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    From the inside looking out, and Beyond

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    November 12 at 8pm central, 9pm eastern, join myself, Philip Smith, along with featured co-host Dana Olivas as we talk about the prison system. I will talk about my 10 years in the Texas Department of Corrections, my own thoughts of the system and fellow inmates and guards. Dana will give her insight from the other side of the walls. The feelings she has been going through as a loved one waiting. I encourage family members of those behind bars to call in and ask any questions and or comments. Hopefully I will be able to answer your questions. I encourage both sides of the prison system to use this forum to discuss ideas to make all our lifes better or at least a little easier. This may be a no holds barred discussion at times so please be aware. This is the link to my Blog which contents so many of my thoughts and stories of my time in Prison.


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    Feeling Good From The Inside Out

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    How to feel good from the inside-out with Dr. DePrince 

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    Healing From The Inside Out and From Trauma to Triumph

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    Sue Ingebretson: Healing From The Inside Out


    Sue Ingebretson is a Fibromyalgia Expert. After her own health began spiraling out of control, Sue began her journey through a maze of traditional and nontraditional healing methods. Her best-selling book, FibroWHYalgia, is an expose of facts, fibs, and fairytales of failing health and practical solutions to start your own healing journey. Sue is the Fibromyalgia Expert for the Alliance Health and ProHealth.com and the Director of Program Development for the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Center at California State University. She’s been featured in FIRST for Women magazine, the nationally syndicated health TV program, Know the Cause!, and KABC radio.



    Erica Tucci: From Trauma to Triumph


    Erica Tucci was blazing through life as a corporate manager for a Fortune 500 Company, an author of several books, and the owner of a healing arts business until she had a stroke. Her world was dramatically changed, and Erica was forced to slow down. But Erica realized this was a new challenge and embraced the opportunity to find parts of herself she had rarely used. Erica is now a certified life coach, licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, and Tarot Reader. She's also written a few more books, including Radiant Survivor: How to Shine and Thrive through Recovery from Stroke, Cancer, Abuse, Addiction and Other Life-Altering Experiences.

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    Beauty from the Inside Out "Raising Your Inner Beauty" by Susan Miner

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    First, I would like to share my story with you. I became a model while still in high school. Over the course of my career, I was one of the “Most Unforgettable Women of the World” for Revlon and graced the covers of “Vogue and Elle Magazines” and numerous more. Yes, I know it sounds like a fairytale and yes; I had a passport full of stamps and was living the jet-set life. I knew something was missing in my life. I had to make a change.

    I was getting paid tons of money for how I looked while secretly hating myself. While smiling and posing for the camera my thoughts often only contained recollections of perceived failures, shortcomings, or waistlines that were too snug. In retrospect, I realized that I was redirecting my inner conflicts of anger, sadness and shame onto my outward body.


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    Parenting From The Inside Out

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    Week 15: Answering Questions About Challenging Behaviors
    This week on Parenting From the Inside Out listeners will be challenged to consider new ideas and new ways to handle challenging behaviors. Michelle Alden knows our tendency is to reject new ideas and new ways of doing things. We have been taught to see children and their behaviors a certain way. And the concepts shared on this show with you today will probably be very different from the way you were taught or parented. Change is not easy, but the challenge presented to us by our kids from hurt places demands us to think and act differently. 

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    Parenting From The Inside Out

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    Teaching and Training and Real Discipline- Part 2 of Parents and Power Struggles
    Parenting children is a difficult challenge at times. Their behaviors can be puzzling, draining and distressing for adults. This week on Parenting From the Inside Out we will be talking about common power struggles parents have their children and listeners will have an opportunity to hear how to continue to connect and stay relational with their child in the worst of times. 

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    Jackie Vernon-Thompson Shares From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette

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    In Jan. 2014, Jackie Vernon-Thompson, Founder and President of From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette LLC, was inspired by the Holy Spirit to create a school that teaches girls to perform at their optimum. In our fast-paced society, there is a definite need for this service.

    Jackie has earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business focusing on Communications. A certified Etiquette Consultant for the International community, Jackie has worked with girls in the urban and suburban communities for many years and is blessed with the ability to meet each girl where she is in order to be effective. For several years, she has been afforded the opportunity to conduct etiquette skills and self-enhancement workshops at her church for a girl’s group called the Pearlettes.

    From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette LLC works with each girl internally, with her attitude, what she thinks of herself, the standards she has set for herself and any self-inflicting faults created. Once those concerns and others are addressed, there is a strong possibility that she will be a changed young lady, for the better, from the inside out. Jackie also believes in philanthropy and has, in many cases, shared her gift of teaching etiquette and self-enhancement classes at various venues. It is her prayer that every lesson taught will resonate with each girl for life.

    Parents today are experiencing such busy schedules and sometimes do not have the opportunity to teach their daughters the necessary etiquette and life skills. The desire of every parent is that their daughter grows to become a well-rounded, respectful young lady and one who will superbly perform in any environment. Unfortunately, the day just doesn’t seem to have enough hours. "Where did the time go?" you ask yourself. Let From the Inside Out School of Etiquette, LLC. be a part of the village to raise your daughter.

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    Parenting From The Inside Out

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    Rewards, Punishments and a Better Way
    This week on Parenting From the Inside Out, Michelle Alden will be discussing a common way of teaching and parenting that involves praise, rewards and punishments. 
    Using Alfie Kohn’s research and other information we have about the power of connection, listeners will gain a greater understanding of why rewards and punishments have failed our children and why they don’t work with our most troubled kids. 

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    Inside Out: Vanessa Lamorte

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    As a child, I was always told that I was an "old soul." In many instances, I found it hard to relate to my peers because of my intuitive abilities. At five or six, it was "normal" for children my age to talk about seeing fairies, to have "imaginary" friends and to be afraid of the dark because of monsters or ghosts (that I knew were communicating with me.)   I enjoyed more creative pursuits like playing the piano, singing, painting and day-dreaming to satisfy the need to use my intuition. (My inner child still allows me to enjoy these things today too!)  In my teens, I began to integrate the more eccentric parts of myself and allowed my abilities to shine through in a solely "entertainment" type of way. It worked for the time-being.

    I continuously found myself seeking more from the Universe than dogmatic religion and traditional academia were providing me. Basically, I wanted to know about the ultimate human potential in a multitude of different ways. I wanted to answer questions about consciousness, the purpose of life (for myself and others), what it is like after death and what is ACTUALLY out there in the Universe and on this Earth. (And that is in no specific order. haha) My mediumship and galactic channeling came on board in divine timing. When I opened myself up to the Universe and surrendered my current paradigm, I was able to free my mind and allow sacred information to flow through me. The support of my family, my Transpersonal Psychology education and study of Earth and galactic-based magic techniques, cosmic symbology, Reiki healing and musicianship led me to creating a unique healing, channeling and teaching practice. 

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    Parenting From The Inside Out

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    Week 11: Parenting With Connection
    This week on Parenting From the Inside Out we will revisit an earlier broadcast about the value of connecting for us as parents and especially for our children. 
    Michelle Alden will talk about how trauma has affects a child’s ability to connect and build positive, healthy relationships. We will explore how current research on brain leads us to understand the value consistent, loving relationships have in helping children heal from trauma.
    Listeners will be given several helpful tips in building a foundation of trust and safety with their challenging children. 

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