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    Ep 8: A Day in the Life of an Indie Parent.

    in Entrepreneur

    Indie Parents are moms and dads who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, followers of passions and require a flexible lifestyle.

    In "A Day in the Life of an Indie Parent", Amy and Des walk through their daily schedules (morning, afternoon and night), offering a peek into what life is like a self-employment parent.

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    Ep 1: What is an Indie Parent?

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    What is an Indie Parent?

    Indie Parents are moms and dads who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, followers of passions and require a flexible lifestyle.

    In this episode, Amy Bellgardt and Desiree Fawn discuss the definition of an Indie Parent as well as share their personal stories and journeys that lead them to this unique lifestyle.

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    Parent Unafraid: Judgement Day a Pre-Court Pep Rally Special Report

    in Family

    It's JUDGEMENT DAY! Jay Davis and Jaycob Curran take to the studio bunker with renewed energy after a victory for a Parent Unafraid "Friend of the Show" proved that good people CAN win and that there is JUSTICE in the twisted underworld of family courts. 

    SO, GET PUMPED UP! Get a friend to listen in to the show. Have a PARENT UNAFRAID Listening Party. SHARE tonight's show with everyone you know. This message is meant for the ears of many....


    Plus, be prepared for some fun, excitement and some yelling. After all, it's a Pep Rally!!!

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    Breast Cancer Survivor Talks About Faith, Resiliency and Parental Involvement

    in Education

    Dr. Mike Robinson, host of Parent Talk Live talks with Tamara Wallace Norman, a cancer survivor about how her faith and resiliency supported her desire to be involved in the academic life of her son.


    Tamara Wallace Norman, native of Dayton, Ohio, is a wife, mother, and avid roller skater.  Tamara is also a breast cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed in December 2011.  At that time her son, Zion, was 6 years old and in first grade.  He was also in his 2nd year of attending an immersion language academy where we was studying Mandarin.  During Tamara’s cancer journey, she took a break from her 20-year career as a flight attendant in order to focus on treatment and supporting her son’s education.  Her approach to dealing with life has always been to incorporate with her faith two attributes: resiliency and steadfastness. She has seen the effects of this positive approach to life play out in her ability to remain cancer-free for three years and in her role as a mother, helping her son to excel in his studies.  Whether flying, gliding across the hardwood or writing about her passion for roller skating (you can find her at www.lacesandwheels.com), Tamara’s zest for life is most apparent.  She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, Jaron, and her son, Zion.



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    Parent Unafraid - Uniting the Masses

    in Parents

    Broadcasting from behind enemy lines, Parent Unafraid is bringing the message to the masses, arming the people with Truth and Knowledge. Giving a voice to the Revolution.... In this premier episode, Jay Davis and Co-Host, Jaycob Curran talk about the mission of Parent Unafraid, how you can join the discussion and what plans are in the works for Parent Unafraid, riding on the success of their recent efforts in the June 5 #OpExposeCPS Protest. Whether you are listening from Omaha or Queens, Los Angeles or Leningrad, Parent Unafraid is the show you can't miss. Arm yourself. Prepare yourself. The revolution begins now....

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    Parent Unafraid - Special Episode #1

    in Current Events

    Tonight we present a very special episode of Parent Unafraid. Things are getting crazy (crazier) for Jay Davis. He'll tell us all about it .Also, a special guest takes the airwaves with Jay Davis and Jaycob Curran. Don't miss this shit!!

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    Parent Unafraid - Father's Day Episode

    in News

    Jay Davis an co-host Jaycob Curran bring you a special Father's Day episode of Parent Unafraid. On tonight's broadcast, you'll hear commentary on Nebraska's statutory position on fathers as well as information on federal regulations as they pertain to fathers. Also, Ernie the Intern wishes his father a happy Father's Day in a special segment called Ernie has Feelings, Too. And you won't want to miss a very special moment as The Biggest SOB in the Eastern Service Area takes a call from his dad, live on tonight's broadcast.

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    Parent Unafraid: The Revolution Begins Now

    in Parents

    After a disasterous technical glitch ruined Monday night's show, the fellas have regrouped and refocused. High quality radio tonight, folks. It's back to our roots on Parent Unafraid. We will discuss hot topics in the arena of child welfare and family rights. We'll invite calls, emails and text messages and try to answer any questions we can on air. Don't be fooled by the renewed committment... There will still be plenty of entertainment since Intern Ernie Chambers is still around .Tune In tonight! You will be glad that you did. And so will we..

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    Parent Unafraid - Episode IV: Movin' On Up

    in Current Events

    Now that we have found the ideal time slot for the Parent Unafraid Radio Show, Jay Davis and Jaycob Curran will discuss what the future holds for the show, and for Parent Unafraid in general. We'll hear from the usual gallery of special guests, including a visit from a very apologetic Ernie Chambers. We'll take your calls, reply to the texter machine, and read your emails on the air. Also, a special announcement is forthcoming, so don't miss this one!!! Coming your way in 15 min.....

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    Parent Unafraid Episode IV: A New Hope

    in Parents

    On Parent Unafraid Episode IV: A New Hope, Jay Davis returns from presenting the Inagural Parent Unafraid Biggest Son of a Bitch Award to winner, Darth Vandersloot. What stories will he bring upon his return? Certainly stories that you won't want to miss. And, after some technical training and with the benefit of some early preparation, Parent Unafraid is proud to announce that tomorrow's episode, Episode IV: A New Hope, will be the first error free, difficulty free and smoothest running episode so far. So tune in. It's guaranteed to be 150% better than Episode III... Guaranteed.


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    Parent Unafraid Episode IV: Airwaves of Anarchy

    in Politics

    Tonight, Parent Unafraid moves to an even more "prime time" Prime Time timeslot. Be sure to tune in at 8:00pm Central to hear Jay Davis and co-host Jaycob Curran as they bring their brash, abrasive and often amusing perspectives on issues such as family rights, family advocacy, child welfare policies in the State of Nebraska and beyond. As most people know, Jay Davis has never backed down from a fight and now he finds himself in the biggest fight of his life.The fight - not only to save his children - but to help other families who are also fighting for survival against an omnipotent enemy. Jay Davis' philosophy is something along the lines of, "I never start a fight; I just end them," and he's bringing that attitude and fire to the masses on Parent Unafraid. 

    On tonight's episode, listeners can expect to hear more about where Parent Unafraid hopes to take their fight. Also, Unpaid Intern Ernie Chambers will pay another visit. With the earlier start time, Jay and Jaycob may also make a few calls in addition to the calls they hope to take from listeners. You'll also hear more audio (refined audio that you can understand!) taken from meetings with NFC and another installment of "Emails from Minardi and Company."