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    On Fire to Inspire with Jennifer Hain: Special Guest, Paolo Presta

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    Paolo comes from a large Italian family in Chicago, IL.  His parents came to America from a small town in southern Italy to start a family and chase the American dream.  Through hard work and dedication, Paolo's father was able to open his first grocery store.  His dream was to have all seven of his children working in the family business and they all were - including Paolo.  Starting at the age of eleven, Paolo would go to work with his father on the weekends, but he always knew it wasn't his passion.  Paolo didn't want to disappoint his father, but somehow needed to let him know that his dream was to be a part of the entertainment business in Hollywood.  For years, Paolo wrote to "The Oprah Winfrey Show" asking Oprah to help him fulfill that dream.  Finally, in November of 2004, Oprah Winfrey surprised Paolo at his father's store and gave him a speaking role on NBC's "Will & Grace".  That was one of the greatest days of his life and that one single day changed the direction of Paolo's life forever!  Since then, he has moved to Los Angeles where he transitioned from acting (he had a recurring role on ABC's "General Hospital") to working behind the scenes in the world of daytime talk shows ("The Ellen DeGeneres Show" & "The Talk").  All of those experiences brought Paolo to fulfill his greatest life-long dream of hosting his own talk show.   "A Spoonful of Paolo" is truly a labor of love for him and he hopes you sit back, eat a cookie and enjoy the show!

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    Children's Book Author Bruce Coville on ETs for Children

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    How do you have to think unconventionally to write great stories for children? Join us as children's book author Bruce Coville talks about extraterrestrials and other oddities for kids.

    Bruce Coville was born in Syracuse, New York, in 1950. His family lived in farm territory north of Syracuse and he grew up around the corner from his grandparents’ dairy farm, where he spent a great deal of time dodging cows and chores as well as he was able. As a young reader he loved Mary Poppins and Dr. Dolittle, but also read lots of things people consider junk (Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, and zillions of comic books). 

    In 1978 he published his first book, The Foolish Giant, a picture book illustrated by his wife, Katherine. Since then he has published over 100 books for children and young adults, from picture books to young adult novels. Among his best known titles are My Teacher Is an Alien, Into the Land of the Unicorns, and Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. His work has appeared in 16 languages, and won children's choice awards in numerous states. 

    A frequent speaker at schools and conferences, Bruce has 3 times been opening or closing keynoter for the national conference of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. He travels the world to speak in schools, and has presented at American or International Schools in Sao Paolo, London, Madrid, Shanghai, Delhi, Seoul, and many others.

    In addition to his writing, in 2001 Bruce founded FULL CAST AUDIO, an audiobook publishing company devoted to producing full cast, unabridged recordings of great children's books. He has produced over a hundred audiobooks, frequently also directing or performing. 

    Bruce lives in  Syracuse, New York, with his wife, author and illustrator Katherine Coville.

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    Restoring HOPE, Rebuilding Families with Kurt Nix

    in Real Estate

    "We have items that can teach you how to be a French chef in your own kitchen," Paolo Wakham, of Pirch, says.

    He also shares an experience where his team had to attend to a broken refrigerator and freezer that caused a kitchen mess, offers details about weekly complimentary lunches at their Rancho Mirage location, and talks about the store’s program that mentors high school home economics students.

    "It's a great educational experience for the kids," Wakham says.

    You can contact Paolo at 619-933-6364.


    You've been listening to Kurt Nix, Founder of Nix Professional Restoration Services. For over 35 years we specialized in providing emergency services for any kind of WATER  damage from a pipe break, or water flow or FIRE damage where you need board ups and  emergency cleaning or certified MOLD remediation specialists.

    Restoring HOPE, Rebuilding Families with Kurt Nix CLICK HERE to schedule your Complimentary Consultation.

