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    Terror Fi Radio-Panel Discussion On Many Topics!

    in Paranormal

    Join The Paranormal Outlaw, Tasha Starr, and Melissa Duck for a night of fun and craziness!  They will discuss everything from paranormal to UFOs to current news in the world. Tonight we will be discussing all kinds of topics with a round table discussion including Michell, Dallas, and Jake.  You can in and ask questions to the panel.  You can also follow us on Facebook at Terror Fi Radio and you can follow the network on Facebook at URN Radio Network!

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    The DiamondForum Discussion Panel

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    What's Up Diamonds,

    Are you ready for another DiamondForum show? I know I am! For those who don't know what the #DiamondForum is.... The DiamondForum is a discussion panel show that happens once a month on the last Monday of that month. It involves usually 2 to 3 new or prior guest of the show not including myself. We get together and talk about trending subjects these are subjects that affect all of us the DiamondForum allows us to have a voice about the issues that affect our communities and the world around us. It's like talking to the folks you socialize with on line about the same subjects you hear on your local news stations.

    Each person on the panel has a chance to pick from a list of subjects or add their own subject the other panel members vote hey or ney on discussion the topic. Some guest remains neutral and are willing to discuss the majority pick. Each guest gets to introduce themselves and what they do, and links at the beginning of the discussion. There are 2 subjects discussed first subject will be about #Ferguson I am not sure what the other will be for now.

    These discussions are personal opinions of my guest and I and by no means are meant to hurt or offend anyone.

    Be my guest email: guest@linajonesdiamondnetwork.com

    Music promotions email  diamond.safehouse@gmail.com

    Follow me on Facebook at http://facebook.com/ljdnshow  or http://facebook.com/Lina.VBL Twitter @videoBL or the new show twitter @LJDNSho

    Show Music promotions will be:

    Steve Hester of Dejavoodoo the band
    Jimmy Packes
    Laird Oli


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    Female Panel Discussion: Let's Talk About Real Topics

    in Relationships

    Author T.L. Tucker was born in Washington, DC. She resided in PG County all of her life. T.L. knew at a young age that writing was her passion aspiring in her senior yearbook to be a journalist. T.L. is single with two beautiful children, Sabrina and Reginald. In 2008 she released her first book, "Single & Saved in PG County," a self-help auto biography about dating, singleness, single parenting, and divorce. T.L. is also a motivational speaker focusing on women and how to effectively deal with women's issues through biblical principal. She has been the keynote speaker at Church events, women shelters, and State funded events. T.L. has also participated in panel discussions and forums.  She has stepped out of the box with her new fictional novel Revenge Interrupted, setting a new standard for modern literature. In her latest novel she addresses the issue of family dysfunction, HIV, promiscuity, rape, and forgiveness. T.L. challenges society understanding that although we may not control our circumstances; we can control how we react to them. She has also written and produced her first short film based off of the highly acclaimed, novel. As an author and film maker her goal is to challenge society and plant the seeds of righteousness, integrity, and morals while entertaining them with her unique style of writing.

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    The Panel

    in Entertainment

    The Apex hosts present the Panel and we are discussing a simple concept that we as humans tend to complicate. Race, religion and more, often stress relationships on all levels making people more on edge and forget there manners. Are you that person who pisses everyone off or are you able to give your family, friends and others common courtesy as people to earn there respect. To Join this discussion feel free to call Apex at 646-716-8552 tonight between 7-9 CST 

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    La Literati Panel returns for a third Round Table discussion

    in Books

    Most of us on the panel are introverts. Join us as we discuss our personalities and how we cope in a society that caters to extroverts.

    As a reminder- our panel is:

    Terry Demeo- our Brooklyn girl who loves perfume, cooking, baking, art, visiting museums, music, poetry, classic movies from Hollywood's Golden Age, dancing, and chocolate

    Heather Culford- our Canadian friend. Heather is a Mental Health Advocate and Graphic Artist. She loves Big Brother, donuts, stalking celebrities and getting her funny on.

    Jane Rothman- our Philly chick with a heart of gold and style to rival Tim Gunn. Jane is an actress and host of Chit Chat Chicks.
    M.G, aka- Kermit the Frog. A guy who knows it’s not easy being green. “Kermit” loves nature, cooking, humanity, and giving back.

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    Roundtable Discussion ~ 11/01/14 ~ Expanded Citizens Disclosure Panel I

    in Education


    Date: Saturday,  November 1, 2014 - Join us on Saturday,  November 1, 2014, 11 AM HST, 2 PM Pacific, 4 Central, 5 PM Eastern time for a 3 hour roundtable discussion with Participants: Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Lessin, Alfred Webre, Laura Eisenhower, Ray Kosulandich, Tolec, Theresa J. Morris & Elizabeth (Diamond) Mulligan.

