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    "Bloodline of the Gods" author Nick Redfern

    in Spirituality

    Nick Redfern has a vast audience of readers who have waited in anticipation for the recent August release of his latest blockbuster, Bloodline of the Gods: Unravel the Mystery of the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us. The world-famous author of dozens of bestsellers, Redfern lays out scientific evidence that at least 10% of the human population is descendant from an ancient and advanced alien civilization that has manipulated their blood type.  Are some of us the products of extraterrestrial gene tinkering? An internationally known researcher and journalist on the subjects of conspiracies, UFOs and aliens, Redfern answers this and many more questions about the “adjusted” genetic makeup of our species. Bloodline of the Gods  takes us on an amazing trip into the distant past and to a time when proto-humans were genetically manipulated by ETs, perceived by ancient man as nothing less than all-powerful gods.  Encompassing accounts of the legendary Anunnaki, alien abductions, hybrid children, secret and powerful societies, and an elite bloodline that holds significant sway over the planet and its people, Bloodline of the Gods reveals the shocking truth concerning those people who are not entirely human.  Visit http://www.warwickassociates.com  and click on Bloodline of the Gods.

    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bringing topics of interest that you won't hear in the mainstream!

    Mercury goes retrograde on Sept. 17 until Oct. 9.  Read about it here: http://starseedhotline.com/events.htm#mercuryretrograde

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    "Men in Black: Personal Stories" author Nick Redfern

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    One of our most popular guests, Nick Redfern returns to speak about his new, and third, book on the Men in Black. It is filled with the very latest revelations on the sinister and deadly MIB. Never-before-seen witness testimony, including a chapter on Lavandar's MIB encounter, combines with papers from some of the leading figures in UFO- and paranormal-themed research to provide an outstanding look at this creepy and disturbing phenomenon. Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures  takes the reader on a mysterious, macabre, and menacing journey into the world of the dark-suited silencers. It’s a journey that encompasses tales of UFO conspiracies, government agents, strange and bizarre monsters, the occult, demonology, and psychic attack.  Nick will also be joining us for our weekend starseed gathering in Arkansas for Pleiadean Line Up in November, and Tammie will be telling us about that.  You can find Nick's books on Amazon, and his website is:  http://nickredfernfortean.blogspot.com/

    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bringin topics of interest to starseeds that you won't hear in the mainstream!

    Announcing the Pleiadean Line Up Weekend Starseed Gathering in Arkansas!  November 13-15.  Write to tammie at starseedhotline dot com for more info.

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    UFO Audit - Nick Redfern

    in Paranormal

    UFO Audit host Erica Lukes interviews world renowned researcher Nick Redfern.
    Nick Redfern is a full-time author and journalist specializing in a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, UFO sightings, government conspiracies, alien abductions and paranormal phenomena. He writes regularly for the London Daily Express newspaper, Fortean Times, Fate, and UFO Magazine. His previous books include Three Men Seeking Monsters, Strange Secrets, Cosmic Crashes, and The FBI Files. Among his many exploits, Redfern has investigated reports of lake monsters in Scotland, vampires in Puerto Rico, werewolves in England, aliens in Mexico, and sea serpents in the United States. Redfern travels and lectures extensively around the world. Originally from England, he currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

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    Joni Mayhan~Author/Paranormal Researcher/Paranormal Experiencer

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    Joni Mayhan

    Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and the author of 14 books that revolve around the paranormal world. She lives in Central Massachusetts and also teaches a weekly Paranormal 101 class in the town of Gardner, Massachusetts. For more information about her, please visit her website Jonimayhan.com

    From Joni, "I’m the mother of two now-grown children, Laura and Trevor. I live in Central Massachusetts with a house full of fur babies who keep me company and continually vie for my attention.  I’m also a paranormal investigator, spending my free time in dark places with my friends, and I  teach a weekly Paranormal 101 class in nearby Gardner. My biggest dream is to see Lightning Strikes on the big screen, a goal I’m currently working on with an agent.  One thing is for certain though: I’ll never stop writing. My new book, Dark and Scary Things, is now available. This book is an accumulation of my paranormal experiences, along with the research I’ve done on various paranormal subjects. While it is dark and chilling, it is also a resource for anyone who dabbles in the paranormal world".

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    BOAA923: Nick Redfern

    in Paranormal

    Prolific paranormal author and longtime friend of BoA:Audio, the illustrious Nick Redfern returns to the program for a discussion on his latest esoteric offerings, including Bloodline of the Gods, Chupacabra Road Trip, and The Bigfoot Book.  Sure to be an expansive conversation covering a wide variety of paranormal genres and thoughtful takes on the world of high strangeness.

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    Beyond Paranormal Radio with Nick Redfern and Jo Bradley

    in Paranormal

    This show features Nick Redfern to discuss his books and to discuss many different monsters and men in black theories and also Jo Bradley about her amazing skype experiments she is condcucting.

  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

    in Books

    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

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    Paranormal Frequencies: Miracles

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    Last week we viewed the dark side of the paranormal.  This week, the lighter side.  Miracles happen everyday, but true miracles are often unbelieveable.  Here we will bring you shocking and inspiring stories of incredible miracles from around the world.  Plus tonights top ten!

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    Terry Johnson Weber~Author/Paranormal Experiencer

    in Paranormal

    Terry Johnson Weber

    Terry was a pediatric nurse for twenty years and then a parish nurse for five years. She transitioned into churchwork and spent the last eleven years as a church office worker. She has written two books: A Healthy Church Office and Tug of War: Trusting God through the Unexplained. She has had numerous encounters with the paranormal and supernatural throughout her life. Tug of War shares about 35 of those stories. (Ghosts, demons, angels, and precognitive dreams.) Terry has many interesting stories to tell!  In Tug of War: Trusting God through the Unexplained she shares experiences with the paranormal and supernatural. In the Monroe Ghost (After Dark: A Collection of Haunting Tales) she shares the tale of a haunted house from her childhood. Terry has learned to cling to God through all of the unexplained events in her life. In addition, she writes devotions for Hope - Full Living for Seniors (Creative Communications for the Parish). She is married, has three grown sons and three small grandchildren. She lives with her husband Don and their yellow Labrador Roxy in Williamsburg, Virginia. She retired two years ago and spends her time writing, reading and crafting.

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    Paranormal Horizons

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    Karen A. Dahlman author "The Spirits of Quija"