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    Layer Five -Welcome Home Wounded One's - Your Are Now Safe

    in Self Help

    The reward of healing is that feeling of being whole, integrated and connected to self, others and all that is. In this tapping episode experience the glory of the reunion with your inner child and the ectasy of escorting a fragment of your soul back to the light.

    Experience that reward in this, the 3rd of three broadcasts. Join Cathryn as she continues her FREE, 2014 Conscious Living Series.

    Tap your way through the challenges of separation and then welcome your inner child home and assist the frgaments of your soul in returning to the light.

    Click here to listen to the previous broadcast of the Overview of Layer Five and click here for the 2nd broadcast of this month's series. Tap your way through the limiting beliefs,sabotaging feelings, and physical challenges that keep you disconnected and afraid.

    Need help and direction?

    Call 612.710.7720 and take advantage of Cathryn's FREE 15-minute assessment.

    Or, go to www.EFTForYourInnerChild.com


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    Poetic Patterns ~ Fragrant Expressions

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to another poetic interlude with Avril and Jane. Do tune in. Come as you are, in your cozy slippers, wellies or dancing shoes. Express your unique note to enhance our fluid composition....

    This week we get inspired by the fragrances used with the 8 extraordinary meridians from Almine. Lily; Luxor; Blue Lagoon; Arabian Nights; Magnolia, Papyrus; Secret of Nefertiti, and Hathor. Diving into the alchemical songs the oils bring to experience and share tones of expression that colour our moments.

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    In the beginning was the (Spoken) word and it became flesh!

    in Current Events

    Poetry as an art form may predate literacy.[1] The earliest poetry is believed to have been recited or sung, employed as a way of remembering oral history, genealogy, and law.
    The oldest surviving speculative fiction poem is the Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor,[5] written in Hieratic and ascribed a date around 2500 B.C.E
    The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor is a Middle Kingdom story of an Ancient Egyptian voyage to "the King's mines" .
    The Middle Kingdom of Egypt (also known as The Period of Reunification) is the period in the history of ancient Egypt between about 2000 BC and 1700 BC, stretching from the establishment of the Eleventh Dynasty to the end of the Twelfth Dynasty, although some writers include the Thirteenth and Fourteenth dynasties in the Second Intermediate Period. During this period, Osiris became the most important deity in popular religion.[
    Classical thinkers employed classification as a way to define and assess the quality of poetry. Notably, Aristotle's Poetics describes the three genres of poetry: the epic, comic, and tragic.Extract from a 3,000 year-old papyrus. The blue lootus
    She is one girl, there is no one like her. She is more beautiful than any other. Look, she is like a star goddess arising at the beginning of a happy new year; brilliantly white, bright skinned; with beautiful eyes for looking, with sweet lips for speaking; she has not one phrase too many. With a long neck and white breast, her hair of genuine lapis lazuli; her arm more brilliant than gold; her fingers like lotus flowers, with heavy buttocks and girt waist. Her thighs offer her beauty, with a brisk step she treads on ground. She has captured my heart in her embrace. She makes all men turn their necks to look at her. One looks at her passing by,this one, the unique one

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    ODWIRA: Transcarnational Orature of Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut in Amenti -the West

    in Education

    In this episode of ODWIRA we address the nature of orature (oral literature, oral traditions) which is transmitted intergenerationally and transcarnationally (through successive incarnations). This is a pillar of Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) amannee or traditions inclusive of Nanasom (Ancestral Religion).

    Odwira, purification, is key to the effective transmission of orature. It is through odwira that we are able to attune to our Nananom Nsamanfo (Spiritually Cultivated Ancestresses and Ancestors), the Abosom (Deities) and our own Okra/Okraa (Soul/Divine Consciousness/Personal Obosom) and our akyeneboa (animal totems). Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) in the western hemisphere have transmitted our Ancestral orature within our blood circles from ancient Khanit and Kamit (Nubia and Egypt) to the present day.

    We will examine the Ru Nu Pert em Hru (Papyrus of Ani) in relation to our book UBEN-HYENG The Ancestral Summons and our AKRADINBOSOM (Abosom of the 7 Days of the week) publications. We will also examine our ABOA NKWA regarding akyeneboa (animal totems):

    UBEN-HYENG The Ancestral Summmons


    AKRADINBOSOM - Abosom (Deities) of the Solar. Lunar and Planetary Bodies which govern the Okra/Okraa and the 7-day week





    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 

    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 

    Akwamu Nation in North America 


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    The Last Man Standing - Marshall Thompson

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    In the late 50’s, two Chicago singing groups decided to team up and set the stage for one of the most memorable groups of the 60’s.  That joining together were a group called The Desideros (members were Marshall Thompson and Creadel “Red” Jones) and The Chanteurs (Eugene Record and Robert “Squirrel” Lester) and they adopted the name The Hi-lites.  It was soon discovered that the name they had chosen was already in use, the fellows decided that they wanted to pay tribute to their hometown and they became Marshall Thompson and The Chi-Lites in 1964.  Shortly thereafter, when the group lost one of its members, the name was shortened to The Chi-Lites.

    The group struggled for several years as they searched for a record deal and the right material.  Then, in 1971 a major hit came their way with front man Eugene Record when the group released “Have You Seen Her” which became #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.  After that, the group released another #1 hit in 1972, “Oh Girl” which posted on Billboard’s Hot 100 on May 27, 1972.

