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    Living Life On Purpose - Dorothea Healing

    in Women

    Join Host Suzanne Strisower, author of several books including 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes for this unique show that focuses on inspirational professionals, and people from many walks of life who focus on life purpose, fulfillment and wellness. Our Guest Today: Doris Muna
    Doris Siksek Muna is an energy healing practitioner, consultant and international instructor. Author of The Triangle of Health: Discover Your Healing Journey. She is the founder of Dorothea Healing Essences. A member of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of America as a certified practitioner and instructor.
    Doris uses a combination of the three systems of energy healing: the meridian system, the chakra system, and flower essences including remedies from nature. Doris is a medical intuitive, and uses all aspects of energy to analyze a situation, including Touch for Health, Flower essences, Energy Energy Healing, Paramitas, Herbs, Essential oils, and Feng Shui.
    Doris identifies subconscious self limiting beliefs, and addresses present challenges and lifestyle modifications. She helps unfold the path of your future journey while staying attuned to your personal spiritual growth. Doris has an uncanny ability to get to the core of any challenge. Doris also works with pets, as a healer and animal communicator. This service can be done in person or over the phone. She loves to work with dogs, cats, birds and horses.
    Doris has traveled worldwide and studied with teachers and masters from various cultures with different approaches to wellness.
    To learn more about Doris please visit her website: http://www.dorotheahealing.com
    For more information about the Host, Suzanne Strisower please visit her website at: http://www.yournextstepcoach.com

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    The Perfections and the virtues: What's the Difference?

    in Buddhism

    There are six "Paramitas," or Perfections, that a Bodhisattva practices: Patience, Generosity, Joyful Effort, Moral Discipline, Concentration and Wisdom.  This episode will discuss the difference between the Pefections (with a capital 'P') and the virtues (with a lower case 'v'). You can cultivate patience, the virtue, before you cultivate Patience, the Perfection, but if you cultivate Patience, you will have simultaneously culitvated patience. What should you do first?
    In the second half of the program, the musical artist, Thomas Nab, will be the guest. Thomas lives in Holland and records music in many genres. We will showcase his music and talk about some of the ways that music and dancing can become parts of spiritual practice.

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    Cultivating the Perfection of Patience, Part 2

    in Religion

    This episode of The Life of Universal Loving will continue the discussion, begun last episode, of how to cultivate the perfection of patience. Tenzin will explain additional ideas to think about in in analytic meditation in order to cultivate patience, and Tenzin will also explain how visualization techniques can be used in analytic meditation to develop patience. You may review the process that is used to develop all perfections on Tenzin Norbu's blog, "How a Bodhisattva Mediates to Become a Buddha," at www.terrencemoore.us/blog.
    In the second half of the program, the singer/songwriter Anne-Marie Pauley will appear as the guest. You can learn more about Anne-Marie at http://amregardingeverything.blogspot.com/

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    Cultivating the Perfection of Patience

    in Buddhism

    This episode with explain what the perfection of patience is and how to cultivate it. Tenzin will explain the definition of patience, the types of situation calling for acting patiently and some of the ideas to think about in analytic meditation in order to cultivate patience. You may review the process that is used to develop all perfections on Tenzin Norbu's blog, "How a Bodhisattva Mediates to Become a Buddha," at www.terrencemoore.us/blog.
    The singer/songwriter Jay Harper will appear in the second half of the program. Jay is a Buddhist, and his music has been featured on the CD, "Dhamma Gita, Music of Young Practitioners of the Dhamma.

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    The Six Perfections & Respect for All Religious Traditions

    in Buddhism

    In this episode, Tenzin Norbu with introduce the six perfections, or "paramitas," that a Bodhisattva practices on the path to Buddhahood. Cultivating and expressing the six paramitas in thought and action is the path that leads to Buddhahood, and the main purpose of The Life of Universal Loving radio program is to provide guidance about how to cultivate and practice the six pefections.
    It is important to know that Bodhisattvas and Buddhas have a sympathetic regard for the beliefs and practices of non-Buddhist religions, because this sympathetic regard is an aspect of the universal love and compassion of a Bodhisattva and a Buddha. To hate or have contempt for the beliefs and practices of others is a failure to love and embrace people as they are. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas skillfully teach the skills that lead to true and lasting happiness, and it is extremely unskillful to hate or contemn others because of their beliefs and practices. It is also extremely unskillful to cause others to feel disrespected because of their beliefs.  One should appreciate this aspect of the attititude of a Bodhisattva at the very beginning of one's practice of the Bodhisattva way of life.
    In the second half of the show, the singer/songwriter Guru Ganesha Singh will appear as a guest. Guru Ganesha practices the Sikh religion and his music is a beaufiful expression of some of the important practices of Sikhism.

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    The Six Perfections - Steps Along the Path

    in Spirituality

    Join us, as Khenpo Gurudas Sunyatananda takes a refreshing look at the ancient wisdom and timeless teachings of the Enlightened & Anointed Ones, bringing a new understanding, and making these teachings more accessible and relevant, without the religious, cultural, dogmatic or sectarian baggage that often obscures such teachings, marginalises and drives people away. In this segment, Khenpo Gurudas takes a look at the Paramitas or Six Perfections -- the Steps along the Dharma journey, which keep us on the Noble Eightfold Path (even when the Fundie McNuggets jump in to try and advance their god-concept obsession!)

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    Passioneers ® Sheevaun Moran and Sean Adams

    in Goals

    At 9:00am, we interview Sheevaun O'Connor Moran who has helped transform the lives of over 10,000 people through her unique vision, process, and programs. She has integrated esoteric principles, energy medicine, energy psychotherapy and the nature of the whole being into Paramitas the System. Sheevaun has authored four books, hundreds of articles and over 20 CD's that help the novice to expert seeker learn to Master their Energy. She can be reached at sheevaunmoran.com/From Passioneer Pictures

    At 9:30, we interview Sean Adams, a former NCAA All-American athlete, turned his love of sports into a life working with others through the medium of sports. His first book, “Sports for Life: Daily Sports Themes for Life Success,” was published in 2006. His second book, based solely on attitude and titled, “It’s Okay to be Crazy!” was published in January 2010. Sean is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, ESPN radio co-host, author and cultural critic. He can be reached at www.seanadams.netFrom Passioneer Pictures