    NIX Professional Restoration



    o - (760) 835-9655 

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    The Quest: Journey Into Reality

    in Spirituality

    The Quest: Journey Into Reality hosted by H.J. (Jamal) Robinson is a weekly internet radio program on #BlogTalkUSA aimed at educating and sharing information and views on a wide range of topics and issues that are not always discussed in a public forum!  We go beyond the surface of every topic and give a platform for open, honest, intelligent, and respectful debate, discussion, and exchange of ideas.  Physics, history, philosophy, organized religion, education, religious doctrine, social constructs within our and other societies, historical and modern mythology, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical wellness and health are only a few general subjects, among a vast range of topics we will encounter and delve into on The Quest: Journey Into Reality on #BlogTalkUSA! Join Jamal Robinson LIVE tonight at 10 pm cst. for the topic: Death, Destruction, & The Doorway. 

    Jamal's Book Recommendation : Water, Pure and Simple: The Infinite Wisdom of an Extraordinary Molecule?  By: Paolo Consigli 

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    Open borders, war on terror and how does a Libertarian fit in?

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    Will open borders be the end of our identity as a country or will it bring all of us economic prosperity, how does the war on terror fit in with open borders and is the governmnet trying to bring us into a more global world where the U.N runs the show.

    Join our special guest Heath Thomas who is a political consultant, call in and ask Heath any questions you have on today's political scene. No topic is off limits, join the chat board and get involved.

    As always Paolo will be hosting the show.

    Enjoy the show.


  • One world government or does your government just hate you?

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    Justin wins or Harper losses? This is the election wrap up show, we want to hear your oppinion on the election results and what do you think is next? Also we will be talking about how governments are manipulating mainstream media to plant stories that will get us angry and hate one another, it doesn't help when we have people like Donald Trump spewing his hate.

    Join Paolo Fabrizio call in live or join the chat board. 

    Darren is MIA. So I need all of you to help out.

    We will also be talking about the Ontario Libertarian Party AGM.

  • Election stretch run, Education and Government like oil and water?

    in Politics

    Is it time to get

    the government out of the education business? Can we really have a one system teach all education and it actually work? If we keep our children under government teachers what will happen? Call in and give us your point of view or join the chat board.

    This is the end of the election, who will win and what is going on in the streets. Tune in as Paolo and Darrino babble on.

    We will also be talking about what is distracting people these days. You know what I mean.

    7 pm est join in on the fun.

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    Talk Liberty Special with Paolo Fabrizio and you!

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    Join Liberty Rules radio as we talk about everything Liberty related in the news today, we will be talking about how the governments new cap and trade is really just a fancy way of taxing us some more, what ever happened to the police investigation into the gas plants? We will be taking your calls and you can talk about anything you want. Hillary is running does anyone care? We will be disussing my column that will be in the Examiner later today and printed in tommorows paper edition. What's going on between Paolo and the Libertarian Party we will find out all on today's show. Also Justin versus Stephen who wins?

    Join us and put us on your computer as you're enjoying your dinner.


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    Boycott Blue Rodeo? Is Darren A Candidate? Federal Election?

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    On today's show we will find out if Darrino made it on time to be a candidate and we will be talking about Blue Rodeo. Who's Blue Rodeo you ask? They are a Canadian musical band who never made it in the real world so now they are taking their frustrations on the Prime Minister Of Canada. They released a new song this week putting down Canada's Prime Minister. I have never purchased a Blue Rodeo album or single or ITunes, I don't even know what they sound like.We will go over which candidate is running where and as always we will taking your calls.

    Join the chat board and get involved.

    We will also be talking about how vile we are. A former listener called our show vile. Stop with the compliments Darrino and I are blushing.

  • Libertarians, LCBO, and the RO

    in Politics

    Darrino will see what it's like to be a Libertarian candidate as he tries again to get his last few signatures needed to get him on the ballot. We will talk about his ecounter with the RO in Barrie and we will listen in as people treat him like garbage. Canadians good people? We will find out.

    Call in or follow us on the chat board and get involved.

  • So you thought you wanted to be a politician?

    in Politics

    Our last show was so well received that we are doing it again, on today's show we will catch up with our friend Darrino as he tries to get on the ballot as a Libertarian candidate. Listen in on what it feels like to be a Libertarian at the mecry of the general public who most of them have no clue what's going on in todays world.

    We will also talk about world news as a Libertarian would view it and we will also be taking your calls live.

    So join in and get involved call or join the chat board.