuals in a child’s life to assist them as they learn valuable social skills and strive to achieve academic success. After all, these children are our future, the future leaders of our world. Are we working together? Are we, teachers and parents, doing our part to help them become productive members of society?

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    Phone: 662-779-2400 • Email: winstoncshc@mail.com
    Web: www.wcshc.com

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    Cathy Harris Will Interview Scott and Melanie McClure, Tantra Teachers

    in Family

    Scott and Melanie McClure are Tantra Teachers that have been practicing and studying Love Yoga for 8 years together.  Scott McClure has a BBA from UT and an MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler.  He has worked in Corporate America managing businesses with hundred of millions of dollars in sales, and have been a serial entrepreneur creating a variety of educational companies.  He has also been a certified life coach for many years and facilitated multi-million dollar transactions.  

    Melanie McClure has a BBA from UT is a certified teacher and experienced camp counselor.  She is also a natural Tantrika that has been practicing Tantra for 8 years with Scott, with whom she is ecstatically married, and teaching with him for two years.  Together they have learned from many Tantra schools and have become full-time Certified Teachers with Tantra Heart.  

    You can reach them at email address texastantrika@gmail.com and phone numbers -- Scott 512-750-7404 and Melanie 512-968-1033.

    The websites are:





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    Teen Dating Violence Awareness: A Conversation with Latin@ Parents

    in Women

    Even parents who work in the domestic violence field don't have all the answers when it comes to talking to their children about healthy relationships, domestic violence and sexual assault. Nallely Castro Montoya, Youth Initiatives Specialist and Lois Gutierrez, Youth Family Advocate, will speak with Rosario de la Torre, Community Advocacy and Partnerships Manager and Ivette Izea Martinez, Community Engagement Manager, about successes and challenges they've faced when talking to their children about these important topics.

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    All Spiritual Teachers are NOT Created Equal.....

    in Lifestyle

    There are Spiritual teachers of light and insight and then there are people calling themselves" spiritual teachers" who are full of ego that currupt and devalue an essence, a belief of integrity, once constructed from pure intent.

    Here we look at a brave accounting of the documentary called "Karmageddon" , written by Filmaker and author Jeff Brown. It takes a look at how people of influence, anywhere in life, but specifically here in the spiritual community,  can use their egos to manipulate, here in the most profane, in the name of God, or as in Spirituality.

    Walking one's talk , is both the responsibility and evolution necessary in one who claims to be a teacher of any kind, let alone spirituality. I have watched too many people , come in and ride a wave that is a good monetary platform and hold no integrity in what they are doing. This creates distrust among an industry, but within an industry based upon justice, ethics, and love, we often see egomongers claiming to be enlightened or a spiritual elite.. tainting those who come with pure intention.

    This documentary shows people why they should never give their power away to anyone, and how easy it is for manipulators to prey upon vulnerable souls; be aware.

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    Ellen Moir, the founder of NTC, is our guest on the resources that schools and their new teacher can use to impact student learning.

    Presented by SolutionTree

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    Coaching Teachers and Leaders for Equity & Excellence

    in Education

    School reform is often thought of in terms of school and district initiatives.  Our guest this month, Gene Thompson-Grove, will discuss how her career working with teachers and leaders to inact change at the classroom level in schools and district has made a difference.   She will also discuss the challenges to this work in the way schools are currently configured and operate.
    Gene Thompson-Grove’s work focuses on building the capacity for transformational learning. She has 35 years of experience leading seminars on creating professional learning communities, coaching collaborative learning groups, examining student work collaboratively, developing facilitative leadership skills, and designing and facilitating adult learning experiences. She is a founding Board member of the School Reform Initiative (SRI).  Ms. Thompson-Grove began her career in Watertown MA as a high school and middle school English teacher.  She has a B.A. in English and Secondary Education from Boston College and received her M.Ed from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.
    Join us for what will be a great discussion.

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    The Tribute to My Favorite Spiritual Teachers Show

    in Spirituality

    This show is all about a tribute to my favorite spiritual teachers, who have helped uplift me and teach me all about who I really am—a spiritual being having a human experience, not a human beings having spiritual experiences. I would like to thank the great Wayne Dyer, the marvelous Neale Donald Walsch, the ‘Teachings of Abraham’ Esther Hicks, The Secret’s Ronda Byrne, my sister Miriam and more, so don’t miss it!