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    A Tale of Hope....Katie's Story

    in Health

    Has your child been vaccine injured? Does their condition continually spiral downward? Then, this is the show for you!

    Please join us on Monday, March 30, 2015, at 8 PM Eastern for a heartwarming story of hope. Dr. Jess Armine and Shawn Bean will interview Katie and her family.

    A victim of the gardasil vaccine, Lyme disease, and bio toxin (mold) illnesses, listen how she went from bed-ridden and non-functional to a point where she could return to school and to life!

    Her journey has been told in Natural News, Vaccine Impact News and Health Impact News.

    Hear from her family how they ignored those who would have kept Katie sick, stepped out and embraced practitioners who offered and demonstrated hope and healing for Katie.

    This will be a great interview...not to be missed!!!

    See You then....Dr. Jess   ;-)


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    PANDAS....Get the 411 from an expert, Amy Joy Smith!

    in Health

    On Monday, December 15th, at 8PM eastern we are pleased to interview Amy Joy Smith.

    Amy Joy Smith is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Functional Medicine and heads up the integrative PANS / PANDAS Treatment Program of Hill Park Medical Center in Petaluma, California.  She is the mother of an amazing child who has healed from PANDAS and a dedicated PANDAS awareness advocate.

    Amy has practiced functional and nutritional medicine since the early 1980′s and has studied with a number of pioneers in the field.  Her treatments are progressive and blend the best of medical science with leading edge natural therapies and using food as medicine. Her first PANDAS patient was her own son in 2009 and she now sees hundreds of children with PANDAS from all over the world. She brings the same creative approach to treating these children as she used with her own child and believes that this is the only way to get kids better – fearless out-of-box thinking and a belief that children can recover from PANDAS.

    Amy serves on the PANDAS Network.org.org Board of Directors and was the lead organizer of the West Coast PANDAS/PANS Parent Symposiums held in San Francisco in April 2012 and 2014. She has spoken at several PANDAS conferences and recently had the honor of giving a workshop with Dr. Susan Swedo to over 200 school nurses in Rhode Island on recognizing PANDAS in school children and providing educational supports and accommodations! Imagine that!

    Amy’s personal blog on the journey of her son’s illness and recovery from PANDAS – and now her own personal recovery from PANDAS-Hell – receives thousands of hits from all over the world. Her intention is that it provides hope and inspiration for families in the thick of it, that there is a roadmap and there is life beyond PANDAS.


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    Its Hard When I Have Done, Went, Crazy!!!

    in The Bible

    Rated RxRxRx for explicit, details, usually!


    small recap on my last year, of insane, in the membrane, no not funny, but we must laugh or we are liable to drop dead! In this Life!

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    5 year old girl with Mood / Aggression / Anxiety / Tics / Constipation. HELP!

    in Health

    A new and interesting show!!! A Mom in Australia asked our "merry methylation" detectives to help her little girl.

    She is 5 years old with Mood / Aggression / Anxiety / Tics / Constipation..... What could it be? Is it PANDAS? PANS? Methylation problems? Mitochondrial dysfunction? Or something else?

    On Monday, November 10th at 8PM eastern (USA) , (That is 12 noon, Tuesday Nov 11 in Melbourne OR 11am Tuesday, Nov 11th in Brisbane), Dr. Jess Armine will moderate a discussion group of clinical detectives to help ascertain the root cause(s) and subsequent downstream effects of this little one's malady.

    Our expert anel will include Sterling Hill* (creator of mthfrsupport.com and "Sterling's app"), Clinician Cynthia Smith*, Clinician Shawn Bean*,  and Yours Truly (of course) 

    Special Guest Amy Joy Smith, NP*, PANDAS expert and national speaker on PANDAS has graciously consented to join us!

    Also, Carolyn Ledowsky, ND*, naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist and head of MTHFRsupport AUSTRALIA will also join us.

    It doesn't get better than this people....Tell your friends!

    I would like to express gratitude to the mom who has brought this to us....in my opinion there is no greater love than to place all the "cards on the table" for the whole world to see. We promise to do our very best!

    Join us!!!!!




    *For full Bio's on the expert panel, please go to www.mabim.org

    * For Carolyn Ledowsky's bio, please go to http://www.mthfrsupport.com.au/about/our-team/

    *for Amy Joy Smith NP go to http://hillparkmedicalcenter.com/practitioners/amy-joy-smith-n-p/



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    #157: Low-carb controversy, quitting cardio, and ditching egg whites

    in Health

    1.  Diane’s updates [2:30]

    2.  Liz’s updates [7:03]

    3.  Real Food movement pioneer, Mary Enig  [8:00]

    4.  Low-carb controversy in the Paleosphere [10:45]

    5.  Should I quit cardio?  [22:03]

    6.  Is palm olein the same as palm oil, and is it healthy?  [31:41]

    7.  Post workout skin care regimen tips [36:16]

    8.  Raw eggs; ditch the white? [42:54]

    9.  Homesteading with goats [48:19]

    10.  Kitchen tip: pots and pans and safe nonstick [52:11]

    11.  #worstpaleomealever Call out [55:30]

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    PANDAS/PANS Conference Special

    in Health

    Join show host, Marcel Cairo, for a LIVE post-conference panel discussion with some of the headliners of the NE PANDAS Parents Conference that took place on November 9 & 10 in Providence, Rhode Island.  Call in with your questions.

