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    Online Divorce Service Antelope Valley Palmdale Lancaster

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    http://www.divorce661.com - Online Divorce Service Antelope Valley Palmdale Lancaster - Don't fall prey to these online divorce services. We are a local divorce service in Palmdale, Lancaster, Antelope Valley. We have seen so many problems who have used these online divorce services.

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    CARLA WESTON SKAGGS's Antelope Valley 1960's Band Reunion in Palmdale CA

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    Carla Weston heads 1960's Antelope Valley Band Reunion at Hilton Gardens in Palmdale CA Starting July 19, 2014

     ARROYO GRANDE CA (IFS) -- +Merrell Fankhauser reports that a reunion of all the bands of the Antelope Valley from the 1960's will be getting together for a big night of partying, singing and just a good old time to remember.  The event is being lead by +Carla Weston, the daughter of Country Music's legendary great +George Weston on July 19, 2014 at the +Palmdale Hilton Hotel in Palmdale, California.

    George Weston stands in this black-and-white photograph. While never finding a place in rockabilly stardom, Weston is remembered for a guitar prowess that was featured on the shows "Hee Haw," "The Grand Ole Opry" and "American Bandstand."

     With SDC Radio Networks release of the Top 50 Songs of 2013, with two songs on the list lead by Merrell Fankhauser and Captain Beefheart's "Diddy Wah Diddy" from the A&M Records Sessions.  For more information, email:   merrell@merrellfankhauser.com  - 


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    CCHI RADIO (Episode 2)

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    TRiP and Milan are back for the second episode of CCHI 2016 RADIO! We will be discussing th HOT BOX SUMMIT CCHI Fundraiser from this past weekend in PALMDALE CALIFORNIA. We will also  be joined by our very special guest, RAUL with his take on the HOT BOX SUMMIT and how and what he is doing for the Jack Herer initiative and getting in on the ballot for 2016! We will also be talking bout the experience we all had with CHEF FRED the medicated CHEF! We hope you can call in and we MAY even give away a FREE CCHI tshirt! CALL IN and ask us questions about the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative and what YOU can do to help legalize Cannabis and HEMP in California!


  • Relationship Central: The Christmas Edition

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    Broadcasting live on location from our own Christmas celebration in Palmdale, CA at Papa Q's! Don't forget the reason for the season... Christ! Call and give us your Christmas sentiments and tell us what you were blessed with this year! We'll be playing Christmas tunes to enhance your experience. We want to hear about those gifts and ideas from your loved ones as well!! 

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    Cheap Affordable Divorce Antelope Valley Palmdale Lancaster

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    http://www.divorce661.com - Cheap Affordable Divorce Antelope Valley Palmdale Lancaster - Are you looking for a cheap and affordable way to get divorced in Palmdale / Lancaster ? Antelope Valley? We are the number one Antelope valley divorce firm offering a cheap and affordable way to get divorced. Give us a call at 661-281-0266.

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    The Most Expensive Meal In History

    in Christianity

    : A few years back George Beane of Palmdale, California, stopped at a local Burger King and ordered 4 sandwiches at the drive-through window. Total cost of his bill: $4.33. However, when he handed the girl at the drive up window his debit card she absent mindedly punched in the numbers ... and then punched them in again without erasing the original ones - creating a total bill of $4,334.33.
    He signed the slip without checking it... and the charge went through to George’s checking account leaving him penniless.
    The newspapers got ahold of the story and billed the incident as "The most expensive meal in history."

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    Join Marilyn as she talks with Osas Otasawie.  She is the Faith Based Coordinator of the American Red Cross Los Angeles County/Region.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in English & Literature from the University of Benin, Nigeria; and a Master's degree in Marriage, Family & Child Therapy from the University of Phoenix.  Osas serves as a therapist in a community agency's Family Preservation program with at-risk families, and with private clients at the Associated Christian Therapy Services.  She is also a recipient of the 2013 John D. Solomon award by FEMA at the White House for "whole community preparedness".  She is a public/motivational speaker, Senior Pastor w/her husband.  She is also a Co-founder of Mercy Ministry in Palmdale.

    We aret WISE,  Women Inspired Sisters Empowered, Inc.  We are in the business of uplifting, inspiring and encouraging all of our sisters.  This hour is going to be like having coffee with your best girlfriend,  We are gonna go deep, get real, get into some issues, and lighten it up and laugh..and everything in between. 

    Don't forget to send us your favorite recipe, WISEWOMENOFPOWER@GMAIL.COM.. Our SHOE GIVE-AWAY is still ON!!! Terll your friends to like us on FACEBOOK, Follow us on TWITTER @ WISE91605952 also Follow us here on BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/WISEWOMENINSPIRED to keep in the know here on WISE WEDNESDAYS.

    Call your friends, Grab your cup...log on to BlogTalkRadio.Com/wisewomeninspired for som WISE Inspired conversation.  Don' forget to join the conversation by dialing in @ (929)477-1698.  BE A PART OF THE CONVO!!!!

    Sometimes it's FUNNY, sometimes it's HARSH, BUT it's ALWAYS, ALWAYS, 100% REAL..BE A PART OF THE CONVO!

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    Real Estate sign installation company in Santa Clarita Serving Greater LA Calif

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    When it comes to realtors and the homes they start marketing, they have a couple of choices when it comes to where they can get their real estate signs installed on their sellers front lawns, over back fences, and on the ledges of townhomes and condos.

    Some of the real estate sign companies are local, as is Glenn Davis, from SCV Sign installation. 

    Glenn is a local sign installer and knows completely about the nuiances involved in the sign installation business.

    Over the past several years, since he had his start, he has become a Friend of many Realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, including the cities within the Greater Los Angeles Areas.

    We are proud to have Glenn on our Santa Clarita radio show.

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    Early Days in Rosamond California -001

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    Early Days in Rosamond California -001 - Located in Southern California's Antelope Valley, Rosamond is an unincorporated town of around 18,000 at the hub of what has been called "Aerospace Valley".  Rosamond is the gateway to Edwards Air Force Base, and is just south of the emerging civilian spaceport at Mojave.  To our south are the twin cities of Lancaster & Palmdale. 

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    Our guest for tonight's show is none other than Jeffrey D. Moffatt, your Candidate for Palmdale School Board

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    Jason Jones - Life After Military Service

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    WARNING! We experienced some technical difficulties during this show. Please stay with it for the full 60 minutes. You don't want to miss the last segment. It'll be well worth your while!
    I am 25 and manage a fitness facility in Palmdale. I was born in Lanacaster Ca, and lived here most of my childhood. When I was about 8 years old my parents divorced and I kind of grew up fast. I was at the time the oldest of 3 boys which after my parents each remarried I became the oldest of 7 boys. So living between households and my mother living in Vegas my childhood was hectic. I got in my fair amount of trouble as a kid and up into my 20s. 16 days after my 17th birthday I swore into the USMC and left for bootcamp a couple weeks after highschool graduation. I was a radio operator in the corps and deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007 I served as lead communications for my convoys throughout Iraq and even got hit by lightning. When I returned from Iraq I had my share of problems with life and had to learn to cope... I turned to tons of different things but have come to just believe in Karma. I try everyday to do goodthings so selfishly good things happen to me. Haha. But this is true. I came back from the USMC had a few odd and end jobs that taught me how to be a civilian. Pizza delivery and window cleaning. Than I became a service rep in a fitness facility where I currently manage. I also have started my own window cleaning business and just try to stay busy! Live everyday to the fullest and see where I can do my part.