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    A Journey through Schizophrenia and Homelessness: Author Bethany Yeiser

    in Psychology

    Bethany Yeiser is a motivational speaker, writer, and advocate for the mentally ill. She was diagnosed with treatment-resistant schizophrenia in 2007, after being homeless for four years, and made an unexpected and full recovery in 2008. She earned a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology with honors from the University of Cincinnati in 2011. Her book Mind Estranged: My Journey from Schizophrenia and Homelessness to Recovery was published in 2014.

    Please join us for a unique interview on Mental Health News Radio. Bethany is generous with sharing her journey and tremendously inspiring. Her book is equally forthcoming. Our on staff clinicians at Mental Health News Radio have worked with many patients dealing with schizophrenia so it was a pleasure to interview someone offering facts and insight towards a road to recovery.  

    Enjoy the full blog article HERE.

    What was your life like before the onset of your mental illness?

    When did you realize that you were mentally ill?

    What was it like being homeless?

    What was it like to hear voices and experience other hallucinations?

    Did you ever take drugs?

    How did your mental illness affect your relationship with your family?

    When were you diagnosed with schizophrenia, and when did you begin treatment?

    What is your life like today? Do you still take medication?

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    A Mother’s Story of Schizophrenia, Recovery and Hope: Karen S. Yeiser

    in Psychology

    We recently interviewed author and speaker Bethany Yeiser on Mental Health News Radio.  She shared her journey with schizophrenia, homelessness, and recovery. Today we enjoy speaking with her mother, Karen Yeiser.  Karen has written what is a companion book to Bethany’s story.  

    One of the questions we asked Karen was how life may have been different for their family if her own book had been available during their years of struggle but also recovery. It was an honor to interview both mother and daughter on separate shows in order to understand what happens on both sides. Please read the full blog article HERE.

    Karen was also generous with information listed in her article below to help other families going through this kind of a struggle. 

    How has schizophrenia affected your family?

    When did you first recognize something was seriously wrong with your daughter?

    Were you aware of how your daughter’s life was unfolding after she refused to have contact with you and your husband?

    How and when did you eventually reunite with your daughter?

    So what is the rest of the story? Has your daughter recovered from schizophrenia?

    You are a registered nurse. Did your education benefit you in recognizing what was happening to your daughter?

    Do you have any further comments?

    What is Schizophrenia?

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    My Paranoid Story About Guns

    in Psychology

    Three bills backed by the National Rifle Association may very well be passed by Florida Republican legislatures and signed by Rick Scott, Governor. The first would make it much harder to convict individuals of murder if their defense is "stand your ground." The second would allow any citizen who legally owns any type pf gun, assault rifles included, to openly carry them in public. They could carry them in the mall, the theater, restaurants, any venue of their choosing. The third bill would permit students, staff and visitors to carry guns on public college campuses. Let's picture it: any sudent could carry an AK 47 into his classroom and as long as the muzzle is pointing downward he or she would be in his or her legal rights to do so. The justification of these measures is to increase safety in our society and in the case of the last measure (HB4001) allow students to fight off terrorists, rapists and other dangerous criminals. I shall spend time tonight trying to convince you that these bills are real and not the paranoid fantasy of my title. I will create scenarios that I believe will certainly happen after these laws are enacted. I will then state my hopefully paranoid belief as to why the NRA is pushing these bills. I will try and end today's story on a positive note but I will need the help of my listeners. 

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    Schizophrenia and stigma.

    in Self Help

      John like others became ill in his  early twenties and have come accross more than enough prejudice and discrimination, 

     I will be discussing with John Canvendish, an Independent Freelance Journalist, , how  people  with schizophrenia  are treated in society. The myths and the prejudices people believe about this  particular mental illness. How these prejudices  and stigmas affect all aspects of their  daily lives.   

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    in Spirituality

    Are they mentally challenged ir arw they possesed? Different types of schizophrenia.

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    Episode 2805 - Keeping your Deliverance after being delivered from Schizophrenia

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2805 - Keeping your Deliverance after being delivered from Schizophrenia

    Minister Jai'rus and Kelly Wright

    Recorded 9-9-2015 on Omega Man Radio  omegamanradio.com


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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Clyde Dee

    in Books


    Fighting for Freedom in America: Memoir of a "Schizophrenia" and Mainstream Cultural Delusions~

      When anonymous mental health worker Clyde Dee finds himself working in a Section 8 housing project that is notorious for drug dealing, he mysteriously is compelled to break the codes of standard drug war conduct. Uncanny threats and coincidences and desire for justice drive him to question the pillars of his profession and his own wellness until he decides to go off a low dose of anti-psychotic medication. Stopped by police in an effort to exit the country, Clyde is incarcerated in a State Hospital psychiatric ward for three months and released to the streets.
      Unlike other success prototypes such as John Nash or Evelyn Saks, Clyde's story reveals both the innards of Schizophrenia and how a person can learn to make peace with the forces that are following them around. Clyde is able to overcome homelessness, underemployment, and harassment with family support and morph into someone who is fighting to gain attention for his successes in treating others who are in the throes of a "psychotic" episode.

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    Nick Griemsmann seeing God's people Bloom

    in Christianity

    My guest tonight is Nick Griemsmann, he is using what God has given him to impact the lives he places before him.  He is a cult survivor and ex- schizophrenic God is and has done amazing things in his life.

    Join us in seeing what the Lord is doing as iBloom Radio is all about allowing God's people to come and share what God is doing within their life and the lives he has placed before them.

    To bring Encouragement,Empowerment,Hope and Healing to the people God places before them so listen into the show Be Blessed and get Ready to Bloom !!

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    Doris Bibbs, Author Playwright Joins Me for Part Two Of The Dorothy Bibbs Story

    in Writing

    The Innocence Acts Of Life. We will talk about  her previous published book, Breaking the Glass Cage that deals with her mother wh was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Doris Bibbs was determine to have her mother's story heard and since her mother, Dorothy Bibbs spoke on her situation last night on part one of this part two segment, she was actually in tears because he mom kept her feelings locked inside her heart, dealing with the unbalance of  mental illness. She believes God is allowing the years of pain and hurt to be erased and replant seeds of forgiveness and love.  Doris moved against her will back to Columbia, S. C. Fighting the little girl inside who still feared her mother. God's plan is for mother and daughter to bond and see beyond their imperfection and forgive her now, eighty nine year mother.  Love and be free...She has written a book with upcoming publishing date not yet scheduled, titled The Innocence Acts Of Life. We will talk about on the show. Call in to speak to my guest 646-200-3817 from 6-6;30 PM on 2/03/2016.

    The Artist's Loft, with Gwen "Gigi" Adams-Evans.

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    TWITTER: Gigi1015

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/gigi1947

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