    Show Guests include:  Dr. Rosario Trifiletti, Dr. Keneth Bock, Dr. Ditran Agalliu, Organizer, Meagan Greenstein, and participating physician, Dr. Allen Lewis.


  • 01:32

    Ask The Methylation Experts!!!! Open Mic Night!

    in Health

    Still confused about your 23andme?

    Dr. Armine's lecture last week didn't answer all your questions?

    Here's your Chance!!!


    On 7/14/14 at 8pm EST we will have an expert panel that will answer all your tough questions on methylation, MTHFR and Bio-Individualized Medicine!!!!

    Our panel will consist of  Dr. Jess Armine, Shawn Bean and Cynthia Smith.


    And, A SPECIAL GUEST, Dr. Ben Lynch promises to make a cameo appearance!!!

    This show is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!  Call in...ask your questions, chat and get answers.  See you then!



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    Chewing The Fat With Big And Beefy featuring FLAGSHIP BREWERY & BB CHUG Contest

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of Chewing The Fat with Big and Beefy , Chefs Rob & Clem welcome Jay Sykes of Flagship Brewery. FB is Staten Islands newest addition and they are kicking ass. The beer is great and the atmosphere is greater. Good times at Flagship Brewery. Jay Sykes, Matt McGinley & John Gordon are all buddies who grew up together and made their dream come true. We will be talking a lot about their Wit Beer, Dark Beere, IPA and their new Summer Ale.

    Also on the bill will be a "BEER CHUGGING CONTEST " between Big & Beefy. Who will win the trophy and the bragging rights of Being The CTF Chugging Champ. We are taking bets, lol.

    As always there will be a Top Five, Food Fight and Food News. Look for our new segment with Theresa "THE BRAINY BROAD" as we go over some culinary tecniques.

    We also may be getting a visit from a local tavern owner to judge the First Annual Chugging Contest. Ya never know who else will be stopping by the studio.

    Call in LIVE 347-215-7771

    Facebook: facebook.com/ctfwithbigandbeefy

    Twitter: @CTFBBPodcast



    visit our archives on beatsandeats.net


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    Truf Bros. Radio: ABUSE! Don't touch me.

    in Entertainment

      Why do we find it so hard to respect one another?  Couples fight, it's happens.  When you spend so much time around someone tempers flare, but now more than ever we are quick to hit each other.  Not just with our hands...we use pots, pans, bats, knifes and guns.  Can it be that we don't have patience anymore, we can't take a baby crying or children being bad.  We hurt kids and blame them for our short comings, let's talk about what can we do to help people traped in the cycle of abuse.  Join us.

  • 00:56

    Myths & Facts: Your Home with Lucinda Curran

    in Health

    Join me as I shine the light so you can see the facts and the myths clearly:

    earthing mats
    EMF protection devices
    air fresheners
    plug-in pesticides
    perfumes and aftershaves
    non-stick pans
    storing food
    and more!

    Lucinda Curran is a Building Biologist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a special interest in Environmental Sensitivities. Her mission is to make the world a safer place for all who dwell here and her goals are: 

    To prevent people from developing Environmental Sensitivities; and
    To assist anyone who is affected by them in reclaiming their health.

    #changeyourliferadio #ecohealthsolutions #environmentalsensitivities 

  • 00:30

    Curtis Harwell and Sarah Kingston Discuss Recipes and Q and A

    in Fitness

    1. What is one kitchen trick you know and use that you don’t think many others know about? I don't know anything that someone else doesn't - my one thing that I do a lot is put shredded up spinach into everything.. chili... smoothies... enchiladas...spaghetti sauce..turkey meatloaf... I like to think that it adds come nutrients that wouldn't be there otherwise and you don't even notice it.

    2. What is your most used kitchen tool? My knives of course - and my favorite Calphalon pans... My husband and I eat a lot of cheese so we have two cheese graters because one always seems to be unwashed.

    3. What kitchen item can you not keep on your shelves long enough? Goat Cheese! I love goat cheese and I put it on everything - salads, bread, sandwiches, pretzels as a snack. It is soooo good!

    4. What is a kitchen faux pas in your house? Putting my favorite knife in the dishwasher - I'm lenient with the other knives but want my favorite one to stay in good condition.

    5. What’s your hangover meal cure (could be cure-all if you don’t consume alcohol)? For me this is more of a what is my favorite post run breakfast... I LOVE left over roasted veggies with some sort of protein like left over turkey meatloaf topped with sunny side egg!

    6. What foods wouldn’t you touch as a kid that you can’t get enough of now? I was not very picky as a kid. I loved vegetables, the one exception is onions - I used to hate those - now I understand that they bring a lot of flavor to a dish - though I still can't eat them raw.