    Call 646-649-0893 or 347-945-7207  or (209)255-1000 (or) +1-424-203-8405 Pin 883267# to listen or ask a question.


    Duration:  three hours 

    Panel: Eight panel members, Janet Kira Lessin and Dr. Sasha Lessin moderate. 

    Questions:  four to five questions (depending on length of answers). 

    Scenario:  Imagine an expanded Citizens Hearing on Capitol Hill records your testimony for documentaries for Congress and key world leaders. 

    Bio:  Send Janet (aquarianradio@gmail.com) a one to three-paragraph bio. Make its first summarize who you are and what you do.  Janet or Sasha will read that paragraph to the radio audience before you first speak.
    More at  http://wp.me/p2OzDR-2Jk on Aquarian Radio

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    THe K-N-O-W SHow with open panel discussion of S.A.M.M.

    in Spirituality

    On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, the Know Show Host, Rev. Robert J.V. McMillan will have an open panel discussion on the importance of S.A.M.M., -Spiritual Awareness, Meditation’ & Metaphysics, spiritual tools that keep us centered and balanced, ‘turned on, tuned in, and tapped into’ as Esther Hicks of Abraham Hicks says, in order to know where to go, who to see and what to say that makes the world a better place in my home, my block, my neighborhood, city, county, state, nation, and ultimately the world.  We will discuss changing from singing in the key of high C; ME! ME! ME! And moving to the key of WE; or as the talented Mr. Stevie Wonder says, singing (collectively) in the “Key of Life!”


    You may join us by dialing 347.838.9142 and pressing 1 if you have a question or a comment.  You may also join us on the world- wide-web by going to, www.blogtalkradio.com/renford and then scrolling down to the Know Show.  Create A Great Day, the choice is up to each of us to do that for ourselves and each other. 

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    Social-Emotional Learning: Panel discussion on the role of providers and parents

    in Family

    Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) the process of acquiring the knowledge and skills to be successful in life. It’s how we understand and manage emotions, forge and cultivate good relationships, feel and demonstrate empathy, make good decisions, and accomplish healthy goals.

    For the first time Kids AtoZ will be broadcasting from the road with the help of Hidden Chapel Studios. We're presenting a panel discussion with SEL experts at a training for the staff of the New York Center for Child Development to help them better serve their families. The content is parent friendly and is helpful for caregivers to develop skills in themselves and their children.

    Our panel includes art therapist Dr. Margaret Carlock-Russo, art therapist Rachel Brandoff, and music therapist Maya Benattar.

    We hope you enjoy.

    Best, The Kids AtoZ Team

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    SPEAKING TO HARMONY: Authors on the Rise - Black History Month Panel Discussion

    in Social Networking

    You MUST join us for the exciting and enlightening panel discussion on Black History and bring your comments and/or thoughts to the table.


    Jerry Jackson - Published author searching for focusing black authors and stories featuring black protagonists.

    Milton Davis - An American musician, songwriter and producer from Birmingham, Alabama.

    Andre Holmes - An Associate Producer Designer and Content manager at The Music Origins Project

    Therone Shellman - An award winning author, as well as motivational speaker, self publishing consultant, and journalist.

    Chris Smith - Entrepenuer and CEO/Founder of an accounting firm in CA.

    Dr. Antonio Webb - An Orthopedic Surgeon resident and Motivational speaker and published author who has a passion for helping others.

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    Right Opinions Panel of Everyday Americans

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to the Right Opinions Broadcast.  Right Opinions is a member of the RATNetwork of radio broadcasts.  The broadcast has a panel of five everyday Americans who discuss issues and conflicts that our governing political representatives have initiated or created that impact the people  The opinions are those of each panel member.  The panel consists of Marcia Stirman (Host aka the Iron Butterfly); Rollan Ross (CEO of the RATNetwork aka Papa Bear); Michelle Liquori Ross (Executive of Conservatives for America aka The Lip...and no relation to Rollan); Teresa VerMaas (Executive of Exclusive Groups Division for the RATNetwork aka The Right Hand); and Mona Breed Johnson (Co-Ceo of the RATNetwork aka The Mouth).

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    Adoption & Foster Care Awareness and Support Discussion Panel

    in Books

    To help launch a blog tour during the month of December dedicated to "Adoption & Foster Care Awareness and Support" we are hosting a panel discussion.

    Currently the roster of guests include Sue Badeau,Patti J. Smith,Karen Gass,Marsha Hubler,Linda Wood Rondeau, and Anne Baxter Campbell.

    We anticipate the roster of authors and professionals to grow as we get closer to the date of the show.Check my Twitter & Facebook for updates!

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