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    Iris and Priya return for another candid conversation about women entering the wisdom years of 60! Join us for another engaging conversation about things we often do not really talk about in public, at least honestly and openly. Todays episode is about "happy to be single". So many of us women are single in our midlife. In a culture that is fixated on being in relationship as the only path to fulfillment for a woman, being single can be a real challenge. The big one is being alright with being single in the face of all of the negative conditioning that we have grown up with that tells us that we are not ok if we are not together with someone aka "Married". Once we get over that big hurdle and settle into ourselves then there are the questions of how to get our social, sexual and intimacy needs met. It takes a village of the sisterhood to break through the viels that keep us isolated, alone and in despair about our being single. Let's move through it together so that we can celebrate our lives as sovereign women loving oursleves and eachother!

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    Paleo Americans

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    According to the ol' wiki Paleoamericans is a classification term given to the first peoples who entered, and subsequently inhabited, the American continents during the final glacial episodes of the late Pleistocene period. 

    Join us as we discuss Paleo Americans tonite along with the Truth2Power show with BeverlyD.

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0007

    in Health

    Terry Shanahan discusses trends in the development of the Paleo Diet and the Cross Fit community. How these trends are affecting those who are transitioning to a Paleo Diet.  

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0008

    in Health

    In this episode of The Paleo Transition Terry Shanahan discusses the specialized dietary supplement called Protandim. This is the first of a two part series. We had technical difficulties starting at minute 25:00 so listen to this episode up until then and then tune in to episode 0009 to hear the rest of the conversation.

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0003

    in Health

    Terry Shanahan discusses Paleolithic nutrition and how to transition to a Paleo diet.

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0004

    in Health

    Terry Shanahan discusses food sensitivities and testing for them. Food allergies, performance, and health on the Paleo diet are also discussed.

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0005

    in Health

    Terry Shanahan answers questions regarding the transition fo the Paleo Diet.

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0002

    in Health

    In this episode of the The Paleo Transition Terry Shanahan discusses the challenges he sees people struggle with as they attempt to transition to a Palelo Diet. Also disucussed is how long the average person takes to make full transition to the Paleo diet. Finally, the best "first steps" in a trasition are discussed.

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    The Paleo Transition episode 0001

    in Health

    Nutritional consultant and Paleo Diet expert Terry Shanahan discusses how Paleolithic Nutrition gets phenomenal results for people. In particular, Terry discusses the current trends in Paleo Nutrition and how some have been so successful at changing their lives with this diet and lifestyle. 

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Angelique Trigueros of Fabulously Paleo

    in Nutrition

    Springfield, MO – It’s no secret Americans struggle with a distorted understanding of nutrition. Our bodies suffer from the highs and lows caused by sugar spikes and dips throughout the day and the excess weight we carry only further exacerbates our health problems. We need to transition to a more well-rounded food pyramid based on foods that nourish us.

    Angelique Trigueros is the founder of Fabulously Paleo, a coaching practice dedicated to supporting individuals as they transition to a healthier lifestyle.

    “I really want people to get a grasp on life and really celebrate it,” says Angelique. “To extract as much joy out of life.as you possibly can. It’s a mindset shift you need. You can’t wake up and be positive. You have to actively work at it.”

    True to its name, Fabulous Paleo promotes the Paleolithic diet, also known as the Caveman Diet, which offers a whole-foods approach to nutrition based on the food our ancient ancestors likely ate before the advent of refined and processed foods.

    Angelique says clients are initially resistant to the Paleo diet because it seems like they’re eliminating foods, but you’re actually adding foods your body craves. You’re still eating your meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and essential fats; you’re just not eating refined products. On the Paleo diet, we eat foods that serve our body.

    “People associate diets with deprivation. This is about abundance,” says Angelique. “It’s about making a lifestyle change. You’re learning and incorporating a whole foods approach. It’s easier to transition and get the ball rolling. It takes a little adjustment, but it’s actually not hard at all.”

    For more information on Fabulously Paleo visit http://www.FabulouslyPaleo.com

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    #179: Hayley and Bill Staley, Authors of Make It Paleo II

    in Health

    1. Introducing our guests, Bill and Hayley from Primal Palate. [1:56]
    2. Book tour dates [3:02]
    3. How have you changed your writing style over the course of your books [5:30]
    4. Evolution of recipe development [8:27]
    5. Caitlin’s contribution to the book [10.49]
    6. What sets Make it Paleo 2 apart from the other paleo books [15:29]</span>
    7. Bill’s food projects in Make it Paleo 2 [19:58]
    8. Evolution of grain free baking [24:03]
    9. What are some of your favorite go-to quick and easy meals [27:35]
    10. Bill’s healing journey with leaky gut [32:15]
    11. Hayley’s current struggle with Candida and MTHFR [35:19]
    12. Would you try eating or cooking with insects? [43:03]
    13. Thoughts on running a business with your significant other [44:06]
    14. Can they teach me everything they know about camera work and gardening [50:08]
    15. Favorite “I wouldn’t survive without it” kitchen gadget [59:33]
    16. Final words with Bill and Hayley [1.01.15]
    17. Liz’s Baby Making and Beyond tip of the week: preconception testing [1:02:37]