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    The Difference Between Pancreatitis and Appendicitis

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    Let's talk about living day-to-day with Diabetes. Get the most out of life!

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    Nutrition Advice for Pancreatic Cancer and the aftermath of Whipple Surgery

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    Today we would like to welcome Maria Petzel, a Clinical Dietitian with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Today we will be discussing Nutrition after Whipple Surgery and nutrition for those with Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer. As many of us know, November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month.

    According to the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers.  Only 6% of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will survive more than five years. One theory that pancreatic cancer has a low survival rate, is because the symptoms may not be apparent until the cancer has already spread significantly.

    One method of treatment is Whipple surgery, named after the first surgeon to perform the procedure, Allen Whipple. Whipple surgery consist of removing a significant portion of the pancreas next to the small intestines It also involves removal of the duodenum, a portion of the common bile duct, gallbladder, and sometimes part of the stomach. Afterwards, surgeons reconnect the remaining intestine, bile duct, and pancreas.

    This is obviously a very intense surgery for a person to undergo, especially when recovering. It is critical for a person to consult with either a registered Dietitian or Doctor both before & after a surgical procedure.

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    Don't let your pet suffer from pancreatitis

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    Every holiday season, the veterinary profession sees a significant statistical spike in cases of this potentially deadly disease.  Tune in tonight to find out why this is, and what you can do to prevent your pet from from being in danger. 
    We also have one e-mail question to address live on the air, and with our new live format, we will be taking live calls as well.  Please direct all e-mail comments/questions to be addressed live on the air to: comments@web-dvm.net.

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    Freedom from Bondage - Amber Lopez

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    Amber Lopez is a survivor of child abuse, human trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence and has struggled with numerous mental illnesses such as PTS and severe depression. Ambers last "normal" childhood memory was dancing with a dance production company called "Starshine Stage Players". Shortly before her 12th birthday, her dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer abruptly ended and her life was tragically changed forever. She was abducted, drugged and traded to a man who was epitome of evil. She was held in captivity as a sex slave for 30 days and in that time she was raped & abused repeatedly, beat with the butt of a gun and forced to watch one of the four other children, who was also captive, be sexually abused as well. As a result of a lifetime of addictions, four years ago she was told that she only had 2 years to live from a diagnosis of severe chronic pancreatitis and liver damage but by the grace of God 3 months later there were no signs of damage. Currently Amber is writing her first book and is an active member of “Made for Them” and “Breaking the Chains” which are local anti-human trafficking organizations/ministries. She is also a mother of 5 boys and plans to continue her education majoring in Journalism.

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    Dreamvisions 7 Radio Podcast with Kids 4 Love Project & Radio Show

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    Kids 4 Love Project & Radio Show
    Co- Hosts Risha & Rhea Shukla --Founded in 2004, the mission of The Kids Who Care Foundation is:  ~Bring joy and cheer to kids with major surgeries/medical conditions with various KWCF programs: Smile Pack,  and Traveling Variety Show
    ~Provide resources and support groups for children with Pancreatitis as well as their families.
    Risha Shukla then a 7 year old who underwent an Auto Islet Cell transplant in March 2004 for chronic pancreatitis, understands very well the challenges of being in the hospital room and staring at the bare white walls. 
    The Kids Who Care Foundation, a 501c3 tax deductible non-profit foundation, was founded by Risha with the help of her parents to cheer up and support other children with pancreatitis and other chronic medical conditions. Kids Who Care’s mission is to brighten the hospital stays of kids having major surgeries. Kids Who Care volunteers send out “smile packs” to children in the hospital and Ronald McDonald Homes nationally to brighten the days of hospitalized children... http://www.kidswhocareclub.org
    Our Practitioner Guest: Wendy Fachon is a Master Storywalker and Netwalker. She presents afterschool learning adventures for Child Opportunity Zone (COZ) programs around Rhode Island. She combines walking and storytelling into a light-spirited approach to teaching physical fitness, creative expression, and environmental stewardship.
    THE ANGEL HEART is Wendy’s first children’s book. She has published a story CD, Fiddlesticks: Nature and Nonsense, and she contributes articles to Finding Spirituality, ecoRInews, and Natural Awakenings Magazine.  She keeps several blogs, and manages three websites that focus on Children’s Health and Education issues – netwalking.com, wakeuppeople.org, and netergetics.com

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    Vaccine Induced Disease - Show #483

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    This week, Dr. Kim and Dr. Jeannie will share more natural animal health news & events as well as the philosophy of animal naturopathy.

