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    The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com with Mass Mysteria

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    Join the Wicked Domain as Alex talks to the creators and speakers for the upcoming event, "Mass Mysteria". A true example of paranormal community, Mass Mysteria was created to help benefit John Mizzi, an EVP specialist based out of Canada, who has been fighting cancer and is on his second battle. Speakers include Brian D. Parsons of ParaNexus, and the "Ghost Excavator" John Sabol. You'll have to tune in to find out who else will be calling in! Mass Mysteria will take place on Saturday, June 13th, in King City, Ontario.

    TO CHAT & LISTEN TO THE SHOW, GO TO http://liveparanormal.com/m/chat/home/

    Email: wickeddomainradio@gmail.com

    Twitter: @wickeddomain

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewickeddomain

    SUPPORT MASS MYSTERIA at http://www.gofundme.com/massmysteria

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    Butch Witkowski, FFSc~Director/Founder UFO Research Center Pennsylvania

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    Butch Witkowski

    Butch Witkowski, FFSc, Director, Founder, UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania-Editor, JAAR, Journal of Alien Abduction Research, Member Institute of Frontier Science ParaNexus™ Consultant/Advisor – Ufology Member  Académie d'Ufologie, Former MUFON Chief Investigator, Star Team Investigator, and State Section Director. Former Law Enforcement Officer. Associate - P&M Fortean Research . From Butch, "I’ve been an Independent Researcher since 1989 when I, along with 4 other people, witnessed a UFO of unbelievable size quietly hover above a mountain in Tucson, Arizona.  It was totally silent. Burn Copper in color and at least three football fields in length. It moved slowly up and down, then rose upwards, moved forward, and then vanished at lightning speed. We all agreed on what we had just seen. However, calls to the Sheriffs Dept., the news media, and the local Air Force base yielded no sighting reports. I began my own investigation into the UFO Phenomenon on that day. After joining MUFON, I was able to dig deeper into past and existing cases and pursue even more on site investigations. It was time to go about this work in a different manner, and after almost a year of serious reflection and consideration, I started the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania in 2009 and brought together some of the best like-minded researchers I could find. We have also fielded two fully equipped mobile units and have affiliate groups in eleven states and two in Europe". www.uforcop.com


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    Doug Kelly Paranexus

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    Join Gin and I as we speak with Doug Kelly
    Co-Founder of Paranexus.org.

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    Doug is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, and author of six published books, and numerous eBooks and articles in the field of human development, leadership, management, and relationships. This is all in addition to his dedicated work in the anomalous research field.

    In an effort to further general education and professionalism in the paranormal field, Doug co-founded ParaNexus, a professional association of paranormal and anomalous researchers, in early 2008 along with his close friend and colleague, Jari Mikkola. In the fall of 2007, he completed the ParaNexus Paranormal Investigator Certification Course (CPI), a cutting-edge home study course designed to train researchers to be professional and competent investigators of anomalous phenomena. A year later, he completed the ParaNexus Leading Paranormal Investigator Certification Course (CLPI), a comprehensive leadership and management course for anomalous research group founders.

    Doug has an open mind and a deep belief in the indomitable power of the human spirit. His greatest area of interest and research in the paranormal field is the impact that a person's unique socio-religious and cultural beliefs have on the type and extent of any paranormal activity experienced by the individual. Doug is also a certified Hypnotist, and for two years, co-operated a hypnosis center in Port Charlotte, Florida along with his best friend and wife, Tracy. He uses hypnosis to conduct research into the alien abduction phenomena. Doug holds a degree in electronics and an Advanced SCUBA diving certification.

    Doug is the host of ParaNexus Universe Radio, has spoken to many groups in the paranormal field, has appeared on several radio programs, and is available for media interviews, paranormal talk shows, documentaries, and speaking to groups about paranormal topics.

    visit Doug's great website ParaNexus at http://www.paranexus.org/

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    Profoundly Paranormal with MVPRS

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    Take calls, questions from the chat, and discuss paranormal news articles relevant to today.

    We will be interviewing Brian Parsons.

    From his site, BrianDParsons.com:


    Brian has authored four books on the subject of paranormal group operation, including his unique "E4" Method designed for client-centered cases, and currently has new book projects in the works. He has worked with the ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association for several years and served as the Research Director, Treasurer, and sat on the Board of Directors until the corporation voted to dissolve in January 2012. He remains a member and still serves as the Anomalous News Coordinator. Brian also hosts the Paranormal News Insider segment of the Grand Dark Conspiracy podcast which airs Monday nights at 10 P.M. eastern on the Shark Radio Network.

    Read more at http://briandparsons.com/bio.html#k3HxH1PvZVyEQu7e.99

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    64 Years of UFO Research with Clifford Clift

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    We are honored to have MUFON's International Director, Cliff Clift, join us to discuss the state of the UFO research field, how far the field has come and where its headed. Please join us for this informative discussion with the head of ParaNexus' most well-known colleague organization.

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    The Extraterrestrial Presence with Paul Hellyer

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    ParaNexus Universe is pleased to welcome former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, the Honorable Paul Hellyer to the show. Mr. Hellyer will discuss his recent interest in UFOs, why he believes they are real, and how their technology can benefit humanity. 

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    The Current State and Future of Paranormal Research

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    Join us as we discuss the current state and future of the paranormal field including educational issues, amateur investigators, the impact of paranormal TV shows, and more. ParaNexus Board Member, Brian Parsons joins us.

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    Science was Wrong with Stanton Friedman

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    ParaNexus Consultant, author, and veteran ufologist Stanton Friedman returns to discuss his latest book, Science was Wrong, as well as an update on his trips to the UFO Congress and a recent conference in Saudi Arabia.

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    2010 Anomalous News in Review with Brian Parsons

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    ParaNexus board member, Brian Parsons, joins us to discuss the discuss the hottest topics in the anomalous and paranormal news in 2010 and look forward to 2011 and beyond.

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    Ancient Aliens with Bill Birnes

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    Did aliens play a role in the development of the human race? Does the archeological record show evidence of alien involvement? Did ancient humans have advanced technology? Are aliens involved in current human development? ParaNexus Universe welcomes Bill Birnes from the TV show, UFO Hunters, and publisher of UFO Magazine to discuss these fascinating topics and more. Bill's Website