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    DS with Douglas Hamp - The millennium Corruption (A corrupção do milénio)

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    Douglas Hamp graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an M.A. in the Hebrew Bible and Its World where he specialized in ancient languages including Biblical Hebrew and Greek.  He is the author of Discovering the Language of Jesus, The First Six Days  Corrupting the Image, and the Millennium Chronicles, as well as numerous articles, and DVD presentations. He lectures frequently on biblical languages, creationism and End-Times Bible Prophecy in the United States and internationally in English and Spanish. Douglas is a committed follower of Yeshua (Jesus).

    Listen him Sunday, 23 th March starting at 8 pm PST; 9 pm MST; 10 pm CST; 11 pm EST; USA

    Douglas Hamp  formou-se na Universidade Hebraica de Jerusalém com um mestrado na Bíblia hebraica e seu mundo onde se especializou em línguas antigas, incluindo o hebraico bíblico e grego.  Ele é o autor de "Descobrindo o idioma de Jesus", "Os primeiros seis dias", "Corrompendo a imagem" e "As Crônicas do Milênio", bem como inúmeros artigos e apresentações em DVD. Ele palestra freqüentemente sobre línguas bíblicas, criacionismo, Fim dos tempos - Profecia Bíblica nos Estados Unidos e internacionalmente em Inglês e Espanhol. Douglas é um seguidor comprometido de Yeshua (Jesus).

    Ouça-o Domingo na vigíia de Segunda em Portugal (3 da manhã\ meia noite de Brasília): 

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    Palestra Monarquia

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    Palestra de Dom Bertrand de Orleans e Bragança, Príncipe Imperial do Brasil e bisneto da Princesa Isabel, sobre a monarquia. Proferida no dia 18 de dezembro de 1992 no Maksoud Plaza Hotel.

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    Truth Hurts v B. Kind Live Right

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    Duncan and Josh bring you all the live action for tonight's rematch of Truth Hurts and B. Kind Live Right.
    By the time Truth Hurts meets B. Kind Live Right at Friends Select School Thursday, it will have been 58 days since the teams squared off in a heated back and forth Kenny Kup Championship at the Palestra.  Both teams poured everything they had into the battle, but, when the clock struck zero, Truth Hurts stood alone atop the Philadelphia Mans Basketball League Mountain.
    For their Manly efforts, the kings of the PMBL will be rewarded with rings, sponsored by EB O’Reilly and Associates, prior to tip-off in the rematch.  Truth Hurts will be adorned with golden rings, and bask in the glory of their Kup victory. Captain Eddie O’Reilly had this to say:
    “What excited me most about the ring ceremony was first and foremost to once again hang with my Truth Hurts guys and relish in our Kenny Kup victory one last time before we get into Season 3 and try to reclaim the trophy. Also, there is nothing cooler than a ring ceremony, let's be serious.”
     While Truth Hurts is awash in praise, The Commish will be forced to simmer on the opposite sideline.
    “I am excited to avenge the single most pathetic, haunting loss of my less than storied basketball career,” Kind told me the other day. “I can’t take having Ed and Lonnie holding this loss over my head any longer”
    Meanwhile, O’Reilly says that his team is ready to pick up where he left off.  “I would like to beat Jake again because it is always nice to silence the naysayers who might say, oh Truth Hurts got lucky with that win. We would beat them again. That’s not happening: I am guaranteeing victory."

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    PMBL Podcast 3.4.2012

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    Recapping the first two games of the Killer Kwadrant and the upcoming Kenny Kup Final at the Palestra on Tuesday, March 6, at 7:00 p.m.! 

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