    Many other transatlantic chart hits followed over the next several years as the group began to fragment and members started to drift apart.  In 1989, Marshall Thompson took the lead in reforming The Chi-Lites and has kept the legacy going ever since.  He has released a new book about his colorful life and the many accomplishments The Chi-Lites achieved over the years.  Appropriately titled “Last Man Standig”, Thompson will provide inside information about some of the most cherished moments of his very colorful life.

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    BeauGrchNzunNo(Black Lotus Civilization) B.L.C. Radio and co host Omo Shongo

    in Science

    welcome to the Black Lotus Civilization broadcast live from sunny southern
    I am your host EmunRa Kati and my co-host the honorable brother 
    from the Kameroon Omo Shongo
    tonight me and my co-host Omo Shongo on the black lotus civilzation broacast
    will talk with our beautiful african people about traditional african spiritual meditation 
    then me your host EmunRa Kati will chant and break down 
    the hymns and chapters in the papyrus of ani 
    hymn to ra 
    hymn to osiris un-nefer

    its getting very interesting in the conscious community

    things are not as the seem 

    Black Lotus Civilization broadcast is the beginning of the new age renaissance all out war fare on all forms of literature, philosophy, history, astronomy, astrology, chemsitry, physics, biology, and quantum sciences in its full will be destroyed and rebuilt the periodical table of elements will be destroyed prepare for another historic broadcast

    with emunrakati omo shongo and the Black Lotus Civlization listeners and callers 

    Bion zuau

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    The United Order in Kirtland Ohio.

    in Religion



                               THE KIRTLAND CATASTROPHE


                                    It is not given that one man should possess that which is above another, wherefore the world lieth in sin. (D. & C. 49:20).


                    It was in Kirtland, Ohio, that some of the most important events in Church history occurred. Here the Prophet Joseph Smith made his home, and from here every major activity of the Church was conducted--the planning of towns, performing missionary work, building a temple, publishing information (such as the Book of Commandments, The Book of Mormon, and the Inspired Translation of the Bible). It was also in Kirtland that the Church obtained. the rolls of papyrus which came to be the writings of Abraham.


                    When the temple was built in Kirtland, the Saints enjoyed a modern Pentecost of spiritual experiences to witness the Lord's approval of its construction and dedication. It was also here that some of the greatest manifestations that have ever been experienced by man took place. Ancient prophets holding the keys of their dispensations came to Kirtland to bestow them to this people. (See. D. & C. 110)

    Call in or text 801-368-1490 with your questions or comments.





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    Who are we?
    What is the purpose of human life?
    Why do we hold certain beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world in which we live?
    Why do we act the way we do toward ourselves and others?
    What is actually happening in our world?
    Is there significance and purpose to the events that are occurring?
    Can we improve ourselves and the world in which we live, and if so, how?


     SEEKING CO-HOSTS:   for panel discussions 

    4 WOMAN 4 MEN ..


    Ngone Aw   @ ngonea@yahoo.com /

    Please put:  ( Co-host)

    GNOSIS KARDIA SHOW  - on the subject line/

    "You are so much more than you think you are.  As a fragment of All That Is, you already contain, within yourself, representational symbols that span many levels of vibration. Even within the compressed, limitation form seen reflected in your bathroom mirror, you are are still complete; though that image is abbreviated. You might call what you see in that mirror a "scale model" of the Multiverse compacted onto the physical plane.

    To fully comprehend what we are saying, it is most important that you begin to look at everything you previously considered "self" and realize that the totality of that represents only a tiny portion of you---a little piece of Infinity that was "chipped off" to enter this World of Form.  Daniel Jabos

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    BeauGrchNzunNo(Black Lotus Civilization) B.L.C. Radio and co host Omo Shongo

    in Science

    welcome to the Black Lotus Civilization broadcast live from sunny southern
    I am your host EmunRa Kati and my co-host the honorable brother 
    from the Kameroon Omo Shongo
    tonight me and my co-host Omo Shongo on the black lotus civilzation broacast
    will talk with our beautiful african people about traditional african spiritual meditation 
    then me your host EmunRa Kati will chant and break down 
    the hymns and chapters in the papyrus of ani 
    hymn to ra 
    hymn to osiris un-nefer 

    using tu, biu, jo, dho, ki, si, ama, twi, 


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    translation of the hieroglyphs debunked

    in Science

    as a follow up to part 1 i will be going down the rabbit hole cross referencing african languages with the hieroglyphs and debunking 

    forms and towns of asar debunked

    the doctrine of eternal life debunked

    egyptian ideas about god and the gods debunked

    list of the gods whose names were recited by the deceased to perfect his spirit soul debunked

    the abode of the blessed debunked

    the gods of the book of the dead debunked

    the principle geographical and mythological places in the book of the dead debunked

    the weighing of the heart debunked

    funeral ceremonies debunked

    the papyrus of ani its date and contents debunked

    ani and tutu in the other world debunked

    list of hymns and chapters in the papyrus of ani

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    Otrzymywanie - Klucz Do Obfitości Nie Tylko Finansowej

    in Energy

    We wspanialej ksiazce Gary Dougnas'a znajdziesz taki fragment; "pieniadze nie sa problemem, problemem jest zdolnosc otrzymywania". Czym jest Otrzymywania?

    W 2014 roku rozpoczynamy cala kampanie zajec, spotkan poswiecomych Pieniadzom i Finansom. Ta uadycja jest jej poczatkiem.

    Zapraszam wyjatkowo w piatek :-)

    Kamila Dolota i jej goscie.

    do uslyszenia

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