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    Q DOT

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    Super multi talented Artist Q DOT is in the building to talk about his brand new album BlackGold, he is a PNW native and very well know for his dope music, Grammy nominee, college grad, pianist, artist, producer and father.The video to His hit single "BLack Gold" was just put on MTV so make sure to look for that! You can get all the latest news about Q DOT at iamqdot.com

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    Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org Demand More Paroles 05/15/2015

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    Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org Demand More Paroles. They also demand compassionate releases for sick and elderly inmates, relief from excessive sentencing, and new trials for people with late-arriving evidence of innocence. 

    Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will. ~Frederick Douglass

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    Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org Demand More Paroles 05/08/2015

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    Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org. demand is on air Fridays at 3pmEST. Call 347.857.3293 to join the discussion. We demand compassionate release for elderly and terminally ill prisoners and paroles for all inmates who served their minimum sentences unless parole boards prove that releasing such inmates would endanger the community. Taxpayers should not continue paying to warehouse rehabilitated inmates who have served their minimum sentences just to enrich private prison owners. Mentally ill prisoners should be transferred to mental hospitals and stabilized, then released under assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) programs that mandate their continued psychiatric treatment and provide them with subsistence assistance. Americans with mental disabilities should not be punished as criminals in the nation's prisons and jails where hundreds of thousands of them suffer in solitary confinement torture, deprived of visits with their families for years and some for decades. Human Conflicts Org. demands human rights for prisoners in the USA.

    Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will. ~Frederick Douglass

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    INlightenUP! & BTNW Welcome Dot. Maver, Ph.D. & Philip Hellmich - Shift Network

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    INlightenUP! Radio is a proud co-sponsor of the Building the New World conference, taking place May 28-31, 2015 in Radford, Virginia. www.BTNW.org

    Dorothy J. Maver, Ph.D. is an educator and peacebuilder whose keynote is inspiring cooperation on behalf of the common good.  Her work in education, politics and grassroots community organizing is focused on applied peacebuilding utilizing a shared responsibility and shared leadership model. 

    Philip M. Hellmich is Director of Peace at The Shift Network, director of The Summer of Peace and lead designer of the World Peace Library. The Summer of Peace is an annual event created by The Shift Network in 2012 that includes a free online telesummit featuring interviews with peacebuilders from around the world. He serves as adviser to 

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    Love of Heart Movement spotlights Phyllis Jenkins--The Powerful Journey Org.

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    Love of Heart Movement Episode #46

    Queen of Hearts interviews Phyllis Jenkins-Founder of The Powerful Journey Organization

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    Mary Diaz Human Conflicts Org 05/14/2015

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    Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Organization demand more paroles. Call in at (347)857.3293. They also advocate for compassionate releases for inmates whose health has deteriorated to the point that they cannot pose any community risk and for elderly inmates. Diaz and Human Conflicts Organization also fight for release of prisoners who were wrongfully convicted and excessively sentenced. Diaz and Human Conflicts Organization provide reentry services to help released Florida inmates get reacclimated into society.

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    Mary Diaz and Human Conflicts Org Demand More Paroles 05/01/2015

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    Mary Diaz is a human rights advocate in Florida. She and Human Conflicts Org. advocate for the release of inmates who have served their minimum sentences unless the boards of pardons and paroles can show that release of the inmates would pose a security risk. Call (347)857-3293 to dialogue with Mary Diaz and her guests each Friday at 3pmEST. They also advocate for the wrongly convicted, people who were overly sentenced, and compassionate releases for elderly and sick inmates.

    On April 17, Diaz's guests included one man who was released from death row and another man who won release after decades in prison. Both were innocent. Hear that broadcast at the link below, which is archived at Blogtalkradio.

    You are invited to assist Human Conflicts Organization in activism for prisoner's rights by sharing the links for Mary Diaz's broadcasts, which remain available at "Human Rights Demand" channel for later listening. View the channel's entire schedule a  

    Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will. ~Frederick Douglass

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    The Dolly McCarthy Show

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    Chicago reporter and mother of 5, Dolly McCarthy, is just a gal juggling her career, kids and laundry!  In her "spare time," Dolly produces and hosts a weekly talk show.  The good show is full of good guests, good news and at least one good laugh!  Tune in every week LIVE on www.blogtalkradio.com/thedollymccarthyshow or on Touhyville.com, Slam Internet Radio, 89.9 FM or on Sundays at Noon on WCKG 1530 AM.  This week, Dolly has a good show with special guest author Tim Bouvine - "Catching Lightning Without The Bottle" and Schaumburg Boomers baseball VP Jeff Ney.  This weekend is opening season at that ball park.  Tune in to win tickets!  

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    Autism Facts & Christain Support Group

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    Fontline Ministries invites you to join us Tonight Autism Facts & Christain  Support Group, Sponcered By  Pastor Mike Sharing  & GkMikey


    This two hour program will feature a time of prayer, praise, and worship in which we encourage all callers to call in with their prayer needs, and testmony.

    After the word we will be taking your phone calls with questions and comments on tonight's teaching. We will also give or callers the chance to make a life changing decision by offering the sinners prayer, and the opportunity for those who feel they have walked away from or are no longer serving God the way they shoud to come back with the rededicataion prayer. Doctrine Bible Teaching Ministry We Beileve The Father Son Holy Spirit, Jesus Is Lord & The Gifts & The Rapture, John 3:16-17 Rom 10:9re

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    Brotha Orie Lumumba, Live! (((713-955-0708))) 7:30p.m. E.S.T. We will be discussing the upcoming May 13th Anniversary of the 1985 bombing of The AFRICA Family, as well as this Brothas decision to be a Living inspiration for those who also long to be apart of the Move Organization that was founded by the late John Africa in 1971. We invite you to learn of Mumia ABU JAMAL and his current conditions, and the remaining members of the Move 9 who remain in bondage...