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    Seek Thy Face! Rastafari 4life! Paras is Pure and Splendid!

    in Spirituality

    Don't get caught in the roadblock. Free your mind and the rest will follow! Who are you in this kingdom?

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    Respect is the key! Jah Jah Light! Paras!

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    Give big ups to all! Walk The Walk168! Real love from above!

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    Load up with Jah in You! Wonderful and Marvelous are in You too!

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    Goodness and mercy can follow you everywhere you go! Jah is paras! Rastafari! Everliving never fearful with the love vibration of Yahshua!

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    Your inner-eye and self loves to love.

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    Big love to all sisters and brothers in Jah Jah kingdom. Blessed be Ras! Paras! Kingdom rules forever and forever!

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    Interview with Hindu Nationalist Paras Rajput on Jihad - Live from India

    in Politics Conservative

    Today we will be discussing radical Islamic jihad with Hindu Nationalist Paras Rajput and the threat that it poses to the world.

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    What Doctors & Trainers DON't Tell You that keep pounds on & muscles off

    in Fitness

    Join us with today we broadcast Wednesday at 11:11 am PT/1;11 pm CT/2;11 pm ET with our guest  JOE HOMS! We'll be discussing health & wellness like you've never heard before!

    wait until you hear the key secret backed by an expert with 8 Gold medals and countless more body building awards, It's the perfect combination of health, science and technology. When you find out what's at the heart of this revolutionary information, your awareness of how to approach your health, workout routines and diet will be completely shocked. You won't be able to unring that bell. Learn about how.....

    The entire diet industry is backwards, they make you the expert, but 
    that's not the best way to go about it.

    We've been dieting for 80 years, the history of dieting came out of the 
    study of starvation, that's the foundation for all modern diets
    - Cutting calories
    - They didn't know enough at the time to understand the negative 
    impact that slashing calories would have to your metabolism
    - The downstream effects is a lowered metabolic rate
    - For every pound you've lost, you'll regain 4 more
    - You are set up for failure from the beginning
    - Of course, this is focused on weight and the scale

    Joe's background includes:

    Degree in Information and Computer Science
    Expert in the mind and peak performance
    Serial Entrepreneur
    Consultant to CEOs, celebrities, medical professionals, and entrepreneurs all over the world
    CTO of mPact, the new leader in personalized health guidance

    I don't have to tell you, It's going to be an exciting hour! oh by the way, do share this with a friend!

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    Pheo Paratroopers - Patients helping patients

    in Health

    Allen Wilson of the Pheo Paratroopers joins Joyce and Mike to talk about the organization, its mission, and the recent International Conference on Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma.

    Pheochromocytomas ("pheos" for short) are hormone-secreting tumors that can provoke that "fight or flight" response that has been protecting us from danger since the saber-toothed tiger.  While it is an important response, if there is in fact no danger, the artificial response can cause changes in blood pressure and digestion.  If not corrected quickly, this continual jagging of the system can lead to cardiovascular damage.

    Pheochromocytomas in the chest or neck are usually called paragangliomas. They occur on the ganglia (bunches of nerves) along the sympathetic nervous sytem.

    There are many genetic flaws that can increased the odds of getting a pheo.  Families who know they are at risk can do periodic screening to find pheos and paras early, so that they can be treated before cardiovascular damage occurs.

    For more information about pheochromocytomas, paragangliomas, research and diagnostic information, see http://www.pheoparatroopers.org/

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    Secrets of Success-Conversations with an Entrepreneur

    in Entrepreneur

    Secrets of Success Conversations with a Private Jet Company Ferren Rajput CEO and Founder of oneflight.net will share with us his insights and wisdom on the Secrets of Success. Ferren has successfully founded and run a private jet company in the United States and Europe.
    Sucess leaves clues and there is common denominator with successful people which I like to call  "The Golden Thread".
    If you have ever wondered how do I :
    Launch a successful business? Go international? Find a niche and fill it? What's the mind set?  
    These and more profound questions will be discussed and our listeners are encouraged to call in and ask your questions directly to our guest! Make believe you have the Secret Knock to his door and make your way to join our show and listen in to his Secrets of Success!

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    Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Paranormal Investigator

    in Paranormal

    Many people are beginning to do paranormal investigating and teams are popping up all over the place in massive numbers. Join Nina and I as we discuss how to be a paranormal investigator and what it means to be one. Nina is with the Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society, plus she is a multi-generation Intuitive and Medium! She has done media, public speaking events and teaches workshops in the field of Paranormal.
    Listen in as the topics of the many factors are discussed with being one and representing the field in a professional manner. Something that is very important.
    There will be Dr. Spectres Weekly Health Tip and "The Paras Open Forum" for callers, the chat room and Twitter that may have related questions to any topic.
    9pm EST (909)265-9116

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    Clearing...Smudging...Saging... Taking Back Control

    in Paranormal

    What type of energy is in your surroundings? Is your home invaded with negative forces and energy? Is there a heavy feeling in your home? Do strange things happen that scare those who live and visit your home? Do you have guests from the other side, in your home, that are negative energy? What about residual energy?
    Join me as I discuss the proper way to clear your home and yourself from the negative energy snatchers! Those who also invade what is now your space or come home with you, that are reeking havoc on your life.
    Also "Dr. Spectre Says" with your health tip of the week and a go around with "The Paras of The Invisible Table"! Let's not forget what we may be able to pull in from the other side! OMGhost!!!!

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    He's Got That Paranormal State of Mind...John E.L. Tenney

    in Paranormal

    Join me as I welcome the King of Weirdology... John E.L. Tenney, to Renee "LIVE"!
    He has swag like no other and marches to the beat of his own drum! He's a Author, Speaker and a Paranormal/Conspiritoral Researcher. Starring in A&E's Paranormal State: The New Class, in November of 2010 and he has his own pod cast every other Sunday night, Realm of the Weird!
    We also will get our health tip of the week with "Dr. Spectre Says" and play a round of "The Paras of the Invisible Table". What an exciting and fun filled evening planned! It will be #Spooktacular!
    9pm EST heard LIVE around the world! The only Go With The Flow radio show with YOU in mind!

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