    This week we continue our monthly series with veterinarian, Dr. Patricia Jordanon the dangers of vaccines. This month Dr. Jordan will discuss how much damage is done to each generation of vaccinated animals and how vaccines are the primary culprit behind the rise in disease in our animals.

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    Evening with Shae Martin Worthy and Antoinette Davis

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     ANTOINETTE MARIE DAVIS is a native of Michigan. As a child, Antoinette enjoyed working with math problems and she often spent lots of time so that she could figure out the solution to the problems. Over time, this love for math led her to pursue a career in mathematics. She has had many role models who have encouraged her to pursue her goals and dreams of becoming a Mathematics Professor.

    Purchase Lessons on Church Folk Volume 1  & 2
    ISBN: Volume 1: 978-1936780938,  Volume 2: 978-1936780969
    Website Address: www.lessonsonchurchfolkvol1.com   and   www.lessonsonchurchfolkvol2.com

     Shae Martin Worthy  is a Birmingham, Alabama native with a beautiful daughter, Ariel. Shae was engaged to her high school sweetheart, Timothy, who passed away on January 27, 2010 after a two year fight against pancreatitis. Tim was one of Shae's biggest supporters of her dream of becoming a writer. Tim even 'sacrificed' and read all of Shae's books. Tim hated to read novels, so this was proof-positive that he loved and supported her. She has been writing for years, and has finally taken the time to become a publishd author.   
    She has finally decided to share her works with the world.  Her debut novel, Without Parental Consent, has all the ingredients of becoming a best seller. Not only has Shae written Without Parental Consent, she has also written the sequel, Without Cameron's Consent as well as Reuniting Secrets, both with publishing forthcoming.
    Purchasse books at:  www.shaemartinworthy.com


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    Patient Doctor Blog Tweet Review, Warmsocks & Dr Zilberberg

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    Health Care  blog review and discussion, starting with comments from The Politics of Meaning by Michael Lerner about our community life.  Next is by WarmSocks, a patient blog about the life of a woman with rheumatoid arthritis, emphasizing her recent hospitalization with pancreatitis and gallstones. Next come comments from the Journal of Family Practice about aspirin use for prevention of heart attack and stroke, noting differences between recommendations for men and women.  Then JFP comments about this year's flu vaccine.  Tweet Review mentions current tweets I follow.  Review of a blog post by patient safety, epidemiology and research expert Dr Marya Zilberberg.  Finally Dr Synonymous blog post about what Family Medicine can learn from Popeye the Sailor and questions for listeners. Human centering in health care and patient-physician relationships will be a component of reviews and interviews.
    Interviews with Family Medicine Leaders, Educators and Thought Leaders will focus on current and future health care issues. Listen to the interview with Larry Bauer, MSW, MEd next week as he introduces the FMEC Northeast Regional meeting in Danville, MA in October (21-23) A chat room during the show allows listeners to comment and interact.

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    Miracles Happen Today

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    Our guest, author Carole Whang Schutter, believes miracles happen all around us if we are willing to “see” them through God’s eyes. And we need to H.E.A.L. in order to reach our godly potential. Do you need healing in your life? Are you tired of being a nobody? Do you know that God sees you as His precious child, with the ability to move mountains. Tune in today as Carole shares her HEALing tips.

    Carole Whang Schutter was born in Hawaii, one generation removed from the poverty of plantation life. A plain, shy child, she grew up to marry two controversial men and lived in mansions in Hawaii and Aspen. It was in Aspen that she experienced devastating tragedies. She

    went from being an insecure child to a socialite and then a recluse. In the silence of her memories, plagued with illnesses, she found the answer to the miracle of finding happiness in spite of one's circumstances. With the answer came relief from a lifetime of migraines, the spontaneous remission of a precancerous tumor that caused her to be hospitalized five times with pancreatitis in less than three years, and a new career as a screenwriter. At 53, she became part of 1.1% of all screenwriters who ever get a movie made although she didn't even know there were screenwriting programs. She is a partner in CouldBe TV and believes that anything is possible.

    Visit: http://www.carolewhangschutter.com for more about Carole.

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